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Gangboard Offers Best Java Online Training with java Certified Experts. Become Master in Java Concepts like OOPS, Exception Handling, Multithreading, Synchronization, Collection, Layout Manager ,Applet & Advanced Concepts in Java with our Practical Classes. We Guarantee for your Java Online Training Success with Certification. We focused on 100% Practical & Certification Oriented Java Courses with Placements for our Students. Most Of Our Trainers are experienced Java developers who have 10+ Years industry Experienced. Our Java Unique Syllabus will help you to know basic to advance level in Java step by step easily.Java is one of the most popular language used today. This is an object oriented programming language, which is used to develop Desktop, Web and Mobile applications. For learning Java there is not any prerequisite that you should know the basic programming language such as C, C++. As a starter you can start learning from Java itself. In here you can learn In depth theory Knowledge with practical session until you are satisfied with the concepts.

Best Core Java Online Training

Java is one of the most popular and most widely used programming languages in the world. Whether it is computer applications or mobile applications, Java is the language which is used for developing them. In this Java training course, you will learn all about core Java which will help you in creating a better career. Some of the concepts of Java which you will learn in this course are Java EE, JUnit, SOA, and Spring frameworks. Moreover, you will have hands-on training in Java coding and its implementation that allows you to learn this language in a better manner that will boost your career.
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About Course

Java is one of the most commonly used programming languages for developing applications. GangBoard’s Java Certification Online Training is curated by professionals as per the requirements and expectations of the industries and also Placement Assistance is provided for those who get certified at the end of the course. Comprehensive knowledge on basic and advanced concepts of core Java & J2EE are encompassed in this online training making you familiar with real time projects. In this course, you will gain expertise in concepts like Java Array, OOPs concepts, Java Loops, Functions, Java Collections, Java Thread, Web Services and Java Servlet using real-time industry cases. This course assumes that you have zero programming Knowledge. So, the students without prior programming background can also successfully complete the training. But having some experience, will definitely be a bonus point. At the end of the training, you will be in a position to develop your own applications.

This course is all about teaching Java to all the coding enthusiasts where you will learn about different concepts of Java. Upon completion of these online certification courses, you will be able to set up connections via JDBC, create JSP, and configuration of AOP in a Java application; be it mobile or computer.

We have introductory set of java tutorials using eclipse(IDE). We will cover all the basics of java programming starting with JDK, JVM to till Collection, MultiThreading and Swing. We concentrate and analyse on all the peoples who comes here by taking the syllabus based on their level of understanding on programming. We even training people who does not have background knowledge on programming. We have the faculties who has more experience and currently working in MNC, So you will get not only the entire depth about the concept rather you will get real time use for them from their experience.

The prime objective of this course is to teach basic and advanced level techniques of Java. Whether you have prior knowledge of Java or not, our motive is to teach Java to every candidate equally. In the advanced level of this course, you will learn about Hibernate, SOA, and JSP’s Servlets.

At end of this Java training, you will,

Our Java Training is specially designed by trained professionals to cater to the requirements of both IT and Non-IT students. Students having no IT background are taught from the basics of programming language. Extensive hands-on practice is provided to students to make them confident and help improve their programming skills. Our Java courses have the following objectives:
  1. The main objective of our Java Online Training is to make the students understand the concepts of Object Oriented Programming Language.
  2. To provide extensive hands-on practice to students and improve their confidence and programming skills.
  3. To make the students work on one sample project and providing them a Job oriented training.
  4. Developing codes in Java and implementing object-oriented concepts and knowledge
  5. Utilizing advanced class features such as class overloading, class overriding, polymorphism, inheritance, interfacing, abstract classes and many more to develop efficiently and reusability of the codes
  6. Implementing input/output (I/O) functionality to read from and write to data and text files and understand advanced I/O streams along with creating programs using generic collections
  7. Building Graphic User Interface (GUI) applications using Swing components and event handling and creating programs with multi-thread concepts to control the flow of data
  8. Exposure to real-time industry projects which includes banking, insurance, telecommunications, social media, and e-commerce sectors
  9. Understand the In-depth concepts of Basic and Core JAVA
  10. Can build an Independent Desktop application
  11. Have entire flow control with Multithreading and the deep knowledge with all types of collection.
  12. Learn how to communicate with databases using Java
  13. Work on one sample Projects

Java is a general-purpose, class-based, object-oriented computer programming language that is being extremely used for mobile platform applications and also in Hadoop. By the end of training, the students will be in a position to build their own applications from scratch. Many IT companies value Java certification highly during recruitments.

