Cloud Computing

by GangBoard Admin, April 11, 2017
What is aws ec2 instances

What is AWS EC2 Instances?

AWS EC2 Instances Amazon EC2 is service that provides scalable compute capacity in the cloud. In other words, the EC2 ...
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What is AWS certifications

What is AWS Certifications?

AWS Certifications AWS stands for Amazon Web Services; it is a wide range of cloud computing services provided by Amazon ...
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What is AWS management console

What is AWS Management Console?

AWS Management Console The AWS management console is a graphical user interface that allows you to access the Amazon Web ...
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What is AWS Lambda

What is AWS Lambda?

What is AWS Lambda? AWS Lambda is a cloud computing service offered as a part of the Amazon Web Services ...
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What is AWS API Gateway

What is AWS API Gateway?

What is AWS API Gateway? Amazon Web Services API Gateway is among the wide range of AWS services offered by ...
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What is AWS

What is AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. AWS is a cloud-computing platform developed by the e-commerce giant Amazon.com. With the use ...
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aws interview questions and answer

AWS Interview Questions and Answers

In case you're searching for AWS Interview Questions and answers for Experienced or Freshers, you are at the correct place. There is ...
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why aws is till popular

Why AWS had been so Popular Till Now?

AWS or Amazon Web Services is subsidiary services by Amazon.com which offers on cloud computing platforms on demand. These services ...
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How Will be AWS In Next 5 Years_

How will be AWS in Next Few Years

There is hardly any company out there who plans to have its own public clouds and is not following the ...
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Will OpenStack Ever Rule the cloud computing?

OpenStack launched by Rackspace, NASA and some other around dozen developers. It is an open source project which was designed ...
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