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Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

August 19th, 2019

Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

In case you’re searching for Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced or Freshers, you are at the correct place. Additionally Our Business Analyst Online Training from GangBoard supply the human resource for the top companies looking for IT business analyst, Data science business analyst, business Intelligence manager, quantitative analysis, and data business intelligence professionals. Business analyst profession is reviewed as a general profession with experience but professional knowledge is also essential to win over the competition in the business analyst profession. Syllabus covered in this Business Analysts Online Course is planning, monitoring, elicitation, collaboration, life cycle management, strategy analysis, designing, requirement analysis, solution evaluation, business intelligence, and agile perspective. As a business analyst’s job is a high profile job with vast experience and knowledge we take immense care in supporting the Business Analysts Online Certification Training with interview questions and answers. Find the Business Analysts Interview Question and Answer to take a mock interview from the virtual sense to face the interviews.

There is a parcel of chances from many presumed organizations on the planet. The Business Analyst advertise is relied upon to develop to more than $5 billion by 2021, from just $180 million, as per Business Analyst industry gauges. In this way, despite everything you have the chance to push forward in your vocation in Business Analyst Development. Gangboard offers Advanced Business Analyst Interview Questions and answers that assist you in splitting your Business Analyst interview and procure dream vocation as Business Analyst Developer.

Best Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

Do you believe that you have the right stuff to be a section in the advancement of future Business Analyst, the GangBoard is here to control you to sustain your vocation. Various fortune 1000 organizations around the world are utilizing the innovation of Business Analyst to meet the necessities of their customers. Business Analyst is being utilized as a part of numerous businesses. To have a great development in Business Analyst work, our page furnishes you with nitty-gritty data as Business Analyst prospective employee meeting questions and answers. Business Analyst Interview Questions and answers are prepared by 10+ years of experienced industry experts. Business Analyst Interview Questions and answers are very useful to the Fresher or Experienced person who is looking for a new challenging job from the reputed company. Our Business Analyst Questions and answers are very simple and have more examples for your better understanding.

A Business Analyst is an effective role who investigates the process and business of the company. Business Analyst has a principal responsibility to manage the requirements. This kind of role is to get knowledge of the business processes, business strategies propose any enhancements and organization structure. A Business Analyst is like the mediators between the business events and the company’s Information Technology. The entire skills and knowledge of BA must helpful for an organization to achieve revenues by facing and handling the fresh changes evolving in the business and acclimating those changes too.

Q1) Explain Flow Chart and its importance

Answer: Flowchart provides a whole system flow via illustrations and symbols. The importance of flow chart is it enables the developers to understand the system easily and the non-technical shareholders are also benefited.

Q2) UML- Provide the abbreviation

Answer: UML – Unified Modelling Language.

Q3) Explain the Use Case model

Answer: The model that displays a events sequence and a course of actions based on any method that an actor performs is called Use Case model.

Q4) List out the different types of diagrams available in Business Analyst

Answer: Collaboration Diagram and Use Case Diagram are the two types of diagrams available in Business Analyst.

Q5) Describe exceptions

Answer: In an application, we can see few unanticipated outcomes or situations and those are called exceptions.

Q6) What are the two (2) important documents related to use cases?

Answer: System Design Document (SDD) and Functional Requirement Document (FRD) are the two (2) important documents related to use cases.

Q7) List out the tools which are helpful for a Business Analyst

Answer: MS Project, MS Vision, MS Excel, PowerPoint and MS Word are the tools helpful for a Business Analyst.

Q8) What are the documents that a Business Analyst can create during the work?

Answer: Below are the documents that a Business Analyst creates during the work:

  • Use Case Diagram
  • Technical Specification Documents
  • Functional Specification Documents
  • Business Requirements Documents

Q9) As a Business Analyst, how do you develop a product by an idea?

Answer: Perform the following activities to develop a product by an ideAnswer:

  • Use Cases and Test Cases
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Prioritize Features
  • Personas
  • Scalability
  • Storyboards
  • Monitoring
  • Strategic Vision and Feature Set
  • Market Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis

Q10) Waterfall Model and Spiral Model- Which one do you prefer as a Business Analyst?