Java Certification Online Training is open to recent graduates, working professionals, Web Developers, programmers, Web Designers, Programming Hobbyists, Database Administrators, Youngsters who would want to start their career are the main beneficiaries of the training. No previous programming experience is required. Only requirement is to have a strong desire to learn.

This Java Certification training can be taken up by the following people:

  1. Freshers
  2. Software Developers
  3. Web Designers
  4. Programming Devotees
  5. People who wish to see themselves in the IT industry and many more
  6. Who ever is interested in becoming Java developer
  7. College / School Students / Fresher
  8. Job Seekers
  9. Who wants to learn coding from beginner level
  10. Anyone wants to build their own Desktop, Web and Mobile application from scratch

Anyone who wants to master web application development for mobile and computers, then this course is certainly created for them. Whether you are a student who wants to become a Java developer, or you are a software developer, you can opt for this course so that they can work on real-time industry projects.

The content of Java Certification Course is designed by professionals having an experience of nearly 25 years. As the course is a combination of many concepts, real life experiences and problems, it provides a Practical Oriented Training. Java provides ample of opportunities and Java certification will be an added advantage.

There are no specific prerequisites for this training. The course is designed in such a way that even a person with minimum or no prior programming knowledge can complete the course and get used to Java programming. The only requirement is a PC or Laptop to go through the course. Knowledge in computers and understanding about software languages.

Java Certification Training will help in developing your skills by offering a Placement Oriented Training, and the required hands-on experience on real-time Java projects. By the end of the training, you will master Java basics including Applet and JDBC and you will be in a position to develop your applications.

Programming is definitely required for getting into this career. Key skills for Java programmers include solid problem-solving, analytical and time management skills; familiarity with languages like JavaScript; the ability of using compiler software. Our Live Online Training helps to develop these required skills including programming and also provides Job Support.

Java is one of the secure programming language which is used on all different kinds of application, so you can imagine how much opportunities would be there if you know it. Then by learning other frameworks on top of this will put you like candy in-between the ants.

Upon completion of this online course, you will get several job opportunities in the field of Java. Some of the positions that you can get are programmer analyst, software engineer, core Java Developer, Java architect, C consultant, and UI developer. We offer online completion and placement along with our certification to help our candidates.

This Java training will be happen for 25 hours. If you opt for weekend classes both Saturday and Sunday you will be having approximately 3 hours in scheduled time of the batch you chose. If you opt of weekdays classes all Monday to Friday you need to spend at-least 90mins.

From Our Java Video you can understand all the concepts. Click Here to learn all the topics in Java.

Introduction to Java

James A. Gosling, a former computer scientist with Sun Microsystems in the mid-1990s developed Java, which is a class-based, object-oriented and concurrent programming language. It produces software for multiple platforms. The compiled Java code known as bytecode can run on the most operating systems including Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
Learn Core Java- Free Core Java Tutorial.

Even though JAVA seems to have some full form, it doesn’t have anything as such. Java was originally designed to overcome one of the main drawbacks of C++ i.e. to make single application run on multiple platforms like Linux, Windows, Mac OS. Java got its name from a coffee seed.

Technically, Java is a general-purpose class-based, object-oriented independent programming language. It is strongly typed and is mostly based on C/C++ syntax. It is a VM (virtual machine) language – the compiled Java code (bytecode) is run on VM and thus java is a platform independent and can run on most platforms.

Java can be considered as a platform for application development. The important part of the Java platform is the concept of “VM (virtual machine)”. It is often termed as JVM and this is responsible for executing Java bytecodes. Java is being called a platform independent language because of this JVM.

