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Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

April 2nd, 2019

Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Digital Marketing Manager role is responsible for the promotion of brand awareness and the landscape of digital marketing requires more in-depth knowledge as it is dynamic. For the budding learners who want to execute the innovative ideas and establish the skills like SEO and SEM expert, our Digital Marketing Online Training is the best ground. Driving traffic to the website, promoting the sales lead count and identifying new digital marketing channels are the primary role of the digital marketing executive. The job opportunities with digital marketing are immersed with social awareness as it is used in multiple industries like the health industry, education industry, training industry, retail industry, automobile industry, restaurant industry, entertainment industry, real estate industry, digital marketing industry, and fashion industry.  Here we provide the top ten digital marketing interview questions and answers in liaison with the best practices followed to prepare the learners for the role of Digital marketing executive.

Best Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

In case you’re searching for Digital Marketing Interview Questions and answers for Experienced or Freshers, you are at the correct place. There is parcel of chances from many presumed organizations on the planet. The Digital Marketing advertise is relied upon to develop to more than $5 billion by 2021, from just $180 million, as per Digital Marketing industry gauges. In this way, despite everything you have the chance to push forward in your vocation in Digital Marketing Development. Gangboard offers Advanced Digital Marketing Interview Questions and answers that assist you in splitting your Digital Marketing interview and procure dream vocation as Digital Marketing Analyst.

Do you believe that you have the right stuff to be a section in the advancement of future Digital Marketing, the GangBoard is here to control you to sustain your vocation. Various fortune 1000 organizations around the world are utilizing the innovation of Digital Marketing to meet the necessities of their customers. Digital Marketing is being utilized as a part of numerous businesses. To have a great development in Digital Marketing work, our page furnishes you with nitty-gritty data as Digital Marketing prospective employee meeting questions and answers. Digital Marketing Interview Questions and answers are prepared by 10+ years experienced industry experts. Digital Marketing Interview Questions and answers are very useful to the Fresher or Experienced person who is looking for the new challenging job from the reputed company. Our Digital Marketing Questions and answers are very simple and have more examples for your better understanding.

By this Digital Marketing Interview Questions and answers, many students are got placed in many reputed companies with high package salary. So utilize our Digital Marketing Interview Questions and answers to grow in your career.

Q1) What is SEO?

Answer: SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a technique to increase traffic quality to your website. It is possible through organic search engine results.

Q2) Explain what page and off-page optimization

Answer: Improve pages by choosing websites in the rankings ranking in the search engine rankings. On the page, Optimization is made live on the live web page.
Off-page optimization changes are made to Off-Site. These changes result in positive search engine rankings.

Q3) What is digital marketing?

Answer: Digital marketing online refers to any marketing activity. It points to brand marketing strategies through the Internet. Besides, such techniques include,

  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  • Web Analytics
  • Email Marketing and
  • Content marketing

Q4) What action should be taken if you refuse to accept your advertisement?

Answer: If your advertisement is not denied, analyze the reason for the denial. Solve the problem. After editing the approval status must wait.

Q5) How is digital marketing classified?

Answer: There are two types of digital marketing,
Internal marketing
Selling goods and services through incoming sales practices,

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing),
  • Content Marketing and
  • Branding

It creates awareness about the company and services.
Foreign Marketing
It is a traditional method of marketing. It targets customers. In addition, such activities include,

  • Trade shows
  • Placing ads in a newspaper
  • Radio ads
  • Seminar Series and
  • Cold call

Q6) What to explain the mainstreaming?

Answer: Tag Streaming means the best key selection of the website based on its destination in order to develop traits and organic traps based on analyzes and goals.

Q7) Specify some of the useful digital marketing tools.

Answer: Some of the useful digital marketing tools,

  •  Semrush
  • Google Alert
  • Google Trends
  • Google Analytics
  • Submit Express link reputation
  • Open Site Explorer
  • Key discovery
  • The digital point is the main observer
  • Stumble upon
  • Favicon generator
  • Crazy egg tropics and
  • XML map generator

Q8) What are the areas for using your keywords to improve website rankings?

Answer: For best ranking, you have to place the following keywords:

  • Web site header
  • Meta tag
  • Web site URL
  • Titles and
  • Web page content

Q9) What is Google AdWords?

Answer: Google AdWords is an advertising service. Businesses use it to show ads on Google and its advertising network. It is the world’s most popular PPC advertising system. It provides businesses with a budget for business. Paid by clicking on ads. The advertising service focuses on keywords.
Adwords is the framework that Google has intended to help with advertising item or administrations in Google web search tool and its partnered locales. It will put a content advertisement that shows up when individuals scan for expressions related to your advertising.

Q10) Do you name some Google AdWords advertising extensions?

Answer: Invitations to extensions

  • Call extension
  • Improve extension
  • Structured snippet extension
  • Extension layout
  • Link location extension
  • Application extension

Q11) What is the search for money?

