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List of Alibaba Cloud Big Data Certifications

List of Alibaba Cloud Big Data Certifications

July 29th, 2019

List of Alibaba Cloud Big Data Certifications

About Alibaba Cloud Certifications

Alibaba cloud certification is a prominent certification course in the cloud platform. The Alibaba cloud platform with Big data gives a deep insight knowledge of the cloud platform ecosystem.
Alibaba offers the certification course of the Big Data at three levels, beginner or novice level, intermediate level, and advanced level or expert level.

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Alibaba Certification

Cloud computing is the place where enterprises and corporates are investing their money and time. The cloud platform operates under multiple domains, providing so many benefits to the investors.  Although Amazon has taken the cloud computing awareness to a whole new dimension in the software industry by developing the AWS services, Alibaba is like god-father of the industry.

If you are from cloud computing or cloud platform, you will know the high-demand competition that is being surrounded in the industry. The cloud computing certification is quite important to anybody who is currently in the industry as a working professional or looking to take things up in a positive direction.

Before we process any further, we shall first understand about the Alibaba Cloud Certification and the course program structure.

Introduction to Alibaba Company

Well, Alibaba Company is not new to you if you are here researching about the Alibaba certifications. You are completely aware of their strong presence, immeasurable services to the enterprises and corporates, and an innate beneficiary they bring to the table of the IT industry market.

So, anyways, let us make a quick overview of the Alibaba Company and their certifications.  Alibaba is a Chinese conglomerate company who offers multiple services in various industries besides software platform. The founders of the company are almost 10-15 people (you can check them in Wikipedia) but however, the prominent founder who is famous across the world is Jack Ma. He is considered to hold huge equity in terms of the revenue and responsibilities

The cloud services offered by this company are quite remarkable since it is the pay-as-you-go model. It means, when you get a benefit out of the cloud service, you will be charged. In layman terms, let us break down it with a real-time example: search engine marketing model –Google ads—is one of the best examples for the pay-as-you-go pricing model.  When somebody clicks your ads, you pay Google for publishing your ad in the search result display page.

In cloud computing services, there is a range of subsidiaries like big data analytics, computing, and data security. While you pay a third party vendor like Alibaba cloud computing, they don’t charge for all of the primary to tertiary services—that may be irrelevant to you. Because of the PAYG pricing model, you will be charged based on the usage of the services.

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Alibaba Cloud Certifications

Alibaba cloud certifications are high-quality ones since their program structure is really quite hard and practical. Many software industries hire professionals who have Alibaba cloud certifications in their resume.

Not to mention the recognition you can find with your technical skills because of their continuous and constant updates to the certification program. The Alibaba cloud certification course does justice to anybody who wants an upgrade in their career. Well, it is also a good place to start your Alibaba cloud certification.
The certification course is broken down into three sub-categories and they would be,

Cloud Computing – the basics of the Alibaba cloud products and the operational part of them. It also teaches the cloud computing fundamentals.

Big Data – this is so useful when you are developing or want to develop your business in the cloud platform and leverage the big data advantages. The course basically tells how to learn and build your enterprise business part, operate on the cloud of the Alibaba’s Big Data Platform.

Security – this is like an add on values that helps you to know more about the security services of Alibaba cloud could provide to your business. The security services include the security of your company’s data, privacy to your data centers.

Alibaba’s Cloud Big Data Certifications

One has a familiar knowledge in the Alibaba cloud products especially the ones from the big data, will surely know that the course will pave the way to boost their career and the technical skills.  Alibaba big data cloud certification can help you to understand more about the operational part of the big data products.

There are some pre-requisites for the course enrolment since the course is considered to be advanced and taken as a serious one among the industry. It is evident that the practical or the operational

  • Solid knowledge on the fundamental concepts about the distributed system In addition to that, the robust foundation on Hadoop, efficient and intermediate IT knowledge, able to handle the data analysis, with operational knowledge on the database.
  • Interest along with knowledge on exercising the suitable practices in the Big Data platform. Ability to develop technical effective solutions.
  • Should have the implementation of knowledge on the integrated products associated with the Alibaba Big Data platform. If you have the potential to execute any integration of online products of the Big data into your environment, you could face in the certification course.
  • Testing knowledge on computing services, business structure, and the operational business environment. You should be able to fix or debug any issues or identify the possible risks factors and fix them.
  • A holistic operational approach on the Alibaba Big data computing products since the Alibaba Cloud Computing Certification Course aims more towards the implementation of knowledge.

Here are the three courses offered under the Alibaba Cloud Certifications in Big Data and here is the break down for each of them and their features.

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Alibaba Cloud Certified Professional Big Data Certification (ACP)

This course is of professional level. The program framework is complex and we don’t recommend this for anybody who is not solid in the Alibaba Big data products. Alibaba Cloud Certified Professional Big Data Certification (ACP) is for the developers, OS architects, web development professionals and the IT individuals who are in the development or support core of the cloud computing platform.