Java can be used for developing wide range of cross platform applications, starting from scientific applications to financial applications, from e-commerce websites to android apps. It is used for developing Web applications, Standalone applications, Applets, Android apps and many more. Java can also be a base for the upcoming technologies.

There is no official differentiation between the terms Java and Core Java. But generally, Java may be divided into three level: Java, Core Java and Advanced Java. Java comprises of the basic level of syntaxes, data types and other basic concepts. Core Java comprises of the object-oriented concepts, Multi-threading etc.

Java is termed as Object Oriented Programming language, whereas, JavaScript is termed as Object Oriented Scripting language. Another difference is that Java is a strongly typed language and JavaScript is a weakly typed language. Java applications can run both in JVM and browser while JavaScript is confined to only browser.

Yes. Java is an open source. Open source means the application’s source code is available for public access. Oracle has released an open source version called “Open-Source JDK” for implementation of the Java programming language. OpenJDK is released under well-known open-source licensing model and places no restrictions on running OpenJDK.

Java is considered as one of the names of coffee out of many. The programming language was given the name Java because James Gosling, developer of Java and his team consumed a lot of coffee. Thus, they named it as “Java” and logo was decided to be tea-cup and saucer.

Java is classified into three main distributions: J2SE, J2ME and J2EE. J2EE is the short form of Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition. The enterprise version of Java (J2EE) is used to develop and deploy the web applications and web servers online. J2EE uses many components of J2SE as its base.

Other Related Courses Are:

Core Java Syllabus


  • What is Programming
  • Logic behind data storage
  • What is Java
  • Platform Independent
  • JRE, JDK & IDE
  • Details on JVM
  • Variables and Datatype
  • Package


  • Advantage of OOPS
  • Class
  • Methods
  • Object
  • Access Modifier
  • Encapsulation
  • Keywords - Static & This
  • Method Overloading
  • Inheritance
  • Object Class
  • Array
  • Keywords - Super & Final
  • Runtime Polymorphism
  • Overriding
  • Abstract Class
  • Interface

JAVA String

  • Immutable String
  • String Comparison & Concatenation
  • Methods of String class
  • StringBuffer class
  • StringBuilder class

Exception Handling

  • What is Exception
  • try and catch block
  • Multiple catch block
  • Nested try and catch
  • finally block
  • throw & throws keyword
  • Finally vs Final vs Finalize
  • Exception Handling with Method Overriding
  • Custom Exception


  • What is Multithreading
  • Life Cycle of a Thread
  • Creating Thread
  • Thread Scheduler
  • Sleeping a thread
  • Joining a thread
  • Thread Priority
  • Daemon Thread
  • Thread Pool & Thread Group


  • Synchronization in java
  • Synchronized block
  • Static Synchronization
  • Deadlock
  • Inter-Thread communication
  • Interrupting Thread


  • ArrayList class
  • LinkedList Class
  • Iterator and ListIterator interface
  • HashSet Class
  • LinkedHashSet Class
  • TreeSet Class
  • Map Interface
  • HashMap Class
  • LinkedHashMap Class
  • TreeMap Class
  • HashTable Class
  • Sorting
  • Comparable and Comparator Interface
  • Vector

Java I/O

  • FileOutput and Input
  • ByteArrayOutputStream
  • SequenceInputstream
  • BufferedOutput & Input
  • FileWriter and FileReader
  • Input by Console and scanner


  • What is Serialization
  • Transient Keyword

Java AWT & Swing

  • AWT Basics
  • Event Handling
  • Basics of Swing
  • JButton Class
  • JRadioButton Class
  • JTextArea Class
  • JComboBox Class
  • JTable Class
  • JColorChooser Class
  • JProgressBar Class
  • JSlider Class
  • Graphics in Swing
  • Displaying Image
  • Edit Menu for Notepad
  • Dialog Box