Answer: SEO is a type of paid advertising where the paid search site owners pay a fee displayed on their site top search engine results pages. In the SERPs, payment results are shown when some users enter the search query with those words.

Q12) Define the key point?

Answer: Words are comments and topics that define what your website content is. SEO, those search engines enter words and phrases, also called “search queries”. It refers to the keyword or phrases in a web page, the key point.

Q13) Want to define side SEO?

Answer: On-line SEO is practiced to gain high rankings for specific web pages and to obtain more relevant traffic in search engines. It refers to both a web page content and HTML source code that can be optimized, against off-page SEO, which links links and other external signals.

Q14) Define Off-Off SEO?

Answer: Off-offs marks techniques that can be used to improve the position of a website in the SERPs. This is related to advertising activities such as social media outside of the borders of any web page to increase the search website and its search ranking.

Q15) What is the long tail

Answer: A long-term word is a keyword phrase or phrases containing 4+ words that make the search results (SERPs) more specific. For example: long-tail keywords contain 4+ words. Long-tail keywords get low search traffic, but it is easy to rank compared to the single word key.

Q16)  Explain how Adwords work?

Answer: Adwords deal with offering framework if the offering cost is higher your promotion will show up over the Google page. Adwords deals with pay per click" that implies you possibly pay the sum you have offered on the off chance that somebody taps on your advertisement because of a web seek.

Q17) Explain for what reason to utilize Google Adwords?

Answer: Google Adwords carry on distinctively to traffic that originates from Google Adwords or Pay Per Click".
The traffic that comes through surfing frequently visits the site for data, though the traffic by means of pay per snap comprehends what they are tapping on and what they need to purchase. So couple of guests through Adwords may be more important than million guests.

Q18) Explain what is Ad rank?

Answer: Promotion rank decides your advertisement position on Google page, and it is controlled by your offer for that watchword and quality score.

Q19) Explain how does Ad rank affects Cost-Per-Click?

Answer: Promotion rank assumes a colossal job in characterizing the real expense per-click that your rivals pay, when somebody taps on their advertisements. Your CPC can be determined by following way Your Price = The promotion rank of the individual underneath you/your quality score + $0.01.

Q20) Explain how does a Google closeout work?

Answer: Every month sale gets run billions of times, and the outcome are with the end goal that clients discover advertisements that are significant to what they are searching for. The web index forms the solicitation and runs the sale that decides the promotion positions and every publicist CPC.

Q21) Explain what gets went into a Google Account?

Answer: When the publicists decide the watchwords that they need to offer on, Google will enter a catchphrase from your record which is most related into the bartering with the greatest offer indicated just as the related advertisement.

Q22) Explain what is Google Quality Score?

Answer: Google’s quality score decides how valuable and applicable your promotion is to the client, in light of on your advertisement’s CTR, nature of your greeting page and catchphrase importance. Higher quality score catchphrases will set aside your cash and acquire better advertisement positioning.

Q23) Explain what is a promotion bunch in Google Adwords?

Answer: Promotion gathering is a holder of your watchwords, commercials, and greeting pages. Google rewards publicists who get ready Adword battles with firmly organized advertisement gatherings. Its not fitting to incorporate every one of your catchphrases into the single advertisement gathering, however to compose watchwords into topics.

Q24) Explain what is transformation analyzer in Adwords?

Answer: Change Optimizer is an instrument utilized by Google Adwords for offer control and chooses which taps on the promotion will be profitable. It can assist you with returning most extreme on your speculation.

Q25) Mention a portion of the Google Adword Ad Extensions?

Answer: Diverse advertisement augmentation can improve the expansion in rush hour gridlock. A portion of the basic Ad augmentations utilized in AdWords are

  • Sitelinks
  • Call Extensions
  • Location Extensions
  • Social Annotations
  • Seller evaluations
  • Mobile application expansions
  • Offer advertisements
  • Communication Ad
  • Review expansion
  • Image and drop down route Ad expansion

Q26) Mention in google Adwords that alternatives can't be changed in the wake of making a record?

Answer: In the wake of making account Currency and Time Zone, can't be changed.

Q27) Explain how you can improve transformation rates?

Answer: By making promotions that match appropriately with watchwords and make firmly themed advertisement gatherings, you can target clients to the battle that aides in changes.

Q28) Mention what is the point of confinement set for the number of characters for Adwords promotion?

Answer: Breaking point for Adword is

  • Description line first : 25 characters
  • Description line second: 35 characters
  • Destination URL: 1024 characters

No pictures are permitted in the URL.

Q29) Explain what is the significance of CTR and how you can figure?

Answer: CTR represents Click through rate that tells the quantity of guests visited on your promotion on the website page. The equation for ascertaining CTR is Number of snap/Number of impressions X 100 . These will give you an answer in rate like what level of clients have seen your advertisement.