The course covers a very deep interior technical part like Visualization, MaxCompute, BI tools,  E-MapReduce, DataWorks. The course also covers some basics of the distributed systems. Alibaba Big data cloud certification should have pre-concept knowledge on the distributed ecosystem of the Alibaba cloud systems, implementing the integration of the products into the Alibaba cloud platform. It is important to know about the synchronization of how DataWorks integrating functions with other application systems and products.

  • Implementation knowledge about the Alibaba cloud Big data products that are
    • YARN (resources management component),
    • Zookeeper (resource coordination component),
    • HDFS (distributed files),
    • MapReduce (computation framework),
    • Basic components system of Hadoop ecosystem.
  • The Alibaba Big Data cloud certification should include fundamental learning about the products operation, interactive platform between multiple products and systems, and the know-how module of the management console. And others which are used for data processing.
    • Python,
    • API,
    • SDK,
    • SQL,
    • UDF,
    • Graphs,
  • Understanding the basic techniques and fundamental concepts of the relative databases along with side modeling ways that, OLTP, transactions SQL, indexes,
  • Basic understanding of the ideas and techniques associated with information warehouse together with the ad-lib question, fact table, dimensions, OLAP, star model, information model, etc.
  • Basic understanding of the software development cycle, testing functions.
  • Practical knowledge on implementing the Alibaba big data products and analyzing for any potential bugs, inspect the environment and also debug them if required
  • Thorough knowledge of principles about the Alibaba Big data cloud products.
  • Familiarity with the environment setup, ecosystems of the Alibaba Big data products and protocols on implementing them in any environment

Exam Certification Details

The exam is of 135 minutes of the time tracking. The questions are about for 100 marks with a maximum of 60 questions. The question blueprint consists of

  • 30 Questions: Multiple choice but Single selection
    •  2 scores per question
  • 10 Questions: Multiple choices with Multiple selections
    •  2 scores per question
  • 20 Questions: True and False
    • 1 score per question

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Alibaba Cloud Certified Associate Big Data Certification

This course ACA is considered to be a very huge informational certification and largely framed & targeted for professionals who have their strength in the area, eligible enough to use the cloud products. Alibaba cloud big associate certification is full of fundamental core knowledge about  Big Data yet as a visual image. Pre-eligibility  to enroll in the  Alibaba cloud big data associate certification examination area unit are listed below:

  • Basic understanding of the software development cycle, testing functions.
  • Practical knowledge on implementing the Alibaba big data products and analyzing for any potential bugs, inspect the environment and also debug them if required
  • Thorough knowledge of principles about the Alibaba Big data cloud products.
  • Familiarity with the environment setup, ecosystems of the Alibaba cloud products and protocols on implementing them in any environment
  • Implementation knowledge about the Alibaba Big data products that are
    • DataV,
    • DataWorks
    • E-MapReduce,
    • Quick BI, etc.
    • MaxCompute,
  • Thorough knowledge about network protocols like
    • HTTP,
    • FTP,
    • TCP,
    • UDP
    • ICMP
  • Pre conceptual knowledge on the servers, web servers and also about networking platforms.
  • Cloud computing knowledge that includes, database storages, visualization, security protocols and management of the Alibaba Cloud products
    • firewall policy,
    • access control,
    • network attack,
    • network protection,
    • network security,
    • Key encryptions, the network protocols security and firewall concepts such as

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Alibaba Cloud Certified Expert (ACE) Big Data Certification

This course is not launched yet. This is a technical level higher difficulty course. The people who have successfully passed the ACA and ACP courses can apply for the ACE course. This has a complex technical endeavor that will provide a higher level of technical exposure to the Alibaba Cloud platform.
Once we know about the launch date and the modules included, we will update you about this course.

Important points to consider

Test Type Registration Online, Exam Offline at  Exam Center
Exam Language English
Exam Type Close-book examination
Exam Fee USD 120


So we have covered the basics to the advanced learning modules in this article. Also, we have the best course coaching models for the Alibaba Cloud Certifications. If you find yourself in the middle of the enhancement of your career that includes the certification course from a cloud platform, Alibaba is an excellent choice.

What’s the Future Scope of a Cloud Professional?

No doubt, whether expected or not, the longer term of the Cloud professionals is bright. There’ll be a large demand for the Cloud specialists, and a lot of opportunities are going to be there for the certified ones. Let’s have a watch over the predictions concerning Cloud Computing created by Cloud specialists.
Gartner, Inc has predicted that the cloud services market will grow to $206.2 billion up in 2019 from $175.8 billion in total in the past year 2018. So that is about a 17% rough growth Cloud Computing is the foundation of digital acceleration and entire IT transformations for all enterprises – Forrester 2019 IBM believes that the agility and momentum in an enterprise is controlled by the cloud services they have chosen for Zoho has a dominant contribution to the exposure of Cloud Computing to the Indian market.
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