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Best Big Data Analytics Online Training

Our Big Data Analytics Online Certification Course helps to know more practical knowledge about Big Data Analytics Course Certification, after completion of this Big Data Analytics Online Course you can definitely get placed in good companies. Learn Big Data Analytics Training Course with Big Data Analytics Certification from Experts.In this Big Data Analytics Online Training, you will learn in-depth syllabus of Big Data Analytics Course which has Introduction Data Analytics, Building a Marketing Mix Model, Classification Technique, Credit Risk Modelling using Logistic Regression, Detail level Concepts You Should Know. Our Big Data Analytics Online Course syllabus is designed to learn Big Data Analytics Course with practicals.

Explore the ocean of Data Analytics from Industry experts with real-time problems and solutions. Data Analytics is a buzz word for today’s world. Almost every other organisation are expressing their interest in it. However, there is a gap of demand and supply of data analyst is observed in the market. A potential data analyst is one who has a fair idea and understanding of domain, statistics, mathematics and machine learning techniques. A data analyst is one who is interested in details can able to read between the lines and come up with actionable insights.

GangBoard presents its Big Data Analytics Online Training that will certainly help you reach the top. Data Analytics plays an important role in underlining the success of any organization or company in the modern world, therefore, it is important to learn the essentials with the help of a Big data Analytics Online Course. The technologies that are used to analyze and scrutinize Big Data help the companies implementing them in making calculative and optimistic steps to gain more profit. Hence, it is important that one knows how to use Big Data Analytics technologies.

About Big Data Analytics Course

The Big Data Analytics Online course at GangBoard is different from the training programmes of other training institutes. The Big Data Analytics Online Training is constantly evolving and the instructors see to it that all the new developments in the field are updated in the curriculum. At the Big Data Analytics Online Training, the candidates are offered with quality teaching as well as job support after the Big Data Analytics Online Training completion. During the Big Data Analytics Online Course, the participants are presented with several real-time training projects guided under the supervision of an experienced live instructor. It is one of the most reasonably priced Big Data Analytics Online Course on the web. So, join GangBoard today and become a Big Data Analyst in no time.

What is this course about?

This course gives you a clear understanding about how and where to use applications of data analytics who are fresh graduates and new into the industry and aspiring their carrier in data analytics. All the concepts are delivered in theoretical manner as well as hands on experience in statistical tool “R”.

What are the objectives of our Big Data Analytics Online Training?

The Big Data Analytics field has immense potential and offers a lot of good job opportunities in several MNCs. The principal objective of GangBoard’s Big Data Analytics Online Course is to provide the candidate with the best training required in a working professional. The instructors that look after the candidates have undergone meticulous Job oriented training and certainly know what they do. Some of the other important objectives of the Big Data Analytics Online Course are given below.

  • Developing algorithms to statistically analyze Big Data.
  • A Comprehensive study of Big Data Applications and their implementation techniques.
  • Study and execution methods for Hadoop Administration.
  • Understanding the implementation of fundamental principles of Predictive Analysis.
  • Deploying accurate theories and routines to manipulate Big Data.
  • Learn the popular techniques of data analytics
  • Gain confidence to face interview for data analyst role
  • Hands on experience on “R” and other tool like SPSS and Mini Tab, Tableau etc. (over view)

Why should you go for the Big Data Analytics Certification Online Course?

A study of Big Data Analytics is important to all to those who want to secure a good job in the IT department. And the demand for a certified Big Data Analytics professional has never been this high. So automatically there is a lot of competition in the market and only the best ones get in. This is where our Big Data Analytics certification courses Online training comes to the rescue. Recruiters always give preference to certified professionals over other candidates, hence it is advised that you go for the Big Data Analytics certification online training.

Who should go for the Big Data Analytics Certification Training?

Essentially any IT professional looking to work with Big Data Analytics should go for the Big Data Analytics Online Course. Having said that freshers or graduates from the IT and Computer Science field could also take up the Big Data Analytics Online Training if that is something they want to do for a living. A certified Data Scientist receives a large amount of pay owing to the immense demand and competition, this could also be a motivating factor if you are someone who does not make that much in your current job. Here’s a list of people who should go for the Big Data Analytics Online Course.

  • IT Professionals
  • Data Scientists
  • IT Freshers
  • Computer Science Freshers
  • Big Data Hadoop Professionals

How will Big Data Analytics Certification Training help your Career?

