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Full Stack Vs Mean Stack

Full Stack Vs Mean Stack

April 15th, 2019

Full Stack Vs Mean Stack

The term Full Stack is related to the developer who develops the server software for both client and server. The Mean Stack, on the other hand, is a framework of JavaScript. The mean stack is used for the development of the website.

Why Full Stack?

Full stack developers are used for different reasons. The full stack developers are important because the modern data setup has turned completely digitized and there is a need for such developers in various designations. A full stack developer is all time open towards the technologies of the open source and they can implement their knowledge in their job.
Two things that the full stack developers can deal with are Front-end and Back end development. They are also responsible for the designing of the website. The development technique implementation of different websites comes into the job role of the full stack developers. All the full stack developers must be aware of certain functions related to the websites. They are atomization, deployment, application, and optimization.
The development of the full stack is BFS. A developer of the full stack needs to know the operation procedure of the website development and ensure that it works completely and continuously. There are diverse fields where the full stack developers might need to excel their knowledge. They need to know everything in terms of the application of the web. Top order skills are always an expectation from the full stack developers.
Job openings are rich for the developers as leading companies nowadays need website developers mainly. Moreover, one knowing the full stack development module can work in different designations in the company. They are developers and engineers for the software, admin and data analysts, operations engineers, etc. Some companies might also exclusively hire the front end and back end, developers. These job opportunities are there for the developers because more companies are rapidly coming into the market.

Why Mean Stack?

Mean stack is something completely different from the full stack. It is an acronym of a web framework. The core components related to mean stack are Express.JS, AngularJS, NodeJS and MongoDB. There are a few outstanding advantages that one can enjoy while developing an app by the mean stack. The Mean stack gives the app developer with the convenience of code transfer to other frameworks.
Thus, the procedure of app development can be done at a higher pace. Flexibility is the other thing that can be done in case of the app development by the mean stack. Testing procedures and introduction can be done easily while the usage of the mean stack JavaScript. A developer can lucidly add the information in by adding the form in the developing field. Cost-effectiveness is another major thing that is to be considered in case of using the mean stack. A company can easily hire fewer developers in case of working with the mean stack.
Moreover, the developers who work with this stack needs to know only JavaScript. Unlike the LAMP stack, it needs less knowledge as a developer must be an expert of JavaScript, MySQL, and PHP to work with the LAMP stack. One can expect high reusability because the NodeJS is un-blocking in nature. One can also get access to outstanding maintenance as the AngularJS makes the way for it. Domain-specific language can be used for working with the Mean stack. Thus, a fully technical working procedure can be ensured.
One of the main components of the Mean stack, MongoDB gives the developer a chance to exploit the cloud functionalities. Thus, the disk space cost becomes much lesser in case of the application development. Nowadays, most companies are working with the Mean Stack as it provides widespread conveniences in case of website and application development.

Difference Between Full Stack and Mean Stack

Full Stack Mean Stack

Full Stack is not an acronym of any web presence. It relates to the developer.

Mean Stack is an acronym for the web presentation. It is used in application development mainly.

Full stack developers can be very beneficial for the company as they can deal with both front end and back end development.

Mean Stack can be the best for a company as it provides multiple benefits to the app developing company.

There is a number of job opportunities for the Full stack developers.

The developers can use multiple aspects of the JavaScript of Mean Stack.

Full Stack developers need to do the BFS study.

Mean Stack development incorporates the BFS study.

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