Q30) Mention what are the sort of Keywords?

Answer: There are no particular kinds for Keywords anyway they are characterized based on how likely will be clicked by guests

  • Research Keywords: It will, in general, contain a couple of words – Tea
  • Consideration: It will, in general, contain a few words – Green Tea
  • Purchase: It must have multiple words – purchase free green tea
  • Loyalty: This must be shorter-Starbucks

Q31) Explain what is Google Ad API?

Answer: Google Ad API is intended for speaking to enormous, technically knowledgeable sponsors and outsiders. It permits designers assemble an application that straightforwardly connects with Google Adwords server.

Q32) Mention what all things should be possible utilizing Google Ad API?

Answer: With Google Ad API, you can fabricate an application that can do the following things

  • You can consequently create catchphrases, advertisement content, custom reports and points of arrival.
  • Develop extra applications and devices to enable you to oversee accounts.
  • Synchronize Adwords information with your stock framework to oversee battles dependent on stock.

Q33) Explain how you can follow changes in Google Adwords?

Answer: In Google Adwords, change following should be possible in following ways

  • Tracking buys by including essential following code furnished by Adwords and altering it with extra code exceptional to your specific internet business stage.
  • View-through change window alternatives tracks when an individual sees your promotion yet does not click it (impression).
  • By empowering your promotion pivot setting to enhance for snaps, implying that Adwords will serve the advertisements it feels are probably going to be clicked.
  • By getting to inquiry channels inside devices and examination, you can likewise know when clients tapped on your advertisement out of the blue and how regularly they saw your promotion before changing over.

Q34) Explain what are the other two alternatives for offering other than C-P-C?

Answer: Other than CPC the other two choices are

  • CPM (Cost per Impression (Thousand)) and
  • CPA ( Cost Per Acquisition ).

Q35) what are the key components of getting great position on an internet searcher as indicated by you?

Answer: There are sure things quite which the site rank depends to a great extent. A not many which are significant are recorded underneath.

  • The web architecture ought not to be intricate.
  • The in general time to stack the highlights ought not to be excessively high.
  • The site shouldn't have duplicated content.
  • There ought to be pertinent catchphrases with unmistakable recurrence in the substance.

Likewise, the substance ought to be web crawler agreeable

  • There ought to be no bugs in the site.
  • The WebPages ought to be encircled in a mannered grouping.
  • The site must pursue all planning and creating calculations.

Q36) What precisely SEO is and how it is valuable for a cutting edge business as indicated by you?

Answer: Website design enhancement represents Search Engine Optimization. It is fundamentally a methodology or a mix of endeavors that are made to improve the perceivability of a site on a web crawler. The rationale is straightforward and straight and for example sites at the top page on the web crawler has more traffic than those with low positioning and endeavors are made to accomplish this objective.
Current pay purchasers and clients of an administration regularly incline toward web with regards to getting them. Also, web dependably remains the primary inclination on the off chance that they have to get to the data with respect to a business. Sites can pull in the web clients and can just change them into steadfast customers. In this way SEO is a decent choice to be considered.

Q37) What do you mean by the term Web streamlining?

Answer: In right now, there are billions of sites on the web. To keep them in full working positions, they have to refreshed and kept up appropriately. The way toward rolling out arbitrary improvements, for example, including new highlights, evacuating the old ones, posting new substance, changing subjects or appearances, making more ads as is considered as Web Optimization. It has a ton to manage the coding or creating. Web Optimization is accomplished for the improvement of a particular site or a website page.

Q38) On what components does timespan required to improve a site rank relies upon?

Answer: It relies upon a few highlights however there are a not many that are generally in charge of this and they are:
The general number of WebPages on a website, with more pages, the time taken is in every case more
Regardless of whether the site contain any negative substance and accepting the equivalent

  • The techniques received for SEO
  • The aptitudes of the SEO proficient

Q39) What is Webpage SEO? How it is not quite the same as a Web SEO?

Answer: Site page SEO is only trying endeavors to improve the position of a particular site page on the internet searcher where as Web SEO is the way toward boosting the position of whole site on a web index. For the most part, the last is perplexing and tedious as contrast with the Webpage SEO.

Q40) Is it conceivable to upgrade a site on internet searcher in one day?

Answer: All things considered, one of the basic expressions is "Rome was not worked in multi day". Website design enhancement is an unpredictable terms and needs a great deal of variables to be focused on. Truth be told, it needs more examination than the endeavors one have to make. Consequently, improvement of a site is beyond the realm of imagination in one day. It requires investment relying upon a great deal of elements.

Q41) What is Latent Semantic Indexing?