Layout Manager

  • BorderLayout
  • GridLayout
  • BoxLayout
  • CardLayout


  • Graphics in Applet
  • Displaying image in Applet
  • Animation in Applet
  • EventHandling in Applet
  • JApplet Class
  • Painting in Applet


  • JDBC Introduction
  • JDBC Driver
  • DB Connectivity Steps
  • Connectivity with Mysql
  • Driver Manager
  • Connection
  • Statement
  • ResultSet
  • PreparedStatement
  • CallableStatement
  • TransactionManagement

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Upcoming Batches

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29 Feb 2020 28 Mar 2020 (08:30 AM - 12:00 PM) Sat,Sun
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Core Java Exams & Certification

At end of our course, you will be assigned to work a real-time project. Once you completed assigned project with expected results we will verify and issue Java Developer Certificate. If you are not able to deliver expected results in project we will support you by clarifying doubts and help you to re-attempt the project.

Upon completion of the Certification Online Training, real-time project is assigned to the student. If the student could complete this project with expected results, he/ she will be given certification. Assistance is provided for completing this project and almost everyone who join the online training will end up with a valuable certification.

Yes. GangBoard is a division of Besant Technologies, founded in the year 2009. Deriving from the vast experience of classroom training, GangBoard came into existence in 2016 to cater to the flexible learning needs of working professionals. The certification provided is authorised and is given after completion of the project.

Java certification is divided into four types of certification levels. They are: Associate Level Certification, Professional Level Certification, Expert Level Certification and Master Certification. The goal of these certification exams is to test the candidates on the basis of respective job roles. Master Certification is the final level of certification.

The number of questions on Java in examinations is different from exam to exam. But almost every recruitment test of an IT industry have at least 25% of total questions on Java. It is not just confined to written test, but even in interviews, Java play a very crucial role.

Currently, the best Java certification is the Oracle Master Certification. It is given a great value because it is one of the most typical certification and is also very hard to crack. This is the exam to be passed if someone want to become a solution architect or Java architect.

Java certification differs from institute to institute. In GangBoard, Online Classroom Training costs 410 USD where as One to One Training costs 499 USD for Java certification. Both Classroom Training as well as One to One Training will be having 24/7 live support through which students can clarify their doubts.

Java certification is provided for all those who could complete the training and obtain 70% or more score. It includes evaluation of the real-time project given as a task. One who follows the Training sessions regularly and practices well can easily get this score and successfully end up with certification.

There is no specific expire date for Java certifications. Certificates in Java Technologies are valid until the version remains prevailed in the industries. But even after that, you will always get an edge as the basic concepts remain the same in all versions. It definitely helps in securing the job.

The salary largely varies from the level of certification and from role to role. But taking an average case, salary of a Java certified professional will be Rs.4,04,420 per year for average person. It may also vary from city to city and may also differ in consideration of the experience.

No. There is no expiry for Java certification. Once you are able to get certified, it would be valid until the version is being used in the industry. But even new versions come into play, you will always get an edge as the basic concepts remains same in all versions.

The Live Classroom Training that we provide is actually sufficient for successfully completing the Java certification. The one who follows the sessions regularly and completes the exercises can easily secure good percentage. 24/7 live support is an added advantage so that the students can get the support any time needed.

There are many institutes that offer Web Development certification after successful completion of training. Web development includes front-end development of what users directly interact with. When speaking specially about Web Development, portfolio is important over certification in industries to get recruited as it is more about logical thinking and creativity.

If you are unable to clear the Java Certification Examination in any attempt, you will need to wait for next 15 days to retake the examination. Our experts of Java certification course will be available for providing 24/7 live support by which you can clarify all your queries and doubts.

For applying for Java certification examination, one can go to Oracle Pearson VUE site. The new candidates will have to first register and login. You will have to select the examination, schedule the examination and pay the corresponding price for giving the examination. GangBoard will be there for providing assistance.

OCJP is short of “Oracle Certified Java Professional”. It was formerly called as “SCJP” before Oracle acquired Sun Micro Systems. It is a very valuable certification provided by Oracle for Java 6 version to one who passes the examination. Presently the examination for Java 8 version is called as OCAJP.

