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GangBoard Offers BlockChain online training with Certified Experts. Become Master in Blockchain Concepts like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Hyperledger with our Practical Classes. We Guarantee your BlockChain Online Training Success with Certification. We focused on 100% Practical and Certification Oriented Blockchain Online Course with Placements for our Students. Most Of Our Trainers are Experienced Blockchain who has 10+ Years industry Experienced. Our Blockchain Online Course Syllabus will help you to know the latest Blockchain technology with live examples in the real world. Get Enroll for BlockChain Online Course with Gangboard and go heights with the new trending technology. Blockchain Online Training Syllabus has been designed for developers who want to crack this technology. Gangboard offers the best BlockChain Online Training to all the students and makes them have the basic and complete infrastructure and technical knowledge and skill. This Blockchain Training will make you understand this technology which is used in Ethereum, Bitcoin, Hyperledger and all other similar platforms.

Blockchain Certification Course

Blockchain is gradually transforming most of the big industrial sectors such as the financial sector, healthcare sector, public sector, insurance sector, and many other sectors. Thats why Blockchain professionals are in high demand for big industries. According to a report published by the World Economic Forum in between 2025 in this world, 18% of the total GDP will be dependent on Blockchain Technology but there will be a lack of trained Blockchain professionals. So thinking about the feature we have designed the Blockchain Certification Courses which is suitable for every professional who is thinking to boost their carrier and get a high salaried job. As per survey a Blockchain professional can get $100k- $160k salary per annum, which is very lucrative for every professional. Our Blockchain Certification Online Courses are designed as per the industrial requirement with the help of experienced instructors serving in the industry. In this Blockchain Online Certification Training, you will learn about Ethereum, Hyperledger, Composer, Fabric, Smart contacts and also Core backend Development. Our designed Blockchain Certification Training will help you to be expert Blockchain professionals. After completion of the Blockchain Certification Online Courses, we will also assist you to pass the certification exam and get the job.

Etherium Developer Certification Course

Etherium Developer Certification Course is related with the Blockchain Technology. We have designed the Etherium Developer Certification Course to understand about the core idea of Blockchain Technology and get the proper understanding about Etherium. You will learn about the basic and advance version of coding which are used for Smart Contracts development, digital token development based on Blockchain, and Private and Public solution development based on Blockchain. There is a particular programming language named Solidity used by the Etherium Developer to create ICO tokens. Solidity programming language is similar to C++, Python and JavaScript.Our Ethirium Development Certification Training you will learn about every details of Blockchain related Etherium Development. Our Ethirium Development Certification Training is designed to be suitable for the industry. Our Etherium Developer Certification Course is designed by Industry expert. We provide maximum facilities to every candidate like Live Classroom, Live Instructor, 24/7 support facility and assist with Live projects. Our Live instructors have the depth knowledge of Etherium development because they are serving or served in the in the industry for many years. The instructors will help you to understand every detail about Etherium Development and become industry level expert Etherium Developer to get good job.
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About Course

GangBoard is geared to provide you the professional and job oriented training through our globally certified online Blockchain training. Understand and implement Blockchain, Bitcoin and cypto-currencies. Giving you an edge and insight and application methods of Blockchain tools like Ganache, Truffle and multi-chain Blockchain platforms, you can also disperse smart contracts on Ethereum. To add to it, you can also be a certified Blockchain application developer, making you industry ready.

In this online course, Gangboard offers full training on covering all related topics in cryptocurrency and also the Blockchain technology. Blockchain online course is launched and introduced to understand the concepts and basic of Blockchain and its fundamentals and the process of implementing. For the fresher or beginner, learning and understanding about the importance of unity in transactions and how the transactions are stockpiled in Blockchain and the past history of Bitcoin and how it’s being used. Also with this, you will learn about the Ethereum platform and train you to setup own private Blockchain business using Ethereum. With this, lots of information in how to handle and how to build private blockchain using a multichain platform and at last will be given the practical training to improve the learning experience.

  • Understand the Blockchain technology and the key ideas like cryptography and cryptocurrency concepts.
  • Improve the deep understanding of Bitcoin, its network and how Bitcoin businesses are confirmed by miners.
  • Comprehend Ethereum Blockchain and learn Solidity programming language to advance Smart Contracts.
  • Deploy your private Blockchain on the web where you can visually see your chains & send transactions between nodes.
  • Organise the private blockchain on the process where we can clearly see the chains and transactions sent between nodes.
  • Gather knowledge in Hyperledger project, its infrastructure manner, APIs and network topology.
  • Work with Hyperledger Composer Playground on cloud & locally.
  • Analyse the prospects of Blockchain and evaluate how the Blockchain can boost the business values.

When you are out in the world job hunting, what you need is placement oriented training. A course that gets you the leverage in securing a high paid job with top notch companies. With more and more companies implementing the Blockchain application in their systems for more precise processes, acquiring a Blockchain Certification Online Training is going to get you that Job Support you need for your future.

Blockchain is a technology that is built to assist industries to not just get automated but also, making smarter decisions in terms of contracts acquisition and much more. With more and more companies leaning and adopting such technologies, the career prospects for a Blockchain is on the sturdy growth.

Our Blockchain Online Course at Besant Technologies is designed for the following professionals;

  • Program Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Technical Solution Architects
  • Technical Support Personals
  • Business Analyst
  • Product Leader

As per the World Economic Forum by 2025 18% of the world’s economy is going to depend on Blockchain technologies. The Financial, Economical, Health Care, Insurance and many other service and product based industries are going to rely on the automated stability and transparency in smart contracts. Meaning, the Blockchain Certification Online Training is geared to make you future ready in the job sector.

