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Informatica is better used as an ETL tool over Teradata

Informatica is better used as an ETL tool over Teradata

November 8th, 2016

When looking forward to managing databases the definition of ETL has three functions, which are different. They stand for Extract, Transform And Load. As a combination ETL becomes a programming tool to obtain temporary data subsets for reporting along with collecting data of a permanent nature for other purposes. ETL is a highly essential function in database management and the objective can be achieved by utilizing different tools and programs.
Among the most advanced and utilized tool for data integration is Informatica. Candidates looking forward to enter into the field of database management and closing to receive training from Informatica must make an attempt to understand the differences between Teradata and Informatica. Teradata is a database by itself and can be utilized to store large sums of data. Informatica on the other hand is an ETL tool which can be used for loading the data and any functions of export.

Reasons why Informatica is better used as an ETL tool over Teradata

  • This platform is easy to learn apart from being robust and requires no programming.
  • Informatica can create an ecosystem, which is faster for analysts to complete an analysis of different types and also offers ease of maintenance.
  • The workflow monitor within Informatica provides assistance for quick job monitoring and recovery, which is easy and simple.
  • Creating SLDC is faster and the application support is enhanced because of the availability of extensive accelerators and tools within the Informatica marketplace.
  • The extensive support connection is provided by Informatica to several databases, which include the following. Regular OBDC drivers, Tpump, parallel transporter, fastload and Teradata Mload.
  • The pushdown optimization that is provided allows database information to be processed easily.
  • Surrogate key generation via shared sequence generators gives Informatica the ability to provide faster processing. When this very procedure is performed inside a database, it has been noticed that the process is much slower.
  • Publishing the database process just as web services are convenient, easy and fast because of the ability of Informatica.
  • Informatica can also assist in the balancing of the load between the box of the database and the ETL server with the capability of coding which is available. It is highly beneficial for performing certain tasks, especially when the server is equipped with a fast disk.
  • The task of migrating projects from different databases like Teradata to the others is made easy with Informatica simply by changing the code of ETL and delivering an automated solution efficiently and accurately.

One tool which has become highly favored in the industry of database management for ETL and data integration is Informatica. Candidates can look forward to receiving numerous growth opportunities, which will also be lucrative within this field by choosing to have quality and comprehensive Informatica Training in a place of their choice.