DB2 Interview Questions and Answers

db2 interview questions and answers

In case you’re searching for DB2 Interview Questions and answers for Experienced or Freshers, you are at the correct place. GangBoard offers Advanced DB2 Interview Questions and answers that assist you in splitting your DB2 interview and procure dream vocation as DB2 Developer.

Q1) Why mainframe is call has z os?

Answer: Due to zero down time mainframe is call has z os

Q2) What is the -204 sql error message?

Answer: Table not found

Q3) What is -551 error message?

Answer: Lack of access issue.

Q4) What are the utility in db2?

Answer: Image copy, load, REROG, RUSTAT.

Q5) What is the map _table?

Answer: Map table are user in the reorg to update the access point of the table.

Q6) What is the -805 issue?

Answer: DBRM missing

Q7) What is the 904 issue?

Answer: Resource unavailable

Q8) What Is 910 issue?

Answer: Time out issue

Q9) What is the -905?

Answer: CPU asquint resource limits

Q10) What is the -911?

Answer: Dead lock issue

Q11) What is the -205?

Answer: Column name not found

Q12) What is the -924?

Answer: Db2 connection issue

Q13) What is 818?

Answer: Plan and program time stamp mismatch

Q14) What is -206?

Answer: Column does not there in select

Q15) What is the -207?

Answer: Invalid column name

Q16) What is -209?

Answer: Ambiguous column name

Q17) What is the -209 error message?

Answer: Both sides of the comparison in a SELECT.

Q18) What is the -224?

Answer: FETCH cannot make an INSENSITIVE cursor SENSITIVE.

Q19) What is the -229?

Answer: Statement was not found.

Q20) What error message -257?

Answer: Implicit conversion in datatype is not allowed.

Q21) What is this the error message for -305?

Answer: Null indicator needed.

Q22) What is SQL code -551?

Answer: Dose not have the access for specific id

Q23) What is SQL code -305?

Answer: Null value is not handle null indicator

Q24) What is SQL code -310?

Answer: Decimal value missed

Q25) What is -502?

Answer: Cursor not open

Q26) What is SQL code -503?

Answer: Cursor is already used

Q27) What is SQL code -532?

Answer: Foreign key violation

Q28) What is SQL code -803?

Answer: Duplicate recode found

Q29) What is SQL code -805?

Answer: Plan or package not found

Q30) What is SQL code -818?

Answer: Timestamp mismatch

Q31) What is SQL code -922?

Answer: Authorization failure

Q32) What TCL in db2?


  • Transaction control language
  • Commit
  • Rollback

Q33) What is the access is need for creating the table?

Answer: Admin access

Q34) What DCL?

Answer: Data control langue

Q35) What is sql code -181?

Answer: Bad data format in data and time data type

Q36) What is the -199?

Answer: Illegal use of symbol in query

Q37) What is 206?

Answer: Specification of column not found

Q38) What is the sql code -029?

Answer: Into clause required

Q39) What is the sql code -112?

Answer: An aggregate function is require

Q40) What is the sql code -204?

Answer: Undefined name/table name is not found

Q41) What is the sql code -251?

Answer: Token name is not valid

Q42) What is the jcl?

Answer: Job control language

Q43) What is Tso?

Answer: Time sharing option

Q44) What is ispf?

Answer: Interactive system productivity facility

Q45) Why we use conditional step in jcl?

Answer: Because if previous steps results with correct rc then only next step should execute so we have use conditional parmeter in jcl

Q46) What are the main parameters of jcl?

Answer: Job ,exec, dd

Q47) How much charter hold in job card?

Answer: 8bytes

Q48) What are the statement of job card?


Job name

Job operation

Job parmeter

Q49) What is msglevel?


It is used for printing system information



Q50) What is msgclass

Answer: Jcl message routed

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