Answer: It is turning into a decent methodology in SEO. All things considered, it’s a methodology with the assistance of which the clients can essentially ensure extensible outcomes in every one of the ventures they made. It empowers clients to get the outcomes that intently coordinate with the catchphrase utilized by them.

Q42) Can Blog advancement give comparable outcomes as a Web SEO?

Answer: Despite the fact that, the objective of both these methodologies is same and both are distinctive in numerous viewpoints. A business can’t have comparative outcome from blog SEO as contrast with what can be driven from Web SEO.

Q43) What do you mean by the term internet traffic?

Answer: Web traffic is the careful or gauge figure the quantity of individuals which open, get to highlights, make record or visit a site in a particular time allotment. Sites with more traffic are regularly considered as best ones.

Q44) What are the different methods for producing traffic on a site?

Answer: Traffic can be improved on any site through various methodologies and few of them are spotlighted beneath.

  • By partaking in appropriating SEO crusades
  • Updating the site content as for time
  • Advertisement postings
  • By considering Google Ad words
  • Adding new highlights on the siteBy occupying the traffic from different destinations

Q45) Can you pay a Search motor to support your site rank?

Answer: No, web indexes don’t set a web rank through installments. Indeed, they have some well-Characterized
calculations which clients can pursue and the individuals who do as such successfully can accomplish great positions of their sites. Web crawlers don’t charge for boosting a site rank.

Q46) Is it conceivable to receive various methodologies for SEO in the meantime?

Answer: Indeed, the equivalent is conceivable. Truth be told, as well as can be expected be gotten just when the clients think about various methodologies and doesn’t simply depend on one. There are different strategies accessible and they have no effect on one another when every one of them are considered all the while.

Q47) Rather than improving the web index results, what are different advantages that SEO can offer  to web proprietors?

Answer: There are sure immediate, aberrant and concealed advantages the web proprietors can essentially ensure without considering whatever else. It is conceivable to improve the general nature of a site in the event that they are made easy to use which is conceivable through SEO. The site can be made simple to explore through SEO.
It transferring velocity can be supported. Likewise, SEO can help making sites mainstream and accordingly the individuals who post ads on their sites can create more incomes. In addition the general ease of use of a site can be improved upto an extraordinary degree.

Q48) What do you mean by the term link building

Answer: It is making the connection of a site on another site either by shared joint effort between two of them or by a paid advancement. Backlinks or linkbuilding can redirect traffic and can upgrade in the advancement of a site. Backlinks are incredible and can create a great deal of clients notwithstanding for a recently presented site.

Q49) what is the hugeness of Keywords in Search Engine Optimization?

Answer: Catchphrases are the single words which are written in a particular volume in the prime substance of a site. By and large, they are chosen dependent on what precisely a web index bug will compose on the scan bar while searching for what the site needs to give them. They are for the most part put away by the web indexes on their databases and the outcomes are given dependent on which site has important match with them.

Q50) what is interface reviewing in SEO?

Answer: It is fundamentally a methodology that basically given clients to cross a chance to confirm the connections made are working viably or not. Connection inspecting is done after a particular timespan. In view of the outcomes offered by it, the connections can be expelled, added or adjusted to get the great outcomes.

Q51) Can online life destinations are sufficient to be focused for a SEO approach

Answer: Truly, it is really a decent choice to focus on these sites. This is on the grounds that the web based life stages nowadays have an enormous number of clients dynamic on them constantly. They can without much of a stretch be occupied to any site through commercials. Web based life locales likewise enable organizations to make an official page where the correct data can be passed on to the clients and they can legitimately be changed over into customers.

Q52) What is in the vicinity and Off-site SEO?

Answer: On location SEO is the arrangement of guidelines and conventions that a web proprietor need to apply on the site to get the ideal results. On the opposite side the Off-page SEO is about advancement of a site and composing content.

Q53) What do you mean by the term Keyword Stemming and how it is useful for SEO?

Answer: It is essentially a strategy that is embraced by the web proprietors nowadays to get great positions on web crawler. Essentially, it is characterized as the strategy for finding the crisp watchwords from the ones that as of now exists. For the most part, the current ones are included with a prefix or a postfix for getting another one. With new catchphrases, clearly new clients can be produced effectively.

Q54) Why SEO is Important for new sites?

Answer: New or as of late refreshed sites normally pull in more clients and help marinating the enthusiasm of customary guests. It even aides in boosting a site rank on a web crawler. Truth be told, it is one of the key standards of SEO.

Q55) What are the kinds of Metatags in Search Engine Optimization?

Answer: They are of following four sorts

  • Description having an utmost of around 1200 pixels
  • Meta Roots
  • Meta Key labels
  • Title labels

Q56) What do you think about the Google Sandbox?

Answer: It is fundamentally an incredible area where the data about SEO techniques chosen by the site alongside the other data is for the most part put away. The equivalent gets put away briefly until the site satisfies the guidelines forced by the web indexes.