Answer: Both the models are said to be equally important and selection is purely based on the project scope and type. Numerous scenarios and organizational culture also help in deciding the better model.

Q11) OLTP stands for?

Answer: OLTP – On-Line Transaction Processing

Q12) FMEA stands for?

Answer: FMEA – Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Q13) What are the basic elements in BPMN?

Answer: Connecting Objects, Artifacts, Flow Objects, Swimlanes, and Data are the basic elements in BPMN.

Q14) What is BPMN Gateway?

Answer: We have a component of processing modeling which is useful in controlling the interaction flow, that is processes sequences. Such a component is called BPMN Gateway.

Q15) Mention the key areas of Kano Analysis

Answer: The three key areas of Kano Analysis are given below:

  • Must-Have Attributes
  • Unexpected Delighters
  • Performance Attributes

Q16) Define Pugh Matrix

Answer: Pugh Matrix has become a standard part of Six Sigma techniques and this matrix is helpful in deciding the utmost optimal and substitute solutions. The other names of Pugh Matrix are Design Matrix or Problem Matrix.

Q17) Explain the 100-point method

Answer: The 100-point method is for allotting priority to different stages in a process. For every step, the group members must assign points and finally, all those points are calculated together. The step with the highest point will be in the highest priority.

Q18) SQUARE stands for?

Answer: SQUARE- Security Quality Requirements Engineering

Q19) In a use case, how many actor types can be described?

Answer: In a use case, we can describe two (2) actor types which are primary and secondary actors. To start a process, the primary actor helps. Secondary actors are just to assist them.

Q20) Explain Fish Model

Answer: If you don’t find any ambiguities in the customer’s requirements, the fish model is used. Fish model is time-consuming and very expensive too.

Q21) Explain V model

Answer: If there are any ambiguities in the customer’s requirements, the V model is used. V model does not consume much time and cost is also very less.

Q22) PEST stands for?

Answer: PEST- Political, Economic, Social, and Technological. PEST is for analyzing the business environment.

Q23) What are the different key phases of Business Development?

Answer: Business Development has four (4) key phases:

  • Norming
  • Forming
  • Performing
  • Storming

Q24) What is SWEBOK?

Answer: SWEBOK stands for Software Engineering Body of Knowledge

Q25) Define GAP Analysis

Answer: GAP Analysis is a process of determining and comparing the difference between two (2) processes or things.

Q26) JAD stands for?

Answer: JAD stands for Joint Application Development

Q27) Define ETL

Answer: ETL stands for Extraction, Transformation, and Load. This is a data processing technique, principally utilized in data warehousing.

Q28) Can you provide a few suggestions to create an efficient use-case model?

Answer: Create two (2) distinct diagrams, where one is for use-case and another serving as actor diagram. It is possible to highlight all the probable activities available in the actor diagram and use case. Finally, you can amalgamate both the diagrams to retrieve an efficient use case diagram.

Q29) List out a few vital skills of a Business Analyst

Answer: Elicitation skills, IT knowledge, Problem-solving skills, and Management & communication skills are some of the vital skills that a Business Analyst must-have.

Q30) Expansion of CaaS

Answer: CaaS- Communication as a Service

Q31) Can u mention the subject which is beneficial for a Business Analyst?

Answer: For a Business Analyst, ‘Economics’ is the most beneficial for a Business Analyst.

Q32) Define CATWOE

Answer: CATWOE- Customers, Actors, Transformation process, Worldview, Owners, and Environmental Constraints. Using this tool, you can get helpful insights from the gathered data to make a proper decision.

Q33) Who are the members of a Scrum Team?

Answer: Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Development Team are the members of a Scrum Team.

Q34) Define Scope Creep

Answer: Scope creeps- wild or unexpected deviations or variations appearing in the project’s scope without seeing any variations on other project resources. This happens when there is a failure in proper communication or monitoring.

