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10 Things You Should Know About Python

10 Things You Should Know About Python

February 24th, 2017


Python is a high level general purpose language that is widely used in computer programming language. Are you interested in a career in IT? If yes, how much of python programming do you know? Ever heard of Python Training? These questions are not a barrage, they are very necessary to the topic at hand. If you permit me for the last time, have you heard of Python Online Training?
The questions posed above are necessary to make any meaningful headway in business today. The importance of python is not hidden to those that are involved. If you desire to make a meaningful impact, then you must know the following very important things about python programming:

  • Python Version Numbers

    Technically speaking, this is not a programming feature; but then it is very important that you get acquainted with it. They are numbered as A, B, C; the three letters represent important changes in the programming; it comes in decreasing order.

  • The Python Shell

    You will have to understand the python shell arrangement for you to successfully pull through. Python comes auto-installed with its own shell and it makes your interface easy; just type in python into the command line and it will be executed.

  • Using ‘OS’ And ‘SYS’

    These two modules are very useful. They bring in a whole lot of convenience to your programming experience. You must get to know them and get acquainted with them.

  • List Comprehension

    This is the process of forming lists out of numerous other lists. This exemplifies the beauty in python programming. You can also use this to create nested list.

  • Slicing

    You will need this in your application to strings and lists. It is the process of taking the sub-set out a main data. You have to learn it and l assure you, it is easy to know.

  • Dictionaries And Sets

    The use of dictionaries and sets has a whole lot of its own advantages. Though there is the privilege of lists; the inclusion of dictionaries and sets will give you an experience that you will love to remember.

  • Copying Structures (And Basic Memory Management)

    There are loads of data to be copied; doing these the ordinary way will pose a very serious challenge which may end up messing up your programming experience. So what to do? Get to know Deepcopy. It provides all the answers.

  • Generators

    You will need the concept of generators to make a fast headway in your programming experience. It provides lazy evaluation; there are some values that are not needed, the generator will simply ignore such and do only the basics.

  • File Management

    Here, you have to know the correct ways to incorporate files into your code. This is an official documentation that will tell you the keyword to use.

  • Classes And Functions

    As for functions, it is pretty easy to define it using python. Classes are an important part of your programming as well. Get to know them for an experience in python programming.


I hope the message has been clearly conveyed. CHEERS!