Brief Overview about Pega BPM Tool

Brief Overview about Pega BPM Tool

What it is about?

Pega is a Business process management tool which was established by pega systems. It is used to create and manage web based applications with less effort. Most of the components in web based application are built using pega. Pega is software developed by using Java concepts and this software is mainly used for customer centricity. Most of the organizations use this software to improve customer experience, drive revenue growth also enhance operational efficiency. Using Pega we are easily design our business process flow.

Special Features of Pega

  • Pega is a business friendly tool kit used for defining applications. The tool allows a well-trained business professional to create an effective business application
  • Pega allows designing the application once and deploying anywhere which means that we can design an application in one platform and can released in multiple platforms

Who use Pega?

Pega is used by Financial, Healthcare and banking sector that needs streamlined process flow

R’s of Pega Application

  • Receiving – Accepts and captures data from various platform
  • Routing – Making intelligent matches and assignment by using characteristics of the work and knowledge
  • Reporting – Provides status of the work like visibility and completed work etc
  • Responding – Allows communication among various people involved in work
  • Researching – Allows accessing external system and databases through connectors which help to support analysis and decision making
  • Resolving – Completing the work and updating downstream systems through automated processing

Why IT Companies Moving towards Pega?

In fast developing world most of the IT companies are looking forward to increase their automation and efficiency. The easy way to achieve this is using pega since it reduces time in coding and usage of resources

How Pega Reduces Risk?

Pega reduces the risk in fallowing ways

  • Pega uses intelligent routing, escalation and prioritization for automating crucial work
  • Pega uses consistent application management throughout the enterprise for refining policy enforcement
  • Pega allows directed work process
  • Pega uses dashboards and detailed audit trails to enhance compliance

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