Q35) Describe INVEST

Answer: INVEST stands for Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimable, Sized Appropriately, Testable. Invest is to assist the Technical team and Project Managers for delivering a quality service or product.

Q36) Describe Agile Manifesto

Answer: To ensure iterative solutions, Software Developers should get a clear picture of Agile Development principles. For this, Agile Manifesto stands out to be the best guide.

Q37) Explain Swimlane and Pool

Answer: Swimlane explains a group activity through an activity diagram. Pool explains the activities of a single person.

Q38) What is Benchmarking?

Answer: To compete in this fast running market, we need to measure the performance of an organization and based on various factors such as rules, performances, and policies, rating and standards are decided. Such measuring is called as Benchmarking.

Q39) Do you think there is more than one category of business analysis technique?

Answer: Yes, more than 100 techniques available for the Business Analysts to select based on the requirement. Categorizations of techniques are documentation, investigative, modeling, project management, and strategic.

Q40) Provide the different types of gaps encountered during gap analysis.

Answer: Profit Gap, Performance Gap, Manpower Gap, and Product Gap are the chief gap types.

Q41) Mention the few problems that arise for a Business Analyst

Answer: Business Analyst faces some principal issues related to Business policies, Technology, Employees, Business model errors, and Access.

Q42) What are the UML components?

Answer: Behavior, Structure, Relationship and a few other concepts are the components of UML.

Q43) List out the software methodologies

Answer: Different software methodologies:

  • RUP
  • SDLC
  • Gap analysis
  • Six Sigma
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • SWOT
  • Risk analysis

Q44) Explain the responsibility of a Project Manager and Business Analyst


  • Project Manager- Responsible for constructing and project achievement.
  • Business Analyst- Responsible to let the business know the numerous pros and cons existing with the definite implementation.

Q45) Is it possible for a Business Analyst to help in developing a training material?

Answer: Yes, of course, a Business Analyst can help in developing training material.

Q46) Is it necessary for a Business Analyst to participate in testing and integration?

Answer: Yes, Business Analyst must participate in the testing and integration process because he/she can get useful information and guide an organization to get a better result.

Q47) Provide the SDLC models

Answer: Spiral Model, Iterative Model, Prototype Model, Waterfall Model, and V-Model are the different types of SDLC models.

Q48) List out the essential phases available in SDLC

Answer: Planning -> Defining -> Designing -> Building -> Testing -> Deployment

Q49) Describe RAD methodology

Answer: RAD stands for Rapid Application Development. This is an incremental method in which project modules are developed as independent products in parallel.

Q50) In general, what are the different types of actors?

Answer: Hardware, Timer, System and Human are the different types of actors.

Q51) How a task supervisor can be contrasted with a Business examiner?

  • A Project Manager is answerable for the structure and achievement of an undertaking for an association while then again, a Business Analyst can tell the business about the different advantages and disadvantages related to the real usage of the equivalent.
  • A Business Analyst can help venture directors in making their results incomparable and free from every one of the mistakes.

Q52) Can a Business Analyst help in the advancement of Training material?

Indeed, a Business Analyst can just help and this is on the grounds that they have a great deal of information about preparing the representatives as they have to draw in themselves more often than not with critical thinking.

Q53) Why taking an interest in the Implementation of anything in business is significant for Business Analyst?

  • The Business Analysts need to chip away at different areas and need to determine the most ideal arrangements against the issues related.
  • Participating in the execution of the undertakings essentially tells them increasingly about their employments.
  • There are in reality a lot of issues that can be seen when the useful usage of any arrangement, errand, technique or business action.
  • The Analyst can give direction in taking care of the issues and can acquire information that can help them later on.

Q54) Would you be able to dissect the budgetary issues a business is confronting?

  • The appropriate response could be yes on the off chance that you are from a money related foundation.
  • Else, you enlighten whatever your insight regarding money related administration and the procedures in the event that you have any information about the equivalent.

Q55) What might be the prime point of Businesses to procure Business Analysts as indicated by you?

