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About Course

Become the master of the JavaScript framework with the help of Angular 7 Online Training course and learn to how to build awesome web applications. Being a part of this comprehensive online course, you’ll learn all the exclusive features of Angular 7 and Angular Component Libraries, the lifecycle of Angular components, need for Typescript, how to create responsive and scalable web applications based on multiple complex case studies and real-world projects.

The objective of our Angular 7 Online Training course is to enable you to learn the practical parts of Angular 7 through our practical methodology. You’ll also get a hands-on learning experience of creating Single Page Apps and making exceptionally interactive & highly responsive web pages.

By the end of this Online Angular 7 Training, you’ll get familiar with the basics of this language at an application level and you can confidently go ahead in this domain to create your own identity as a successful developer.

Angular 7 is a planned framework designed for progressive web applications. With the lesser coding you can quickly use the HTML framework as the basic template. The quick functionality of Angular has made it such a demanding technology. And this Angular 7 Certification Online Training will help you to get hands-on experience in Angular 7 by using it in real-world projects.

Below are the individuals who should definitely go for the Angular 7 Certification Online Training course:

  • All individuals who wants to make a good Angular to develop comprehensive, scalable, robust and responsive single page apps
  • Those who wish to use this advanced client-side web development for vast web applications.
  • Those who wants to extend their career as a Front-End Developer can go for this Job Oriented Training

In today’s fast paced world, Angular 7 has created its unique identity as the JavaScript based frameworks which are in huge demand. With its growing popularity, certified Angular 7 professionals are also in great demand for the web development. Therefore, upgrading your skills with Angular 7 by this Angular 7 Online Training will definitely pave ways for multiple opportunities in your career.

In Angular 7 Certification Online Training you should have basic knowledge of JavaScript and some latest standard tools such as classes and modules.

  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Fundamentals of OOPs like Polymorphism, Inheritance and Constructor etc.
  • There is no need of specific knowledge for Angular 1, 2 or Angular 4

In Angular 7 Online Course you will learn to:

  • Build comprehensive, complex, advanced, scalable and responsive web applications with Angular 7
  • Use the deep knowledge of the Angular7 fundamentals to quickly establish your career as a successful frontend developer.
  • Design single-page apps with the latest JavaScript frameworks.

There are so many features you will learn while learning Angular 7 Online Course, some of the best features are as follows:

  • CLI Prompts
  • Understanding of Angular Component Libraries
  • Need for Typescript
  • Build responsive web designs independently
  • Hands on experience in real-world projects
  • Futuristic knowledge improvements based on angular version updates

Micheal is a Professional Angular 7 trainer who has more than 10 years of hands on experience in researching and automating web applications based on Angular 7 technology. He is well-versed with his subjects and expert in providing Live Online Training based on multiple real time applications. He has already trained more than 1000+ students of Angular 7.

He is an all-rounder personality excelled in providing Placement Oriented Training with the multiple real time applications. He is extremely proficient in both training and development process. He has strong passion towards Software Training and is profoundly experienced in providing customized training as per the needs of the students. He has expertise in writing performance-targeted code and firmly believes in training his students with the same approach for building web applications.

Introduction to Angular 7

Angular 7 is the latest version of Angular released last year on October 18, 2018. This version is significantly revealed by Google with some new features like Drag & Drop, Scrolling and CLI prompts which have made web developers pretty excited to plunge in. Angular 7 version is purposely based on the Ivy project, which is basically meant for rephrasing the Angular compiler and runtime code to give the immense experience.

Angular 7 is one of the most advanced and efficient framework than previous versions of Angular. It’s highly recommended to develop next generation products. The new upgrades are faster than ever before as it takes only few minutes for many apps. Its framework is faster, the virtual scrolling CDK module and CLI prompts detailed above makes apps run with high performance.

Check out below the main uses of Angular 7:

  • The CLI prompts feature of Angular 7 can be used to interactively run commands such as ng, new etc.<
  • Its virtual scrolling strategy can be used in mobile User interface libraries which help developers to manage performance.
  • In Angular 7, you will be able to use drag & drop feature there will be no need to resort external libraries

Angular 7


Angular 7 is an open-source framework developed by Google which is used to create responsive web applications

This is a cross-platform run-time environment which is used for the applications drafted in JavaScript language.

It is an Ideal platform for developing highly responsive and interactive web applications.

It is an Ideal for creating small sized projects.

Angular 7 is best framework used to create client-side single-page web applications.

Node.js is very effective for building quick and scalable server-side networking apps

Angular 7 is fruitful in developing real-world applications like quick chat or messaging apps.

This platform is very useful for such situations where something highly scalable and fastest is required.



This is the common name for the first version of Angular1.0.

This is common name for the Angular's version ahead of version 2+

This is an open source front-end web framework based on JavaScript

This is an open-source full-stack web application framework based on Typescript

AngularJS utilizes the scope or controller concept

Rather than controller and scope, Angular uses components hierarchy as its main constructive characteristic.

