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Introduction to Salesforce Certification

Introduction to Salesforce Certification

July 29th, 2019

Introduction to Salesforce Certification

Salesforce Certification is an added skill necessary for the people working in the sales and marketing division of the business organisations. It is a credential that authenticates your competences to solve the business challenges and proves your significate role in the business development of your organization.
Salesforce certification course enables you to exhibit your talent and skill in the business and helps you to take right and optimal decisions during tough times. Today, Salesforce Certification is mandatory in many business industries and are in high demand among people looking jobs in sectors such as administrations, architect, Pardot experts, App builders, consultants, developers and specialists.
Salesforce Certification Training helps people to develop their career in cloud computing. At GangBoard, Salesforce certification course is designed for the professionals as well as beginners. The salesforce certification online training gives your career a boast that you always wanted to have.

What is Salesforce Certification?

Salesforce is nowadays gaining popularity in Customer-Relationship-Management programs. It offers many certifications and allows numerous job options for people from both IT and non-IT backgrounds.  The certification is recognised in the industry and the salesforce certification training demonstrates the salesforce-related proficiencies of the students.
The various kinds of Salesforce certification include credentials at each level are as follows:

  • Developers,
  • Pardot,
  • Administrators,
  • Marketers,
  • Architect,
  • App Builders,
  • Consultants, and
  • Specialist

For credentials such as Developers and Administrators, basic-level salesforce certification training is enough. These professionals are considered as the entry-level experts for harbouring the salesforce certification course.
For the other level salesforce certificate course, there are prerequisites such as the candidates must have passed either developer’s certification exams or administrator certification exams.
Normally, all salesforce professionals follow the same pathway to get the salesforce certification training and salesforce certificate. However, it varies as per the job demand and the objectives of the salesforce certification training.

Why should choose for Salesforce Certification course?

The salesforce certificate course is the demand for the recent fast-changing business world. To match the high demand of salesforce experts, many institutes are offering salesforce certification online training. Here are the crucial points to demonstrate the importance of salesforce certification course in recent time:

  • Salesforce certification training enhances Salesforce skills. It also improves the Salesforce experience of the people.
  • As an employee, you can show off your advanced skill in front of the employers as well as the clients.
  • Mostly all IT organizations prefer professionals with Salesforce certification training. This is a great way to impress the client and increase the productivity of the business.
  • The salesforce certification course is globally accepted, and the professionals have high chances to work in the country of their choice and dream.
  • Salesforce certification course has attracted many companies and now after getting Salesforce certificate training, professionals are playing significant roles in various field.
  • After acquiring Salesforce certification online training, people are getting better opportunities in the jobs along with a higher salary compared to the non-IT professionals.
  • Also, the online Salesforce certification courses are best to add credentials and give extra backup to your occupation.

Why choose salesforce course

What are the recent trends to depict the significance of Salesforce certification course?
  • According to the Glassdoor, a premium online portal for the company and job reviews, currently over 4,000 Salesforce jobs are in demand only for Salesforce experts.
  • Various technical jobs demand Salesforce experts such as cloud experts, administrators, technical support, engineers, analysts, developers, consultants, etc.
  • Salesforce experts are occupying the jobs in industries such as vice presidents, program directors as well as project managers.
  • As per the recent studies, the demand for the Salesforce certificate training will grow over 25 % in the next five-six years. The demand for the Salesforce expert is increasing by prompt speed.