  • All things considered, a business examiner is a specialist who by and large attempts to empower the association to improve the nature of items/administrations they are advertising.
  • For the most part, a Business Analyst finds the main driver of the issues a business is confronting and how they can stay away from in the briefest conceivable time.

Q56) Do you figure a Business examiner ought to be occupied with testing and incorporating new arrangements?

  • This is on the grounds that a business investigator has the correct information about the difficulties related to the greater part of the undertakings.
  • Very helpful data can be driven and the testing systems can be made increasingly valuable.
  • Likewise, a business expert can essentially manage an association on what better should be possible in an answer while it is under a test.

Q57) What is the centrality of Process Design?

  • Procedure configuration is something that to a great extent matters in a business intending to investigate every one of the difficulties to locate a viable arrangement.
  • It is a methodology that essentially given them a chance to institutionalize the work processes to a great extent matters.
  • Boosting the equivalent can just lift the quality and organizations can ensure that they can get the ideal result in the briefest conceivable time.

Q58) What as indicated by you is the best system to take care of an issue?

  • It is guaranteed whether a similar issue announced its quality previously or it’s the first run through the business is confronting the test.
  • On the off chance that the issue is new, a nearby eye to be kept on the moves made by different organizations that confronted it as of late.
  • Obviously, this can determine a great deal of helpful data about the most ideal moves that can be made in a truly solid way.
  • The issue ought to totally be an investigation and guaranteed that it wouldn’t change itself in the most limited conceivable time.
  • The counsel from the group additionally generally matters.

Q59) Who is a Business Developer as indicated by you?

  • A Business designer is an expert who endeavors to give the association a chance to recognize their definite needs just as the chances.
  • He/she is additionally liable for choosing the best accessible open doors for the business and taking all the ethical choices related to the equivalent.

Q60) Would you be able to enlighten something concerning the Business Model investigation?

It is fundamentally a methodology that is helpful for empowering the organizations or the specialists to characterize the arrangements jumping an association and the market moves toward that are basic for the business.

Q61) What as indicated by you is the standard of tackling issues that are identified with a business?

  • Nothing matters more than tolerance. One of the basic colloquialisms is Rome was not worked in a day.
  • In this manner, devotion and tolerance likely locate a viable answer for an issue. A business examiner must think about this.

Q62) Do you think IT assumes a significant job in Business Analysis?

  • Obviously, in right now, everything depends on innovation and without the equivalent; it isn’t workable for organizations to get the best out of their speculation.
  • There are a few innovation instruments that are useful in this space and organizations should give close consideration to them and ensure those dealing with investigation errands must approach the equivalent.

Q63) What is the criticalness of detailing in the Business Analysis as per you?

  • Announcing is the base of each move made that can influence business.
  • It just lets the others give close consideration to the realities that should fortify for empowering the organizations to keep up the pace.
  • Since Analysis is an assignment that really means to locate the best answers for the issues a business is genera rating, there is constantly a need to clarify the issues first and their causes.
  • Detailing consistently ensures that organizations can get the best out of their endeavors with the assistance of announcing.

Q64) Do you feel that a Business Analyst ought to have specialized information?

  • The Business Analyst needs to get to a great deal of innovation to discover answers for the issues worried about the business.
  • It isn’t constantly feasible for them to rely upon different assets or representatives for getting to the equivalent.
  • Therefore, they should have great information about the equivalent.
  • On the off chance that a business examiner is from an IT foundation, there is nothing incorrectly to express that imaginative answers for the issues can likewise be guaranteed by the associations.

Q65) Assume you are helping an office in the associations and simultaneously, the issues landed in another office? Okay, leave the present assignment to take care of the issue of the last mentioned?

  • Everything relies upon the idea of the issue, its need and who is associated with the issue.
  • Here and there the office legitimately reports the administration and others manage the generation.
  • Obviously, the two issues and can make disarray for the investigator; it would consistently be useful for the expert to be clear with the needs.

Q66) Will record evaluation be a piece of the business investigation?