Blockchain Technology is a set of technical understanding skills that need a little background. A sufficient understanding of programing is pre-required to join this Blockchain Certification Online Courses with GangBoard.

But, here is a few other prerequisites which will come handy;

  • Linux Fundamentals are required
  • js Basic Understanding
  • Java Script

Our Blockchain Certification Online Training comes to you with Placement Assistance, Hands on Training. Placement Training, 24/7 Live Support, Live Classroom Training and also Live Online Training. Through our complete and state of the art curriculum you will be able to do the following;

  • Learn Blockchain technology and its core concepts
  • Bitcoin Transaction Process Understanding
  • Learn Ethereum deployment tools
  • Deploy a private Ethereum Blockchain
  • Work with Hyperledger projects
  • Deploy a business network using Hyperledger Composer
  • Develop and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum test network
  • Develop a private Blockchain using the Multichain

Yes. Programing is one of the core concepts when it comes to Blockchain Certification Online Training. You would be required to have a little knowledge on the basics to really understand and implement the Blockchain technology.

Introduction to Blockchain

The Blockchain Technology is a sequence of programs that are set across multiple devices and points that creates a linier and stitched system of transactions recorded for any company. One of the biggest advantages is the transparency, as you can’t make any changes independently.

The Blockchain Technology is a decentralized, public digital ledger and connected technology that records all transactions across multiple devices. This means no alterations can be done independently, and without making alterations to all of the sequenced transactions.

Once you are certified with the Blockchain Online Training, you will find that Blockchain is use for various industries making it a job ready course to complete.

  • Inter-Organization Data Management
  • Government Tracking and Ledgers
  • Financial Institutions
  • For Audit Trails
  • For automated governance
  • Streamlining Transactions
  • Smart Contracts that are Transparent

And, many other industries are using this technology.

You will learn in the Blockchain Online Course that Blockchain is a network of systems that holds blocks of data. All data is sequenced and has a transitional value and is also transparent.

Now, when you set up a networked Blockchain you will have to flow through assets. And, those assets are in from of Tokens or Cryptocurrensies or Bitcoins.

You will learn the whole process once you are done with your Blockchain Certification Online Training.

Blockchain is a Peer to Peer network where transactions are flowed through. It has no banks or managers. This essentially does mean that Blockchain is an open source. You will further learn in your Blockchain Certification Online Courses that Blockchain is owned by nobody and anybody can take part in it.

BlockChain Course Syllabus

Intro To Blockchain And Cryptocurrency

  • Internet of money
  • Cryptography: consensus verification, proof of work
  • Public vs. private Blockchain technology
  • Valuation and Bitcoin
  • Data blocks

Clearing And Settlement

Ethereum And Blockchain Platforms

Assets And Tokenization And The Value Of The Blockchain

  • Community currency
  • Credits versus tokens

Your First Wallet And Intro To Blockchain API

  • Algorithms
  • Open source tools

Smart Contracts

  • Regulation and legal frameworks
  • Distributed ledger technology
  • Ethereum, Scalability and distributed ledgers
  • Consensus Protocols and Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT)

Regulatory Environment

Use Cases

  • Social Good
  • Other alternative uses
  • Security

Security: Attacks And Trust-Less Networks

  • DAO

Upcoming Batches

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01 Feb 2020 29 Feb 2020 (08:30 AM - 11:00 AM) Sat,Sun

BlockChain Certification

GangBoard provides the certification to all course completed students under our names. GangBoard we support you to write authorized certifications. Gangboard certification is valid and accepted in all top companies.

GangBoard's Blockchain Certification Online Courses equips you with the globally accredited Blockchain, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency processes. The Blockchain Exams and Certifications are designed to help you make the best out of the Blockchain Online Course and making your job ready to attain your career in the Blockchain industry.

A Blockchain Certifications means you are certified to handle, deploy and develop the Blockchain network for data management and handling the assets that flow through it like Bitcoins and other forms of Tokens.

BlockChain Job Opportunities

Blockchain is the upcoming and already familiar technology for over the past 3-4 years and already making waves in other data stored and data accessing fields. BlockChain is not only used for Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency purposes, also can be and is used for tracking ownership, assets cross-checking in digital and physical and also for voting rights. There are 500+ openings in India with the basic salary for fresher around 2.5-3 lakhs and also for experienced persons with huge pay. Soon it will make waves in all fields and erupt in some major industries.

BlockChain Training Reviews


Our Gangboard has the best and experienced professional trainers. Trainers are experienced and professionals like BlockChain developer and more seniors in BlockChain fields. They are from worldwide across many countries like Australia, London, India, USA and UAE.

Don’t worry at all about that, we will reschedule the classes and accommodate your training again with other ongoing batches.

Free software installation will be done and we will also support you in installation process through our online support team.

Online payments can be done through Net-Banking or Money transfer or Quick Transfer and paid bill receipt will be issued through email.

  1. Visa Debit Card / Credit Card
  2. American Express
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  4. PayPal

Yeah sure, free demo class on Blockchain will be setup for you with our regular instructor and after that you can join in the online training and we will provide best out of best to our students.

Please kindly contact us using “Live Chat” or “Quick Enquiry” or “Request Call back options” for best blcokchain online Courses. We will clear all your doubts and help you in taking up this online training course.

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