Q57) What is the contrast between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO?

Answer: Website optimization has turned into a noteworthy, a huge and a difficult methodology in the present situation. Not all the businesses can infer great outcomes if no consideration is paid on the center calculations and elements related. This causes them to embrace techniques that are not permitted by the web search tools. As such, Black Hat SEO is against the internet searcher rules.

Q58) What job does the substance play in successful Search Engine Optimization?

Answer: Substance is one of the real components of any SEP approach. Truth be told, it's only the substance that basically contributes in improving a site rank on web crawlers. Substance is composed by following different techniques and the equivalent can offer clients all that they need.

Q59) What do you mean by the term aggressive Analysis?

Answer: It is essentially a methodology of contrasting a site and the equivalent in the same classification having top outcomes on an internet searcher. This is done to comprehend and investigate the variables that can help in web streamlining on a web crawler. A ton of components is to be considered and accordingly it can require investment to get the ideal outcomes.

Q60) what is the centrality of the Title tag in the SEO?

Answer: Through it the internet searcher let clients realized what sort of data they can have on a particular site.

Q61) what do you think about the Search Engine Marketing?

Answer: It is fundamentally a methodology that empowers web proprietors to get the best out of the paid advancements they made on different sites and online journals. It is frequently mistaken for SEO. Its prime point is to upgrade the general permeability of a site on the web.

Q62) In the appearance position of an internet searcher, do you feel that a program has any task to carry out?

Answer: This is one of the main misguided judgments among the clients. A significant number of them imagine that the web rank is influenced by the program. In any case, this isn’t the situation really. The internet browser has nothing to manage the position of a site on the web index. A program may transfer the information quick however it can’t influence the specific position of a site on web crawler results.

Q63) What do you know about Digital Marketing? Why do we prefer digital marketing instead of traditional?

Answer: Digital Marketing is one of the leading fields, using this we can easily market our products, services and reach an audience through the internet at any time and any location. Various Techniques involved in digital Marketing,

  •   SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  •   SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  •   SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  •   SMO (Social Media Optimization)
  •   Email Marketing
  •   Content Marketing

Q64) What is mean by Google AdWords?

Answer: Google AdWords is an advertising platform, where advertisers can display their Ads in Google’s search result pages. The entire service works under PPC (Pay Per Click) model, whenever the user clicks on the Ad the publisher gets their pay.

Q65) How do you select your keywords? And list the type of keywords?

Answer: Keywords will be selected using the keywords planner tool based on monthly search volume and CPC (Cost Per Click) rate.
Types of Keywords:
Broad, Exact, Phrase and Broad match modifier

Q66) What is mean by negative keywords?

Answer: Whenever the user searches something in the google search bar, the ad trigger will not open for the match.

Q67) What is the best bidding strategy? Why do you prefer it?

Answer: I prefer a Manual bidding strategy because I can control my daily budget to avoid over delivery.

Q68) What are the SEO tools you know other than keyword planner?


  • SEM rush
  • Google search console
  • Google analytics
  • Bing webmaster tools.

Q69) What are the types of SEO?


  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization.

Q70) What is the formula of CPC?

Answer: CPC = Cost/No. of Clicks.

Q71) What are the best ways to optimize your campaigns towards clicks/leads?


  • Landing page optimization
  • Accessible URL page
  • Group the Keywords with high CPC rate
  • Use Ad extensions
  • Target user-based Geo’s
  • Negative keywords
  • Create multiple Ad groups (A/B Testing)
  • Track the conversions and retarget the audience

Q72) What is mean by Ad rank and its formula?

Answer: Ad rank will be calculated based on the quality score, landing page experience, Ad relevance and expected CTR (Click Through Rate)
Formula = Bid CPC x Quality score

Q73) What is a policy for publisher pay-out in digital marketing?

Answer: The pay-out will be based on the second auction bidding.
First auction price = 5$
Second auction price = 4$
Publisher pay-out = 4$ + 0.01$ = 4.01$

Q74) What are the types of extensions?


  • Promotion extension
  • App extension
  • Call extension
  • Site link extension
  • Message extension
  • Structured snippet
  • Call-out extension
  • Affiliated location extension
  • Price extension

Q75) Difference between SEO and SEM?

Answer: SEM is way of marketing product in search engine result pages. SEO is a technology that is used to improve your page quality and to show your Ad in highest Ad rank position.

Q76) What is google analytics?

Answer: Google Analytics is used to track user experience and interactions on your websites. You can link it to your campaign to increase leads and conversions.

Q77) Which platform do you prefer to put the Job-related advertisement? Why?

Answer: Prefer LinkedIn.
Because LinkedIn will be accessed by the professional people and job seekers. So that your advertisement will reach the required audience.

Q78) What were the Goals of Digital Marketing?