Big Data Analytics is one of the hottest jobs in the current market. There are more job opportunities in this field this year than there was in the previous year, and this going to continue in the same manner. A lot of IT professionals are willing to spend time and make investments in Big Data Analytics training. It is only compulsory that you invest in a quality Big Data Analytics Online Training if you want to be at the top of your game. A certified Big Data Analytics Online Course will essentially boost your mettle within an organization also it may open doors to several better job opportunities.

What are the prerequisites for Big Data Analytics Certification Training?

Big Data Analytics is no rocket science. Having said that any IT fresher could take up the Big Data Analytics Online Course. There are no said prerequisites for Big Big Data Analytics Online Training unless you are someone coming from a non-IT background. In that case, you will have to learn how to code using one or more computer programming languages such as Java or Python. Other than that you must have a good understanding of business and skills in interpreting large Data. After which you can take up the Big Data Analytics Certification Online Courses and get trained.

What Skills will you learn in Big Data Analytics Online Training Course?

At GangBoard, we aim to help our candidates land good jobs and arm them with skills that will help them stand out. The Big Data Analytics Online Course will impart all the necessary skills required in a quality Data Scientist. These skills are mentioned below.

  • Improvement in programming skills and their implementation in evaluating a large amount of Data.
  • Knowledge of relational and non-relational database systems.
  • Computer frameworks such as Hadoop that help streamline big data processing.
  • Hypothesis testing.
  • Interpreting large data and understanding business outcomes.

All these skills and more can be gained at one of our Big Data Analytics Certification Online Courses, enroll today!

Do you need programming for Big Data Analytics career?

The principal focus of companies that look to employ Big Data Professionals is the customer and so it has a Business to Customer(B2C) interface. This can be made possible only by coding. Hence it is very important that one is familiar with at least Java, Python and R programming languages. Enroll with Big Data Analytics Certification Online Courses and get yourself certified as a Big data Analytics professional.

Features of Big Data Analytics Training

The notable features of GangBoard’s Big Data Analytics are as follows.

  • Experienced Instructor-led quality training at Big Data Analytics Online Training
  • Hands-on training on several real-life projects at Big Data Analytics Online Course
  • All-time support for Query resolution at Online Big Data Analytics Training
  • Self-paced tutorials and assignments at Big Data Analytics Certification Online Training
  • Job Assistance with Online Big Data Analytics Training
  • Industry recognized certifications with Big Data Analytics Certification Online Training
  • 365 day LMS access at Big Data Analytics Certification Online Training

Course Duration Information

Data Analytics training will happen for 25 hours. If you opt for weekend classes both Saturday and Sunday you will be having approximately 2 hours 30 mins in the scheduled time of the batch you chose.

What you'll learn from this course?

  • Introduction Data Analytics
  • Building a Marketing Mix Model
  • Classification Technique
  • Credit Risk Modelling using Logistic Regression
  • Detail level Concepts You Should Know

Upcoming Batches for Big Data Analytics Training

Our Big Data Analytics Online Course gives students the opportunity to take classes on your flexible timings. Choose from a number of batches as per your convenience. If you got something urgent to do, reschedule your batch for a later time. The classes can be attended to at any place and at any time as per your choice.

07-10-2023 Saturday (Saturday - Sunday)Weekend Regular 11:00 AM (IST) (Class 3Hrs) / Per Session 09-10-2023 Monday (Monday - Friday)Weekdays Regular 08:00 AM (IST)(Class 1Hr - 1:30Hrs) / Per Session 05-10-2023 Thursday (Monday - Friday)Weekdays Regular 08:00 AM (IST)(Class 1Hr - 1:30Hrs) / Per Session

Course Price at

Discount Price:₹ 25,000

You Save: ₹ 10,000 (28.6% OFF)

Can’t find a batch you were looking for?

