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Brief Introduction about Statistical Analytical System

Brief Introduction about Statistical Analytical System

December 1st, 2016


Statistical Analytical System (SAS) is software which was developed by the SAS institute that can mine, alter, manage and retrieve data from the variety of sources, perform statistical analysis, multivariate analyses, business intelligence, data management and predictive analytics. In SAS the data should be stored in a spreadsheet table format or tabulated excel format that provides graphical point and click user interface for non-technical users.

SAS Enables Programmers to Implement

  • Data management and Information retrieval.
  • Graphics and Report writing.
  • Statistical analysis, econometrics and data mining.
  • Business planning, forecasting and decision support.
  • Operation research and project management.
  • Quality improvement.
  • Applications development.
  • Data Warehousing includes extract, transform and load.
  • Platform independent and remote computing.

SAS Modules

  • Data Structure 

    It’s a particular way of organizing data in a computer.

  • Data Management

    It’s the development and execution of policies, architectures, practices, procedures in order to manage the data lifecycle needs of an organization in an effective manner.

  • Report Generation

    Defining, joining and grouping data using the relationship manager.

  • Pro SQL

    It’s used to retrieve, update and report information from the SAS data sets.


    It avoids the repetitive sections of the code that can be used again and again when needed.

SAS Applications

  • Financial analysis and publication.
  • Psychological testing and sales forecasting.
  • Study consumer behaviour and website.
  • Financial risk analysis and academic research.
  • Big Data analysis and banking.
  • Business intelligence and pharmaceutical analysis.

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