It is based on a simple syntax which is used on HTML pages with the source location.

Angular incorporates the multiple expression syntax. It uses "( )" for event binding and "[ ]" for property binding.

Yes Angular 7 is an open-source front-end web application framework based on JavaScript which is specifically crafted by Google. It can be easily incorporated to a HTML page by using a script tag. It has gained popularity all around as it is used to effectively address numerous challenges encountered during single page applications development process.

Angular 7 Online Course Syllabus

Introduction to Angular

What is Angular?

  • Angular Versions: AngularJS (vs)
  • Angular Setup for local development
  • Environment of Installing NodeJS, NPM
    • Installing Visual Studio Code
    • Angular CLI
Develop First Angular program using Angular CLI and Visual Studio Code.

Angular Architecture

  • Introduction
    • Basic Building Blocks of Angular Applications Angular Modules and @NgModule decorator Angular Libraries
    • Component, Templates and
    • Metadata Data Binding
  • Directives
  • Services and Dependency Injection

Displaying Dynamic Data

  • Types of Directives
    • Template Expressions
    • String Interpolation
    • Built-In Directives
      • ngIf
      • ngSwitch
      • ngFor
      • ng-container

Angular Components Deep Dive

  • What are Components?
    • Components Life Cycle Hooks. Dynamic Components.
    • Working with Model Class. Nested Components.
    • Working with Arrays / Collection

Data Binding

  • Binding properties and Interpolation One-wayBinding Property Binding Event Binding
  • Two-way Binding
  • Two-way binding with NgModel Attribute Binding
  • Style and Class Binding

Styles Binding In Components

  • Style and Class Bindings
    • Built-In Directives - NgStyle & NgClass Using Component Styles
  • Special selectors
    • Loading Styles into Components View Encapsulation
    • ViewChild & ViewChildren
  • ContentChild & ContentChildren

Template Driven Forms

  • Introduction
    • Create the component that controls the form Create a template with the initial form layout
    • Bind data properties to each form input control with the ngModel two-way data binding syntax Add the name attribute to each form input control
    • Add custom CSS to provide visual feedback Show and hide validation error messages Handle form submission with ngSubmit
  • Disable the form’s submit button until the form is valid
  • Resetting the form.

Reactive Forms

  • Reactive Forms Introduction
    • Form Controls
    • Form Control Properties
    • setValue and patchValue
    • Validating Form Elements
  • Submitting and Resetting forms
  • Observing and Reacting to Form Changes
  • Using FormBuilder

Working with Pipes

  • Built-in Pipes
    • Using parameters and chaining Pipes
    • Custom Pipes
    • Parameterized Custom Pipe
    • Pipes and Change Detection
    • Pure and Impure pipes
  • Changes in Pipes Syntax from 4 to 5

Custom Directives

  • Custom Attribute Directive
    • Using HostListener
  • Using HostBinding
  • Custom Validator Directive

Dependency Injection

  • Understanding Dependency Injection
    • Understanding DI in Angular
    • Framework ReflectiveInjector
    • Exploring Provider
    • Types of Tokens
  • Types of Dependencies
    • Configuring DI using Providers
    • Implementing DI in Angular
    • Optional Dependencies

Services in Angular

  • Building and Injecting Custom Services
    • Service using another Service

Reactive Extension for JavaScript

  • Introduction
    • Observable and Observer
    • Reactive Operators

Http Client Service

  • Http client module and Http client Classes
  • Writing Service with Get / Add / Edit /
    • Delete Using Service in Component

Angular Routing

  • Introduction
    • Configuring and Navigating Parameterized routes
  • Nested (or) Child Routes
  • Router Guards & Routing Strategies

Angular Modules

  • AppModule as Root Module Feature modules
  • Lazy Loading a Module Shared Module

Performing CRUD Operations as in Realtime Angular Application.

  • Create and ASP.NET MVC Web API Application
    • Add Angular Seed, download files and Configure Project Setup Project for Entity Framework Code First Model
    • Add Web API Controller to perform CRUD Operations using EF. Create Angular Feature and Routing Modules
  • Configure Angular to use HTTP and Json Services
  • Program Angular Modules to performing CRUD Operations.

Angular CLI and MVC Application

  • Create an Angular CLI Project
    • Build CLI Project
  • Integrate build output with MVC Application

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Angular 7 Exams & Certification

Yes, of course there is an Angular 7 Exams & Certification available at Gang Board. Here, you will get great opportunities to interact with Live Instructor & industry professional experts and will gain great exposure while having hands-on experience in Angular 7. The professionals will conduct an exam for you to test your expertise and skills. After then you will receive Angular 7 Certification which is very essential for your lifetime Job Support.

Angular 7 Certification Online Training has been particularly designed to help you create comprehensive web based applications, Angular components, deploy Angular CLI, Bootstrap, Typescript, and more.

