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AngularJS Vs Vue.JS

AngularJS Vs Vue.JS

April 15th, 2019

AngularJS Vs Vue.JS

What is Angular JS?

Angular JavaScript is an open-source and a front-end type of web framework by Google and other community of corporations and individuals. The JavaScript mainly addresses challenges often encountered in the development of single page applications. Angular JS provides client-side framework architectures i.e. Model View-View Model i.e. MVVM and Model View Controller i.e. MVC. Besides this, it has various components used mainly in rich internet related applications.

Why AngularJS ?

1. AngularJS features simple design architecture to accomplish large numbers of development tasks based on clients’ requirements.
2. Angular JavaScript manages various heavy web applications, which comes with large numbers of components and complex requirements.
3. AngularJS uses HTML for defining the user interface of any app. Moreover, when you combine app development via AngularJS with HTML, your app development task becomes simpler than before. Now, you only require characterizing the necessities, while AngularJS will perform alternative functions of the respective interface.
4. Angular JavaScript has improved design architecture because of this, it suites perfectly for large applications, which contain components in bulk i.e. higher than 60. Moreover, the JS framework makes the task easy manageable even when any programmer joins during the middle of the design/development process.
5. Angular JavaScript requires less coding job, because of which developers may easily focus on applications’ efficiency instead of engaging them in only writing codes.
6. AngularJS allows easy data binding and hence, it creates web applications easily. Especially, when any data moves from the model to the view, the JS framework handles synchronization between the model and DOM efficiently.
Directories in AngularJS give free hand to developers and the necessary attributes to develop wide range of dynamic web pages.
7. AngularJS incorporates outstanding testing compatibilities and hence, it provides support to both unit and end-to-end testing options. In this way, web developers and software programmers accomplish the testing task easily and in flexible way in almost every development level.
8. Last, but not the least, AngularJS is responsible to deal with dependency coupled with MVC Architecture. Because of this, developers may develop apps in a parallel manner. In this way, Angular JS overshadows its counterpart development frameworks available under JavaScript.

What is Vue.JS?

Vue.JS is a type of open-source framework on JavaScript. It is useful to create single-page applications and various types of user interfaces. The framework features an easily adoptable architecture to focus on composition of components and declarative rendering procedure. Moreover, Vue.JS has its officially maintained packages and supporting libraries to provide various advanced features required to perform complex applications, like state management, routing and creating tools.

Why Vue.JS ?

1. JS framework is relatively small i.e. between 18KB to 21KB and hence, users may use and download it in no time.
2. Even though, the framework is small, you do not have to make any compromise on Vue.JS operating speed.
3. Another strong reason behind the popularity of Vue.JS framework is that one can understand its coding and other aspects easily.
4. Based on simple structure of the JavaScript framework only, users may add them to their web projects.
5. You can develop both small and large-scale templates via Vue.JS framework to save your valuable time.
6. Another prime benefit associated with the framework’s simple structure is that it allows users to trace the erotic blocks in a hassle-free way.
7. JS allows users to integrate with various other applications, because of which you may use it not only to develop new applications, but also to alter the pre-existing ones.
8. JS features simple and comprehensive documentation. Hence, even if user does not have any knowledge or knows very few about HTML and JavaScript, may develop his or her own webpage and applications.
9. The mentioned JavaScript framework offers a huge level of flexibility, because of which you may write templates in JavaScript file, HTML file or pure JavaScript by using the virtual nodes.
10. Lastly, Vue.JS comes with MVVM architecture to provide you two-way communication and in turn, helps in easy handling of HTML blocks.

Vue JS Vs Angular JS
Basis Angular JS Vue JS

Features and Functions

AngularJS is heavy and opinionated, while it facilitates multiple complex functions.

Vue JS is a light and a flexible JavaScript framework, which prioritizes speed over functions.

Type of Projects

AngularJS is the best option for wide range of dynamic projects.

Vue JS is preferable for the accomplishment of small size projects.

Learning Curve Requirements

AngularJS uses both Vanilla JavaScript and Microsoft TypeScript, because of which developers require steep learning curve.

Vue JS does not mandate developers to possess any background knowledge.

Real-time Applications

AngularJS is perfect for chat apps, instant messaging apps and various other real-time applications. Even it is preferable for enterprise applications and cross-platform based mobile development.

Vue JS does not support any real-time applications. Instead, it is usable when you need high-speed and optimum performance.

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