Answer: Similar to Marketing, nothing different but this is traceable; you could track performance and origin of goal accomplishment that is exclusive to Digital Marketing.
Common Goals were –

  • Search Engine Ranking
  • Visitor Traffic
  • Branding
  • Lead Generation
  • Downloads
  • Product Sales

Q79) What are the popular mediums in Digital Marketing?

Answer: Mediums are divided into two – Organic and Paid
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
SMO – Social Media Optimization
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Whatsapp Marketing
SMS Marketing
SEM – Search Engine Marketing
SMM – Social Media Marketing
Display Advertising
Influencer Marketing
Affiliate/Referral Marketing

Q80) What is the difference between Organic and Paid?

Answer: Organic is naturally building your base from scratch purely on merit without special treatment.
Investment is done with processes and brains, unlike Paid.
Paid is advertising rather than Marketing. You pay to accomplish your goals in no time, instant.

Q81) What are SEO, SMO etc in Organic Medium?

Answer: SEO is Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Engines are what we use daily often to search anything about;
  • The biggest search engine is Google.
  • Others are Bing, Yandex in Russia, Baidu in China etc.
  • Even every big webistes have a search function.
  • Amazon has it; Facebook, Justdial, everthing! Expanding.

SMO as said, is Social Media Optimization.

  • With SEO we majorly focus on Google.
  • With SMO, it is about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.
  • Getting more page likes, followers could be goals of your FB page in SMO.
  • Getting #1 ranking for your service among the competition on Google would be your goal in SEO.
  • Higher the position you get on Google, higher the website traffic(visits/visitors) you get.

For example, ranking at top for search query “women’s hostel in chennai” on Google woul get you more leads if you run a hostel in Chennai.

Q82) How to do SEO?

Answer: SEO is of ON page and OFF page SEO.

  • Currently is being done primarily for websites.
  • On Page is optimizing your website as per SEO/Google guidelines without any fault.
  • Making it easily understandable for Google and so it’s customers, our clients.

Off Page SEO is promoting your website on Internet.

  • The more the popularity the more you are popular
  • A website’s popularity is judged by Google on it’s quality backlinks in high quantity.

Q83) What are Backlinks?

Answer: Backlinks are having your links around the internet on other popular websites.
If a website like Dinamalar writes an article on your business with a link pointing to your website, it is called backlink.
But that doesn’t happen for all, so if you write an article on Dinamalar with a link about your business and it’s idea, its called backlink building.
You build backlinks to your website from high-quality websites to build authority and gain popularity.

Q84) Is there any other mode to build Backlinks?


  • Business Listings – on Justdial, Sulekha, etc.
  • Product Listing – on Software Suggest if software, 99 acres if Real estate property, etc.
  • Forums – Participation in Q & A where you could respond like Quora, Yahoo etc.
  • Classifieds – Ads on of course Real Estate portals, OLX, etc.
  • Content Marketing – Guest Blogging (publishing articles on other websites as a guest author)
  • Broken Link building of Competitors


Q85) What is Broken Link Building?


  • It is done alongside competitor analysis.
  • It is finding broken backlinks of competitors and replacing ours with a request to the backlink source.
  • Done with tools like screaming frog.

Q86) What are all the tools used in Digital Marketing?

For OFF Page SEO like Competitor’s backlink or Ad copy analysis:

  • Ahrefs
  • SEMRush
  • Mo OSE etc.

Google Advertising is done via Google Ads
Facebook, Twitter etc via corresponding platforms
You can measure your website performance via

  • Google Search Console – Your website’s technical performance
  • Google Analytics – Visitor’s behavior and website performance to it

For On-Page SEO Audit, there are tools like

  • SEO Site Checkup
  • Woorank
  • Ahrefs etc.

But it is wise to do it manually.

Q87) What needs to be done in On Page SEO?

There are certain factors that your website needs to meet to be SEO friendly called On Page SEO

  • Unique content
  • Keyword research and Meta Tags Optimization
  • URL Optimization
  • Canonicalization
  • Image Optimization
  • H Tags Optimization
  • Sitemap and Robots.txt
  • JS and CSS Optimization
  • Load Time Optimization
  • Device Responsive Optimization (Mobile, Tablet Desktop)
  • Schema Implementation


Q88) How is advertising done in SEM?

SEM as mostly relies on Google Ads has ranges such as

  • Search Network – Ads on Google search engine above organic results
  • Display Network – Banner Ads, Video Ads on websites affiliated to Google Network
  • Google Shopping – Product ads mainly for e-commerce sites on Google Search Engine, as an alternative to Search Ads
  • Youtube Ads – Video Ads on Youtube and websites part of the Display network
  • Gmail Ads – Sponsored/Promotional email to Gmail users

Q89) What is your take on Social Media?