Java job opportunities

Java is one of the most commonly used programming languages for developing applications. Mastering Java and becoming Certified Java Professional will unlock ample of opportunities in the career. Core Java Developer, core Java architect, Application developer- JSP, Software Engineer- servlets etc. are few roles that are available after Java training.

It differs from individual to individual and is different for different areas. But, as per statistics collected by indeed from 13,757 Java Developer employees, the average salary of Java professional was calculated to be ₹ 20,238 per month in India. Java professionals can also make the living by training Freshers.

The salary largely varies from the level of certification and from role to role. But taking an average case, salary of a Java certified professional will be Rs.4,04,420 per year for average person. It may also vary from city to city and may also differ in consideration of the experience.

Just learning Java may no land you up in securing a job but understanding Java surely does. There are ample of opportunities available in the industries based on Java (you can also jump to other technologies). GangBoard offers Job Oriented Online Training and provides placement assistance to all the candidates enrolled.

Statistics of different organisations may suggest different languages. But in general sense, learning languages that are widely used in market will give you an edge over others. Java has been traditionally most used language by organisations. Thus, for freshers who want to kick-start their career, Java is a better option.

Most of the IT companies including MNCs hire Java professionals. Java is used by many big data companies for interacting with Hadoop etc. Some companies which hire Java professionals are Accenture, Infosys, HCL Technologies, IBM, Wipro, TCS, Tech Mahindra and many more. GangBoard also provides job support to enrolled students.

Once you learn any of the programming languages, shifting from one domain to another domain is not a difficult task. If you are familiar with data structures, algorithms and oops concepts, working on any programming language is easy. The only thing to learn is syntax and methods involved in Java.

Core Java Training Reviews


GangBoard offers easy to download course files of short duration. Key features of our trainings that make the learner’s experience enjoyable are:

  • Corporate Expertise
  • Hands - on Training
  • Flexible timings
  • Small classes
  • Job Assistance
  • Lab support
  • Study materials focussing Corporate Requirements
  • Personal guidance
  • 24/7 live support
  • Real-time project

The system requirements to start with Java online Training are: a personal laptop or computer with a web camera, noise-cancellation headphone and broadband connection with speed of 2 Mbps. System Health Check feature for inspecting the microphone, add-in, OS details, camera. Almost all these facilities will be available at home.

There is no requirement for installing any software in PC in order to execute the practical problems. By utilising Jupyter Notebook which is pre-installed in the cloud, Java online training provides a platform to compile and complete all the assignments online. There is 24/7 live support if facing any problems.

Detailed installation of required software will be displayed in your LMS. Our support team will help you to setup software if you need assistance. Hardware requirements need to be fulfilled by participants.

No worries. It might happen. We will reschedule the classes as per your convenience within the stipulated course duration with all such possibilities. And if required you can even attend that topic if any other live batches.

Top-notch professionals in that field who understands how to convey things in technical as well as subject matter experts.

No. You can learn Java with out learning C or C++. But you should have interest in learning it./p>

Basic system with minimum 2GB RAM is enough for installing JDK and Eclipse.

You can get a sample class recording to ensure you are in right place. We ensure you will be getting complete worth of your money by assigning a best instructor in that technology.

We are absolutely loved to talk in-person about group training (or) corporate training. So, please get in touch with our team through “Quick Enquiry”, “Live Chat” or “Request Call-back” channels.

Payments can be made using any of the following options and a receipt of the same will be issued to you automatically via email.

  1. Visa Debit Card / Credit Card
  2. American Express
  3. Master Card, Or
  4. PayPal

We are providing JAVA online training, One-to-One training with the help of experts. Our learners and trainers are frequently coming from different countries like USA, India, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and UAE. To specify in cities London, Bangalore, California, New York, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi, San Francisco, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Berlin and Hyderabad among many.

Looking for Best Java and J2EE Online Courses Please reach us through +91-9791273737 / +91-9791237373. Or you can share your quires through Estimated turnaround time will be 24 hours for emails.

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