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About Course

AWS provides feasibility to access stored data, servers, storage networking, and databases. All these with the agility of use and elasticity of infrastructure according to the need, deploying Cloud informative data put to use in a single-tap and with very little cost. Amazon has developed this cloud format computing platform by very sturdy core components and so does it developed official certification courses for authenticating the professionals for the development of the platform and cloud computation in-demand specific way.

The average salary in the USA for an employee certified in AWS is 140000-200000US$ depending on the certification level and organizational hierarchy. According to the present demand in the market, 11 official certification courses have been developed by Amazon.

These are:

a. Foundational AWS Certification (Certified Cloud practitioner)
b. Associate AWS Certifications

  • AWS Developer Associate.
  • AWS Solution Architect Associate
  • SysOps Administrator – Associate

c. Professional AWS Certifications

  • Solutions Architect –Professional
  • DevOps Engineer – Professional

d. Specialty AWS Certifications

  • Advanced Networking – Specialty
  • Big Data – Specialty
  • Security – Specialty
  • Machine Learning – Specialty
  • Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty

AWS Bestseller Courses

Foundational AWS Certification (Certified Cloud practitioner):

Foundational AWS Certification or Certified Cloud Practitioner is a new course that Amazon has introduced lately to other Certification Courses mentioned above. As with the understanding of the name, it is a basic course for every other person using a cloud platform every day. This Cloud Certification course is developed for people who want to grab the knowledge of an overall understanding of cloud computing. There is no mandatory programming language is needed to complete the Certification. The Examination cost is 100US$. The overall time to complete the exam is 90 minutes. 65 multiple choice and multiple answers type questions need to be cleared to be qualified in this exam.

Associate AWS Certifications:

AWS Associate level certification is the 2nd level of Certification in examination level hierarchy. It is for people who have at least basic knowledge and 1-2 years of experience in AWS or Cloud Computing. There is 3 Certification under this category, which is listed below.

AWS Developer Associate:

It is AWS Associate level developer certification. It is to validate users’ development skillset on the cloud platform. To get certified one applicant must have 1-2 years of development experience. The recommended knowledge of one high-level programming language is necessary. AWS Service API usage, AWS CLI, AWS SDK knowledge is recommended, along with author, maintain, test and debug the written API module. Deployment knowledge of CI/CD pipeline is recommended as well. The certification course study includes Introduction to development of AWS Cloud Platform, Dynamo DB, SQS, SNS, SWF, S3, EC2, etc.

AWS Solution Architect Associate:

This is the associate level certification of AWS architecture. There is a need for at least 1 year of experience in cloud architecture to get certified. Hands-on experience is required for using networking, storage, database, usage of AW Services. Understanding of global infrastructure of cloud computation is necessary. Ability to identify certain technical requirements that should meet client expectations. Security features of the cloud should be identifiable and under the knowledge hold. For preparing the examination, a few topics do come under the course to get certified. Likewise Storage gateway, EC2 & Snowball.

SysOps Administrator – Associate:

  • The AWS SysOps Administrator is the associate level certification for administrating the cloud platform. 1.6years of hands-on experience on the AWS cloud is required for applying for this certification.
  • Preparation of Examination for certification requires knowledge of AWS tenets, network technologies, AWS CLI/SDK API Tools, Network security concepts, understanding of Virtualization, Monitoring the Auditory System, knowledge of networking concepts e.g. DNS/ TCP/IP, and Firewall.
  • Deploy, manage, estimating operation scalability, fault-tolerant system on AWS, implementation control flow, migration concepts, and introduction all these are the parameters to get certified in this training course for certification.

The time duration for this Certification exam is 130 minutes. 65 multiple choice and multiple answer type questions would be there in the examination. The Examination enrolment cost is 150US$.

Professional AWS Certifications:

AWS professional certification is one of the advanced level certification courses led by a live training program of Amazon in AWS Site. This is a 3rd level hierarchy in AWS Certification. 2 certifications are designed to validate the skill level of an IT professional. The total time duration of each certification examination is 170 minutes. 80 multiple choice and multiple answer type questions to face for qualifying this certification exam. The total cost of this exam is 300US$. The validity for each certification is 3years post qualification.

Solutions Architect – Professional

AWS Certified professional Solution architect is a badge for professional-level certification on AWS. It requires professional-level training and live classes designed by AWS or vendors to get qualified. Recommended knowledge of evaluation of cloud application requirements, architectural requirements for implementations and deployment. Familiarity with AWS CLI/ API. Could Formation templates, Billing Console, management console, designing Hybrid framework, continuous integration and deployment are required to get validated. Most importantly, more than 2 years of experience is required for attempting the certification.

The certification examination will validate the skill level of a candidate being identified with the designing and deployment of the infrastructure. The infrastructure designing requirement would be based on dynamic scalability, high availability, fault tolerance, and reliable applications on AWS. Complex migration and multi-tier application designing on the given architecture is acceptable where enterprise demand-oriented implementation of infrastructure would be demanded. Deployment of a scalable and cost-controlled environment can be created. These are the AWS Certified Solution Architect- Professional abilities which would be validated by this certification.

DevOps Engineer – Professional:

The Certified DevOps Engineer-Professional badge is to validate the candidate who would master the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment process on the AWS architecture. There are a few prerequisites that are strongly recommended to have hands-on experience or master level knowledge to clear the certification.