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Course Syllabus of Big Data Analytics Online Training

Introduction Data Analytics – I (Day 1)

  • What is Data Analytics- an Overview?
  • Importance of Statistics in the field of Data Analytics
  • What is Big Data and why is so important?
  • Couple of concepts a Data Analyst should know: (A)
    • Measure of central tendency (Mean/Median/Mode)
    • Standard Deviation;
    • Skewness and Kurtosis;
    • Different types of Graph and their usage;
    • Different types of data types;
    • Co-relation etc.
    • Type I and Type II error

Introduction Data Analytics – II (Day 2)

  • Analytics and scopes;
  • Over View of Text/Web analytics;
  • Hypothesis framing & Testing;
  • Couple of concepts a Data Analyst should know: (B)
    • T- test (1 tail and Paired sample);
    • Z test
    • F Test
    • Anova
    • (For all concepts comes under “Couple of concepts a Data Analyst should know: (B)” will be a combination of concepts as well as practice session in “R”)

Building a Marketing Mix Model – I (Day 3)

  • Deliver the concept of Linear and Multiple Regression analysis;
  • End to end concept of how to build a marketing mix model using regression;
  • Model Validation technique

Building a Marketing Mix Model – II (Day 4)

  • Hands on experience on regression analysis and prediction techniques using “R”
  • Deliver the Concept and application of association technique Market Basket Analysis

Classification Technique – I (Day 5)

  • Classification and Segmentation;
  • Rule based classification;
  • K-mean;
  • Principle Component Analysis;
  • Hierarchical Cluster;

Classification Technique – II (Day 6)

  • K-Mean cluster by using “R”;
  • Hierarchical Cluster by using “R”
  • Text Mining for beginners with “R”

Credit Risk Modelling using Logistic Regression (Day 7)

  • End to end the concept of Logistic Regression and the application;
  • Credit risk modeling (PD/EAD/LGD);

Detail level Concepts You Should Know: (Day 8)

  • Outlier checking and treatment;
  • Concept of Best fit regression line;
  • Concept of CEM and CEM touchpoints;
  • Concept of NPS metrics;
  • Concept of Survey design and best practices;
  • Concept of Customer life time value;
  • IV calculation for score card preparation in Logistic regression etc.

Are you Looking for Customized Syllabus

We are also providing customized syllabus to the students according to their needs and projects requirements for the cons

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Trainer Profile of Big Data Analytics Online Training

The trainers at the Big Data Analytics Online Course are extremely skilled and share an immense amount of experience with Big Data Analytics. They possess excellent communication skills and can effortlessly teach the candidates even the most complex aspects of Big Data Analytics. During the live online training and live classroom training sessions, the trainers that look after Big Data Analytics Certification Online Training are attentive to the queries of candidates and readily respond to them.

The participants of the Big Data Analytics Online Course are also offered project support by the trainers if they face any difficulty in doing them. The candidates receive 24/7 live support for the certification training course. The trainers know how to handle both industry hardened professionals and entry-level participants. All-in-all the trainers at GangBoard are well capable of imparting quality knowledge to the candidates attending the course.

Program Features

IT Professionals as Trainers

Learning a technology with a professional who is well expertise in that solve 60% of your needs.

Fully Hands-on Training

We support any training should be more practical apart from theoretical classes. So, we always gives you hands-on training.

Affordable Fees

We are dead cheap in fees. We are having options to make the payment in instalments as well if needed.

10000+ old students to believe

We satisfied 10000+ students from the day we started GangBoard. Take a look of our old student’s video reviews and it says all.

Counselling by Experts

If you are in dilemma to choose a course, we are having experts in counselling team to help you with perfect projection of your career.

Own Course Materials

We have every course material to understand which is prepared by our trainers and we will share with you after session completes.


How I can practise?
Detailed installation of required software will be displayed in your LMS. Our support team will help you to setup software if you need assistance. Hardware requirements need to be fulfilled by participants.
No worries. It might happen. We will reschedule the classes as per your convenience within the stipulated course duration with all such possibilities. And if required you can even attend that topic if any other live batches.
Top-notch professionals in that field who understands how to convey things in technical as well as subject matter experts.
We offer this course in “Live Instructor-Led Online Training” mode. Through this way you won’t mess anything in your real-life schedule. You will be shared with live meeting access while your session starts.
You can get a sample class recording to ensure you are in right place. We ensure you will be getting complete worth of your money by assigning a best instructor in that technology.
We are absolutely loved to talk in-person about group training (or) corporate training. So, please get in touch with our team through “Quick Enquiry”, “Live Chat” or “Request Call-back” channels.
Payments can be made using any of the following options and a receipt of the same will be issued to you automatically via email. Debit Card / Credit Card, American Express, Master Card, or PayPal.
You can reach us through +91-9707240250. Or you can share your queries through enq@gangboard.com. Estimated turnaround time will be 24 hours for emails.

