by GangBoard Admin, November 8, 2016

Cloud computing is getting big, indeed very big. Every year more and more companies are opting for it to cut down their cost and increase their utility. In 2015, this segment accounted for approximately $16.5 billion and in 2016 this figure is bound to get bigger.

Two top players that dominate this niche comprehensively are Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Though Azure in last few years have made a great stride in this market, Amazon AWS still leads the way with a big margin. Let’s compare both these platforms and see what separates them:

At Surface level

Amazon has divided its service into four categories such as: content delivery, compute storage, database and networking. Users can check their usage using tools such as Amazon cloud watch and AWS cloudtrail. To put in simpler words, it is easy to manage and control.

Microsoft on the other hand offers more or less the same services. Like Azure, all the resources are secure and easy to track. To give its users more transparency they provide them with number of services that allows them to check in-depth detail of their resource usage and prompts them with timely alerts.

In terms of pricing

When it comes to pricing both the companies have slashed down their prices in 2016 to attract more customers. Where AWS had always maintained low prices to acquire new customer base, Azure had made is always competition with their rivals.

Customer base

Since AWS are the pioneers in this field they naturally enjoy a much larger customer base, they host profiles like Netflix, Nike, Nisa retail, Airbnb, Channel 4 and many more. Azure on the other hand has found its liking among IT sector. Some big IT enterprises have moved to this platform in last few years and their numbers are spiking up every year.

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