  • It is one of the significant pieces of the equivalent.
  • This is on the grounds that the archives are the prime wellspring of data for any expert managing the issue.
  • The best part is recorded can in some cases give data about the moves made when the last time comparative issues have shown up.
  • It tends to be made a decision about whether similar systems work again or they will force a test.

Q67 ) What is a flowchart? Why it is colossal?

  • A Flowchart shows the full-scale stream of the structure through pictures and outlines.
  • It is noteworthy as it makes the structure direct for engineers in like way as nontechnical colleagues.

Q68) Outline the Use Case Model

The utilization case model shows an arrangement of occasions and a flood of activities concerning any methodology performed by an entertainer.

Q69) Do you think Activity Diagram is giant?

As the name embraces, an action configuration is about structure works out. The standard motivation driving the movement plot is to show different occasions occurring in a relationship in various working environments.

Q70) Do you think Activity Diagram is fundamental?

As the name proposes, an improvement chart is about structure works out. The basic clarification behind the action bunch is to show different occasions occurring in a relationship in various work environments.

Q71) What are makes?

Makes is a relationship that is appeared by a spotted line. It is ordinarily used to show discretionary direct which has no self-administering hugeness. Model: Help on “Sign on” enlarges use case “Sign on”

Q72) Unquestionably, what sort of records you have made?

I have dealt with, Functional Specification Documents, Technical Specification Documents, Business Requirements Documents, Use Case Diagram, and so forth.

Q73) Clarify the term INVEST

  • Contribute gathers Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimable, Sized Appropriately, Testable.
  • It can help experience officials and unequivocal assembling in passing on quality things/affiliations.

Q74) What improves, the Waterfall Model or Spiral Model?

  • Everything relies upon the sort and level of the endeavor.
  • An authentic closeness cycle model is picked subordinate upon definitive culture and different conditions to build up the framework.

Q75) What system may you clarify a client-focused course of action approach?

Everything relies upon the end-clients. In such a situation, we build up the structure with a client’s perspective. Who are the end-clients, what they require, and so forth. Personas are huge in this system.

Q76) What cutoff may you depict Personas?

  • Personas are utilized as opposed to veritable clients that help engineers and the specific gathering in rebuking the client lead in various conditions.
  • Personas are social occupations, performed by any entertainer or character.
  • It is gotten from a Latin word specifying “character.”
  • In exhibiting conferring, it keeps an eye out for a social affair of clients/end clients.

Q77) What is a database exchange?

Precisely when we play out any improvement in a database, for example, expansion, withdrawal, change, looking, and so forth is said to be a database exchange.

Q78) Give a full sort of OLTP

  • OLTP addresses On-Line Transaction Processing.
  • Such frameworks are fit for performing database exchanges and are relied on to give remarkable speed to database exchanges.
  • These structures are usually utilized for information area and recovering information from the database.

Q79) What is the Pugh Matrix?

  • Pugh Matrix is utilized to pick about the best and substitute strategies.
  • This system is correct now a standard piece of the Six Sigma structure.
  • It is typically called an issue or structure framework.

Q80) What does FMEA depend on?

  • It proposes Failure Mode and Effects Analysis.
  • It is a disappointment assessment, that is utilized basically in thing improvement, structure sorting out, and practices the board.
  • This assessment is performed to recognize clear dissatisfaction modes and their world in any structure.

Q81) What is an abuse case?

It is a term gotten from the utilization case.Not the scarcest piece like use case, an abuse case is something that shows – what sort of perilous exercises can be performed by an entertainer that may grasp structure disappointment.

Q82) What is SQUARE depend on?

  • SQUARE keeps an eye on Security Quality Requirements Engineering.
  • It is one of the things sorting out moves that basically turn around uncovering the security prerequisites of the structure.

Q83) What is Pareto Analysis?

  • Pareto Analysis is a key development system, for the most part called the 80/20 standard. It is utilized for quality control and imperfection targets.
  • It clarifies a few segments that can be liable for immense issues.
  • It is named as 80/20 standard, considering the path that according to this standard, 80 % of impacts in the structure, emerges from 20 % causes.