The popularity of Salesforce certifications is also due to the high salary offered in the industry. Currently, it is one of the greatest paid professions in the business. So, let’s see the salary offered to the Salesforce professionals in the numerous domains.
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Usual Wage of Salesforce Professionals

As depicted earlier, Salesforce professionals have the chances to build their career through a total of eight credentials in different domains. If you are looking to get the Salesforce Certification, you can go online and register for the Salesforce certification exam. You can also schedule the Salesforce Certification exam as per your comfort. Not to forget, Salesforce experts are in high demand and they can pursue their career in domains such as Architects, Administrators, Developers and App Builders. Here, let’s have a glimpse of all kinds of Salesforce certification examinations and their categories.
Usual wage of salesforce professionals

Salesforce Certifications:

The biggest advantage of using Salesforce certification is that it validates your knowledge regarding Salesforce. You can better understand the need and the requirement of Salesforce and knowhow to adopt this platform in your job. You can get the best jobs in Salesforce after completing the Salesforce certification course.
Here are the details about each type of Salesforce certification training that the GangBoard offers:

1. Salesforce Administrator Certification:

For the administration credential, the Salesforce certification course consists of two levels to help you consolidate your career in the Salesforce administration.

A. Salesforce Certified Administrator Certification:

The Salesforce certified administrator certification program is for the apprentices who wish to pursue their career in Salesforce consultant or Salesforce Administrators. To start the Salesforce Certification course, the candidate must have a few basic ideas of Salesforce characters.

The skills needed to pass Salesforce Certified Administrator Certification are:
  • You must have acquired the in-depth comprehension of Salesforce applications,
  • You must have learnt the configuration of Service-Cloud as well as Sales Cloud application. You also must know about the maintenance of these two.
  • You can learn how to manage the Salesforce CRM and you have learnt great presentation skills.
  • You must have the general knowledge of rudimentary functionalities of salesforce management such as to manage users, customize the service and development.

B. Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Certification:

Those who are already working as a Salesforce administrator or have a working experience for the same can go for the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Certification. This Salesforce certification course enables students to get expertise in applying entire advanced Salesforce applications and characters.

The proficiencies needed to pass Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Certification are:
  • The students must get acquainted with the design schedule. They must know of vigorous Salesforce applications that suited the clients.
  • You must have gained the knowledge of optimizing and extension of advanced Salesforce applications.
  • The students must know about creating advanced dashboards. They can create the reports and do the work on business process automation.

2. Salesforce Certified App Builder:

People having the good know-how of designing, building, and applying Salesforce applications are best for the Salesforce Certified App Builder. Students should know the implication and customization of applications on Force.com platform.
The proficiencies needed to pass the Salesforce Certified App Builder Certification are:

  • You must know about designing a user interface. You know how to make data models and implement business logic and security.
  • You must have attained expertise in reporting and dashboarding.
  • You can customize applications for mobile use.
  • You can do the custom applications deployment.

Salesforce Certification Training
3. Salesforce Certified Developer:

Salesforce certification training is also essential for developers. The Salesforce Certified Developer Certification empowers the developers with the advanced skills to develop Salesforce applications. The developers can utilize the comprehension of Salesforce certification course in developing eCommerce Cloud Digital for e-commerce companies. They can develop and customize all the Salesforce applications on Force.com in a declarative manner.
Here are the certifications available for the developers under Salesforce Certification course:

A. Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I

People who have the know-how to build and customize the Salesforce applications in a declarative way can go for the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer Certification I.  Under this Salesforce certification training, the students learn to work on a platform like Force.com and learn to develop applications. The certificate validates the skills of the developer. Usually, the students should have a minimum of 6 months of involvement in the development and working on Force.com platform to pursue the course however, it is not mandatory.

The skills needed for the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I Certification are:
  • The students must attain expertise in developing customised applications on Force.com
  • They must have learnt he general information of Apex and Visualforce.
  • They have understood the development lifecycle.
  • They can design the user interface and data model. They can also design business logic for Salesforce applications.

B. Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II

People having expertise in advanced programming skills are perfect for Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II Certification.  Before going for the Salesforce certification training for certified platform developer II certification, they should have worked before on Force.cm platform and should have a decent understanding of data modelling.
The students must go through the programming assignments and essay exams to pass the certification. They also should have the development knowledge or experience of almost 2 years along with a year experience of Force.com platform. However, these experiences are not mandatory.