Social Media presence depends upon your audience!
The audience are of B2B and B2C.
In terms of B2C,
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter helps you grow your business organically and in terms of advertising.
In terms of B2B
LinkedIn, Slideshare is more important and Facebook & Twitter are equally important as well.
If you are a local business, it is important to have a Google business listing that pins your location on Google Maps.
More the reviews and ratings, better your reach will be.

Q90) So, what are the Ad modes in SMM?

It all depends on your objective, whether it is,

  • Lead Generation (FB, LinkedIn)
  • Branding (FB)
  • Page Likes (FB)
  • Account Followers (Twitter)
  • App Installs etc.

Ad types are of

  • Boost Post
  • Carousel (Product Ads)
  • Collection
  • Lead Generation
  • Twitter Cards
  • In-mail (LinkedIn)

Retargeting/Remarketing is available on all platforms including Google Ads where, as the name implies, you retarget/remarket to your site visitors/customers/audience.
It could be done across platforms if interlinked, including Email marketing or SMS or Whatsapp if you got a good CRM.

Q91) What is inbound marketing?

Answer: It means you can use social media, e-books, webinars, newsletters etc. and help the customer get more knowledge about company and products of the company.

Q92) What is outbound marketing?

Answer: It means you are trying to reach out to your customers using various digital platforms viz. calls, ads on your products, email etc.

Q93) How is a keyword important in SEO?

Answer: SEO deals with organic search results on web engines. It is used to increase traffic through search engines. When a user needs to find something on web, they use some keywords. If you use the right keywords, it can help rank your website and user can find it easily.

Q94) How many types of optimization is there?

Answer: There are two types,

  • on-page where content and structure of the site is managed directly and
  • off-page, where external links pointing to site are fetched to optimize ranking.

Q95) How many SEO practices are there?

Answer: These are of two types. White hat and black hat.

  • In white hat, importance is given to Google’s guidelines. It includes publishing content of high quality, optimizing HTML and website restructuring.
  • In black hat, guidelines are not very important. It tries to find the weak points in Google algorithm to get higher ranking. It also includes spams, hidden links etc.

Q96) Which is more preferred: online or offline marketing?

Answer: Online marketing is preferred more than offline because it has its benefits. It comes with many platforms such as hosting, SEO and web development.
It allows one to interact with many individuals online. Also, with technology advancement, people are less drawn to offline media like newspaper etc.

Q97) Explain the term keyword streaming?

Answer: It means to analyse keywords with relevance and use the best one based on the target audience. It helps in generation of organic traffic.

Q98) Explain the term backlink and bad link?

Answer: Bad links are the links that are not associated with your website. They are paid links.
Backlink represents incoming links. It is generated when a webpage is linked to another page.

Q99) What is the use of backlink?

Answer: If a page has many backlinks, it will usually be ranked higher in SEO.

Q100) Where is keyword optimization used?

Answer: Keyword optimization is used in the website title, URL, headings, meta tag, content of web page.

Q101) Explain Google AdWords?

Answer: It is an advertising program by Google. It helps you to create ads on the products you offer. For every click by the visitor on your ad, you are charged some amount of money. It works with PPC.

Q102) Explain competitive analysis?

Answer: Competitive analysis refers to identification of competitors and evaluation of the approaches they are using, finding their strong and weak points. Based on this analysis, you can decide on your USP and how to attract target audience.

Q103) How can digital marketing be promoted?

Answer: Digital marketing can be promoted using SEO, E-commerce, SEM, content marketing, social media, and email marketing.

Q104) What are different channels for digital marketing?

Answer: These are email, social media, online PR, affiliate marketing, display marketing, social networking etc.

Q105) Can you draw traffic to your website?

Answer: Using the quality SEO techniques, you can draw traffic to a website. Once your brand is recognized you can start posting quality content to engage the traffic and attract more of it.

Q106) Explain the term responsive website?

Answer: A responsive website is one that can adjust the layout depending on the device it is used in. if someone opens a website on a mobile phone, it will look different from when it is opened on desktop.

Q107) Name some tools used in digital marketing?


  • Keyword discover
  • Alexa ranking
  • Rank watch
  • Moz
  • StumbleUpon
  • Google Analytics etc.

Q108) What are some restrictions on online marketing?


  • Product shown is intangible, thus customer can’t touch and see if it is perfect or not.
  • Authentication and quality of a product cannot be confirmed completely.
  • Product in real life might be different from what is shown on the screen.

Q109) Is branding the same as direct marketing?

Answer: They both are different.
Branding works with applications with maximum audience reach. E.g. YouTube ads etc.
Direct marketing works with establishing interactions with a target audience. E.g. using shopping ads etc.

Q110) What is AdWords Remarketing?

Answer: This remarketing method is used at times when visitors didn’t really purchase anything after the visit.

Q111) Is certification in digital marketing beneficial?