Big Data Analytics Exams & Certification

GangBoard Certification is Accredited by all major Global Companies around the world. We provide after completion of the theoretical and practical sessions to fresher’s as well as corporate trainees.

Our certification at GangBoard is accredited worldwide. It increases the value of your resume and you can attain leading job posts with the help of this certification in leading MNC’s of the world. The certification is only provided after successful completion of our training and practical based projects.


Total Number of Reviews


Aggregate Review Score


Course Completion Rate

At the end of our course, you will be assigned to work a real-time project. Once you completed the assigned project with expected results we (Experts Team from GangBoard) will verify and issue Big Data Analytics Certificate. If you are not able to deliver expected results in the project we will support you by clarifying doubts and help you to re-attempt the project.

Big Data Analytics Training Reviews

Average Ratings

Activity from April 2018

4.8 GangBoard Star Rating

Course Reviews

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1596 Reviews

Average Ratings

GangBoard Total Reviews in all Medium

21,596 Reviews
Additional Info of Big Data Analytics Online Training

Introduction to Big Data Analytics

Conventional data analytics proves unsuccessful with the advent of large amounts of structured or unstructured data. Hence Big Data Analytics Technologies are used to operate RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems) and make useful derivations using statistical algorithms on these large amounts of data. Since its inception, Big Data has found a place in the majority of industries.

Data Analyzation has been around since the 1950s and companies have been collecting and relying on them to make a profit. However, the analysis techniques were inefficient and essentially dealt with numbers on a sheet and examining them to figure out trends. Big Data Analytics equips companies to make immediate judgments faster and in a more efficient manner.

What is Big Data Analytics?

Big Data Analysis as the name suggests is simply a process of examining large amounts of data and figuring out possible patterns that may help in making informed decisions.

There are essentially four types of Big Data Analytics which are defined as below.

  • Prescriptive analytics is used to pinpoint exact answers and most often used in healthcare industries. It is the most valuable type of analytics methodology.
  • Predictive analytics is used to identify patterns and hence draw predictive conclusions based on them.
  • Diagnostic Analytics is largely used for finding out defects and frauds. It provides information regarding why something happened.
  • Descriptive Analytics is the least used Big Data Analytics type and is mostly used to categorize customers according to their preferences and capabilities.

What is Big Data Analytics used for?

Big Data Analytics helps to render valuable information by simplifying large amounts of complex data. It has found application in several industries. Some of the major industries that use apply Big Data Analytics are listed below.

  • Government
  • Fraud detection
  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Marketing
  • Agriculture
  • Telecommunication
  • Call center
  • Social Media

What is the difference between Data Analysis and Statistical Analysis?

The basic difference between data analysis and statistical analysis are given below. The differences are highlighted from time to time in GangBoard’s Big Data Analytics Certification Online Courses.

 S.No Parameters Data Analysis Statistical Analysis
1. Technology used Apache Hadoop RStudio, R
2. Statistical Concept Descriptive Hypothesis Testing
3. Basic Analytics Exploratory Manipulation and Visualization
4. Advanced Analytic components Business Intelligence focused Cluster Trees and Regression models used
5. Areas of Interest Overcoming limitation of locally stable association Improve casual relationships
6. Source of Data Any kind of source Fixed type of sources
7. Quality of Data Unclean Defined

What is the difference between Data Analytics and Business Analytics?

All of the basic points of difference between data Analytics and Business Analytics are described below in the form of a table.

 S.No Parameters Data Analysis Business Analytics
1. Focus Finding Patterns in Data Formation of Reports and KPIs
2. Process Explanatory Analysis and implementation of data mining processes Comparative and static study of data
3. Source of Data Can be updated Has to be planned and cannot be updated
4. Transformations Unplanned Has to be planned
5. Quality of Data Variable A fixed or single version
6. Data Model Schema on Query Data Schema on Load Data
7. Analysis Prescriptive and Predictive Retrospective

Placement Assistance after Big Data Analytics Training

Once a candidate completes the Big Data Analytics Online Training, he or she is offered with placement assistance. The placement training is offered to those candidates who look to get employed after the completion of the Big Data Analytics Online Training and have difficulties in finding a suitable job position themselves. Moreover, at GangBoard the candidates already receive placement oriented training which guarantees easy job opportunities. The assistants at Big Data Analytics Certification Online Training will help the candidate to prepare attractive resumes and offer tips to crack the interviews more efficiently.