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Identifiers in Python

Identifiers in Python

May 17th, 2019

Identifiers in Python

1. Identifiers are called set of protocol to be followed while deriving any functionality in python on creating variable, classes and function.
2. Identifiers can be in smaller cases
               myinput = “dhoni”
3. Identifiers can be in upper cases along with underscores.
               My_Input = “dhoni”


1. Identifiers should not start with numbers whereas we can have numbers at the end
12myinput = “dhoni” à (Wrong)
                       Myinput12 = “dhoni” à (Correct)
2. No special characters is allowed while declaring the variables such as (@, #, $ !)
Note : Writing meaningful variable or class name is most followed technique.
Cname = “Dhoni” à (Eventhough it is correct, it is not appropriate way to write)
Customer_Name = “Dhoni” à (It is the proper way to declare the variables or class or functions)