Laravel Tutorial

Laravel Tutorial: Developing A Website Has Become So Informal What is Laravel Laravel can be defined as a powerful MVC PHP framework, designed for developers who need a simple and decent toolkit to create full-featured web applications. This simple application was given shape to by Taylor Otwell. Since its initial … Continue reading

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Natural Language Processing in Python

Natural Language Processing in Python (NLP) NLP In Python: Recognition of Human Languages In Terms Of Internet Search Operations NLP in computer programming Natural Language Processing (NLP) is construed as developing applications and services that can interpret human languages. In other words, NLP caters to speech recognition. An ideal NLP … Continue reading

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Salesforce Certification Verification

Salesforce Certification Verification Salesforce is the most demanded skill today. It has been completely embedded as CRM platform for much officialdom. Salesforce provides the edge to professional’s career by offering different certification viz. Salesforce architects, developers and marketing professionals, etc. Once you are certified by Salesforce, you can verify your … Continue reading

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