Yes, it’s true. GangBoard is an authorized Angular 7 Certification Online Courses provider which has been consistently holding the top position globally which helps you become master in Angular 7. This Placement Oriented Training course will definitely give you range of great opportunities for jobs in your area.

The Angular 7 certification will help you get hands on training on front-end web based application developments by using 6 types of angular framework based on JavaScript language.

To get the best Angular 7 Certification Online Training is completely based on your expertise and research skills. However, you must choose the leading Angular 7 Certification Online Courses provider like Gang board to enhance your career and to get great job opportunities.

Probably there are total 20 questions of multiple choice question types with 4 answer choices for each question in Angular 7 exams. You will be given approx. 1 hour of time for completing your exam.

The Angular 7 Online Training varies between $100 to $150 USD. Browse today online the Gang Board online Training institute that provides you the best training of Angular 7 and will also conduct an exam for Angular 7 certification.

The passing scores for Angular 7 Online Training are totally depended on the evaluation of test or exam organized by the recognized online certification provider of Angular 7.

The Angular 7 Certification Online Training will give you great job opportunities and this certification is valid for the lifetime. There is no particular expiry date of this certification training.

No, this Job Oriented Training is valid for the lifetime and it does not expire. Angular 7 Certification Online Training will give you fruitful career for the lifetime.

Nowadays, Angular 7 Certification Online Courses are easily available online and these courses come with plethora of useful resources like e-books, video lessons and text-speech tutorials.

If unfortunately you get failed in the Angular 7 Online Training certification exam, then after 2 weeks from the date of your 1st trial you can take it again. And you can give this certification exam for 3 times in one year.

You can apply for Angular 7 Online Course certification Exams by filling online registration form at Gang Board and get certified as a professional developer with the world’s best Angular 7 certification provider.

Placement Assistance after Angular 7 Training

Being the top of the line Angular 7 Certification Online Training provider, we provide you with excellent placement assistance when you will complete the Angular 7 online certification training with us. Online Counseling Sessions are also conducted by our experts for job support after Angular 7 Certification Online Training completion. We provide full support you to get the best industrial placement in the best companies.

Angular 7 Job Opportunities

Angular 7 is progressive software in today’s digital world which is in huge demand everywhere. Every Ecommerce and other Web applications are going to be based on Angular 7. So, if you are planning to go for Angular 7 Online Training Certification Course then gear up for accepting great job opportunities coming your way in the near future. You can also work independently as a freelance Front-End Angular 7 Developer.

There are some job titles which are quite popular for individuals who have successfully completed Angular 7 Certification Online Training:

  • Web app developer or Web Developer
  • Front end web developer
  • UI developer
  • MVC web developer
  • JavaScript Developer

Yes, of course. It will be very easy for you to get a great job after the completion of Angular 7 Online Training by Gang Board. You will be offered with many job opportunities by popular MNC as well as at Freelance portals. And how good job you get that is totally depended on your expertise and skills.

Angular 7

React JS

Angular 7 is an open source full-featured framework which is specifically designed to use for correcting and identifying big errors as well as bugs.

React JS is just a small view library

It has two way data binding

It has one way data binding

It has a Regular DOM, which provides slower updates as compared to React’s Virtual DOM

It has a Virtual DOM, which provide faster updates than Angular’s Regular DOM

Angular 7 is very easy to scale

React JS is more testable and it is also easy to scale

All in all both Angular 7 and React JS are equally useful for writing web applications. But they are completely different frameworks to use and every programmer has different experience with both two. Some say Angular 7 is superior than React JS and vice versa. Rest it totally depends on the project and the way you use these exceptional frameworks.

The hourly developer and codementorX are some of the top companies who are hiring Angular 7 Professional developers who have in-depth knowledge of Angular 7 and relevant hands on experience in this field.

You do not have any need to directly switch to the Angular 7 from any other domain. The thing you need to do is to thoroughly learn the Angular 7 Online Course from reputed Gang Board where you will get Live Classroom Training based on real time applications.

Live Angular 7 Projects

The top of the line Angular 7 Online Course provider Gang Board also provide you with live Angular 7 projects support. We conduct Live Online Training projects based on multiple versions of Angular with practical approach. Angular 7 Online Certification Course provided by Gang Board recommended by satisfied students as the best institute for online courses.

You will be definitely provided by live classroom training along with well-planned practical’s during Angular 7 Online Course lab sessions. Effective lab sessions are arranged for you to get great hands on experience.

GangBoard is the renowned online courses provider who has professional trainers who are expert in training their students through real-world based web development applications. They provide self-paced learning environment to students and help them learning the way they understand the things. They provide live classroom training with practical lab lesions for better understanding like no other. Such qualities of set Gang Board apart from its peers and give many of you the reason to choose this institute to learn the Angular 7 Online Course for the bright future ahead.

Angular 7 Training Reviews


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