The proficiencies needed to pass the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II certification:
  • The students must have mastered the Apex and Visual Force.
  • They can now develop, design, test, and deploy the tough and customized programmatic applications.
  • They must have gained a good understanding of APIs, SOAP, developing lightning components, Rest and Heroku.

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4. Salesforce Architect Certifications:

After completing the Salesforce Certification training for Salesforce Architect, the students get the proper validation for their skills in in-depth proficiency in Salesforce. The Salesforce architect certification credential is divided into three batches.

  • Salesforce Certified Architecture Designer: This certification validates the student’s expertise in architecture designing.
  • Salesforce Certified Applications Architect and System Architecture Certification: The certification confirms the expertise of students in these domains.
  • Salesforce Certified Technical Architect Certifications: The certification confirms the expertise of students in designing and developing the technical solution on the Salesforce platform at an advanced level.

A. Salesforce Certified Application Architect Certification:

Developers and designers having great knowledge and perception of Salesforce functionality can go for this certification. For this Salesforce certification training, the students must have some prerequisites fulfilled. Also, they should be able to assemble a hierarchy related to job function. They also should know the partaking of mechanisms with Salesforce.

The requirement needed to pursue this certification are:
  • Students must have passed the Salesforce Data Architecture and Management Designer certification.
  • Students have the certification of Salesforce sharing and Visibility Designer.
  • Students also have passed the certification of Salesforce Platform Developer I, and
  • Students have also passed the certification of Salesforce Platform App Builder.

B. Salesforce Certified System Architect:

The Salesforce certification online training also includes Salesforce Certified System Architect Certification. The certification is perfect for those individuals having expertise in system testing. These proficient students must have the skills to integrate and govern organizational infrastructure external systems according to Salesforce.

The skills needed for this certification are:
  • Students must have the certificate of Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer.
  • The students should have passed the certification of Identity and Access Management Designer.
  • The students have the certificate of Integration Architecture Designer.
  • The students have cleared the certification of Platform Developer I.

Salesforce Interview Questions

C. Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA):

The online Salesforce certification training includes Salesforce Certified Technical Architect Certification. The certification is profitable for students having extensive knowhow in working with Salesforce, good skills in presentation, good technical familiarity in Salesforce and the proficiency to develop Salesforce resolutions.
This Salesforce certification online training empowers the students to acknowledge and fulfil the requirements of clients. After completion of this course, the students can design and develop a robust and effective Salesforce solutions for the clients.

The skills and certifications needed for this certificate are:
  • The certification of Salesforce Application Architect, and
  • The certification of Salesforce System Architect.

Not to forget, the Salesforce certification online training is not for the non-technical people. It is a premium certificate for people having an in-depth comprehension of concepts and steady groundwork. It is better to consult some good books and follow online tips of professionals to pass the online Salesforce Certification Training.
Online Training from the GangBoard is the perfect choice to prepare for the exam and score high marks in the Salesforce certification exams.

Why GangBoard?

GangBoard is a premium name in providing IT related Online Training Institute. Makes GangBoard naturally the first choice for the students and professionals seeking to upscale. GangBoard also offers all the Salesforce certification courses and make sure to help students clear the certification exams.
Here are some of the significant features of the GangBoard:

  • Job oriented training
  • Placement oriented training
  • Job Support
  • Placement Assistance
  • Live Online Training
  • Hands on training
  • Real time training
  • 24/7 live support
  • Certificate Training
  • Live Instructor
  • Placement Training through experts
  • Project Support

The GangBoard Online Training institute is ideal to complete all Salesforce certification courses. The institute offers IT leaders already working in the salesforce and are having over 10 years of experiences in designing and developing as instructors. All the Salesforce certification courses modules are designed by industry’s experts and ensure the completion of these certifications.
If you are looking to take admission in Salesforce Certification Courses, you can join GangBoard Online classes and learn the concepts.
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