Developing cloud architecture with at least one high-level programming language is a must. Building high level automated infrastructure and maintenance knowledge is highly needed. Administering an operating system should be easy for an applicant. Understanding the operation processes, methodologies to develop modern architecture is necessary.

The validation of an application would be based on implementing and managing a continuous delivery system. Implementation of automated security control. Design, manage & maintain an automated process. Defining a process and monitoring it while deployment, metrics and logging system. Implementing a highly scalable, cost-controlled, highly available and self-healing continuous system on AWS.

Specialty AWS Certifications:

This is the top-level Certification of the AWS cloud. There are 5 certifications in specialty level. These certifications are way different than professional level certifications.

Advanced Networking – Specialty

The AWS Advanced Networking Specialty is certification to validate candidates’ skillset on complex networking tasks on AWS Cloud. This is developed and designed because AWS hybrid architecture can be networked and scaled properly while implementation.

Certification course not only need live classes but also proper professional instruction & guidance to crack the final examination. The advanced architecture and hybrid framing sense is prerequisite to apply for this certification. The applicants should have a background of architecting web platforms, especially into the cloud.

The areas of AWS cloud it covers as

  • Designing, development, and deployment of a cloud solution with AWS
  • In hybrid architecture core services implementation.
  • AWS Automated tasks on networking layers.
  • Security and compliance on implemented network layers.
  • Network optimization and troubleshooting.

At least 5 years of hands-on experience is required before advancing for this certification. Recommendation for the cloud practitioner who is already Certified Solution architect-associate, AWS Certified Developer- Associate, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator- Associate, or AWS Certified Solution Architect- Professional and people who have recommended knowledge of advanced networking architecture interconnectivity options on AWS should advance for this certification course.

Big Data – Specialty:

The AWS Certified Big Data –Specialty badge is for the people who have at least 5 years of hands-on experience on any Big Data tool for developing Cloud architecture. It is to recommend for the people who are already holding the certification on AWS Solutions Architect – Associate, AWS Developer – Associate or AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate should apply for the Big Data Specialty Certification.

This Certification is probably one of the tough certification course, as it requires developing cloud architecture with Big Data services. People who can explain the data life cycle of collection, processing storage, ingestion, visualization are an advantage to clear the examination. The ability of the skillset requires knowledge to design and maintain Big Data for cloud architecture. Leveraging tools to analyze and automated data. Implementing Big Data Services according to the demand of basic architecture. These are the parameters to get certified in the exam.

Security – Specialty

The AWS Security Specialty Certification is recommended for people who already hold the badge of AWS Certified SysOps Administration- Associate, AWS Certified DevOps-Professional and all those IT professionals who have at least 5 years of Hands-on experience of IT infrastructure(Especially on Cloud infrastructure) and IT security. At least 2 years of experience of AWS Workloads should be there before this Certification is chosen and also recommended as security control knowledge is must-have on AWS workloads.

The advancement and validation would depend on understanding the specialized data classifications and data protection. Understanding of Data encryption is also another point likewise secure internet protocols to get qualified. Complete knowledge of AWS security services features and producing secure cloud environment for any system is the main aim for getting certified for AWS Security-Specialty.

Lastly, the main beneficiaries are to take control and tradeoff decisions on the organizational matter of cost control, security and deployment complexity on given application requirements for any experienced professional.

Machine Learning – Specialty

Machine Learning Specialty is one of the important AWS Certification. This is designed to validate the skill set of individuals actively working on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science role. This requires at least 5 years of experience in Data Science and Data Analytics and 1-2 years of experience on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning).

Recommended knowledge on ML algorithm, running basic hyperparameter optimization. Experience with Deep Learning frameworks on ML and the ability to give solutions on deployment operations of an implemented hybrid system. The validation of the examination would be based on the best business approach of ML and identifying AWS services to implement on ML. Last but not the least design and implement scalable and cost-optimized, reliable and secure ML model.

Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty

The AWS Alexa Skill Builder- Specialty is one of the very new courses of Certification that Amazon has announced & included this year along with other Specialty certification courses. This does not require any other validation of certification designed by Amazon. This is the first and only certification to design, test and build the product “Alexa” by Amazon.ML Certification by Amazon might be advantageous before opting for this Specialty Certification.

Recommended knowledge of Alexa Skills is required before opting for this Certification Course. Any Programming language mastery is required along with publishing one Alexa Skill journal before applying for this Specialty Certification. The validation is by far understanding of Alexa Voice Value, designing User Experience, creating an architecture to build the skill for Alexa. Main aim to update and modify the voice control experience of Alexa developer console. Develop, test, validate & troubleshoot; this is the model to follow and master for the skill operations and life cycle of this AI. Last but not the list, Alexa security is another scene where the user must have a proper understanding of getting certified for this Specialty Certification.

Each certification, mentioned above follows Multiple Choice and Multiple Answer type questions. The cost of applying for the certifications are 300US$ each. The exam time duration is 170 minutes. All are available in English, Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese Language, except Alexa Skill Builder Certification. It is only available in English and Japanese.

What you'll learn from this course?

  • Foundational AWS Certification (Certified Cloud practitioner)
  • Associate AWS Certifications
  • Professional AWS Certifications
  • Specialty AWS Certifications


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