Answer: This certification helps to get professional level for the opportunities in this field. It helps to gain mastery over skills and knowledge of digital marketing.

Q112) Are there any tools for lead generation?

Answer: Various tools used for the same are

  • Hubspot
  • Constant Contact
  • Anygrowth
  • LeadFuze etc.

Q113) Which is important: followers or engagement numbers?

Answer: Followers are important but after that only engagement keeps them interesting in the content you provide.

Q114) What are different types of digital marketing?

Answer: There are two types, inbound and outbound marketing.

Q115) How can conversion rates be improved?

Answer: They can be improved by testing various elements of a website. They need to be tested on the landing page. Testing style, layout, and functionality on the landing page is great way to improve.

Q116) Can you name some ad extensions for Google AdWords?

Answer: These are

  • Call and promote extensions
  • Callout and app extensions
  • Sitelink and structured snippet
  • Affiliate location etc.

Q117) What are the traits of the PPC landing page?


  •  Trust symbols
  • Powerful headline
  • A call to action
  • Images with context
  • Listing the advantages can be helpful here.

Q118) How can you circumvent the Google penalty?

Answer: It can be avoided if your site is mobile-friendly, user-friendly and the content is plagiarism free with smart keywords.

Q119) How many bidding options are there?

Answer: There are main three of them, CPC, CPI, and CPA.
These are Cost (c) Per (P) Click, Impression, Action.

Q120) Are there any limitations on Ad characters in AdWords?

Answer: Yes. They should not be more than 30 characters and description should not be more than 90 characters.

Q121) What is the best approach for PPC campaign?


  • Use more keywords related to PPC
  • For better CTR use segmented ads
  • Avoid PPC keywords that are not performing
  • Refine the landing page etc.

Q122) What is the importance of audience engagement?

Answer: If you have number of followers but there are no sales, it will not boost the business. For a business to actually reach heights, there should be proper audience engagement, add value through your products so that they can buy it and trust the services.

Q123) How can you measure the success of search campaigns?

Answer: It can be done using metrics like

  • CTR
  • CPC
  • Wasted spend
  • Quality score
  • Conversion rate etc.

Q124) What is the use of Twitter in the development of the business?

Answer: With the use of trending hashtags, you can drive enormous number of users to your site from Twitter.

Q125) What constitutes a good marketing email?


  • It should have a captivating subject line
  • Language should be actionable
  • Clients should be made aware of the benefits of the product with brief information about it.

Q126) Name some of the indicators for social media reporting?


  • Engagement
  • Reach
  • Leads
  • Likes
  • Conversions
  • Shares
  • Traffic data
  • Brand mentioning etc.

Q127) What is Google My Business?

Answer: It is a service by Google. If your business has improved visibility it is listed on Google search engine. It will need updating and adding more business information, business photos, interaction with clients and timely response to Google reviews.

Q128) Explain Google Trends?

Answer: This service by Google, analyses the keyword popularity in a specific area in a specific time frame. It helps to understand the user behavior with real-time data search.

Q129) How can CTR be increased?

Answer: You can use a CTA button for the same. You can use ‘Click Here’, ‘Shop’, ‘Know more’ tabs.

Q130) What are the properties of attractive CTA?


  • CTA or call to action button should be upfront and visible.
  • It should create urgency.
  • Always talk with first-person sentences.
  • It should be sweet, nice and brief.

Q131) Will you use G+ in marketing?

Answer: It has not worked for business so far. Thus there are no recommendations for it in the marketing area.

Q132) What is AMP?

Answer: AMP or accelerated mobile pages is a way to create compelling web pages. It is an open-source library that makes it convenient for marketers and publishers to generate web pages that are mobile-friendly.

Q133) What is anchor tag?

Answer: It is used in SEO as an important feature. It makes clickable text with a hyperlink. It is used to generate a link with applicable text on a blog or webpage. It is also called backlink.

Q134) What techniques are used in black hat SEO?

Answer: Methods like cloaking, link farming, keyword stuffing, hidden text, doorway page etc. are methods in black hat SEO.

Q135) Explain the term webmaster tool?

Answer: It is a service by Google. It is used for data indexing. It is a free service. It is used to notify crawl errors. It also gives you information about backlinks and searches queries.

Q136) Explain the term Spider?

Answer: These programs are used to index websites. They follow hyperlinks. They get the meta-information for the database of search engines. It helps search engines to find the relevancy level of search.

Q137) Name a few PPC tools?


  • Optimizely
  • Adwords Editor
  • SEMrush
  • Unbounce
  • Adwords Wrapper

Q138) Explain the term cloaking?

Answer: It is used in black hat SEO. It is used for creation of two pages of different kinds and the search engine spider is presented with page content.

Q139) What is 301 redirect?

Answer: It is used to report the search engine and web browser that the site or web page has been moved to different location.