Why we love Pega 7.2 (And You Should, Too!)

Why we love Pega 7.2

If you are into IT and love programing you would have probably heard of Pega Systems. These brilliant CRM’s are distinctive game changers when it comes to how businesses deal with their customers. Most big organizations including PayPal and Bank of Scotland use this software to better manage their systems and customer database. Already the products and services of this software are making huge raves but the buzz doesn’t end here. Pega recent entrant its newest version Pega 7.2 is winning hearts world over. So if you are in love with Pega or planning to get a Pega Training this is the right time to venture in. So let’s figure out what makes Pega 7.2 so tempting and fun to use.

  • Adaptability: Pega 7.2 is much bigger and much stronger; it can handle more applications and data through more channels. Not only it can handle more but it is also quite easy to maintain. Now these some features that are hard to ignore.
  • Overall improvement in Speed: Businesses adore solutions that can accurately analyse the data at a faster pace and Pega 7.2 does it. This new version is all about speed and accuracy, which helps businesses in a tremendous way. It helps them reduce time and cost which further adds to their efficiency. A good Pega Training Online will cover all these aspects of this software.
  • Enhanced Dashboard: Pega 6.3 also had a unified CPM dashboard but 7.2 have taken it to another level altogether. It is more comprehensive, elaborative and easy to understand. Not only that they had also enhanced their predictive and adaptive analysis in this newer version.
  • New Features and Functionalities: The list of enhancement and addition in new Page 7.2 is comprehensive and long. It offers: Decision manager portal, Data visualizer, smart process shape, elasticsearch and many such features that make this tool elegant and strong.

Page 7.2 is enhanced keeping in mind the rise of mobile technologies and portals. It offers solutions to people like no other platform. It offers comprehensive features that can be easily accessible from mobile phones also. All in all the rise of Page software is incredible. Naturally this has also propelled the demand for experts in this field. The take home package of experts in this field is phenomenal. This is why more and more programmers are enrolling in Pega Online Training to upgrade their skill to take advantage in this field. Page 7.2 is growing and saw its best year in 2016. Trade pundits predict that the numbers for year 2017 will be even more impressive. With likes of blue chip companies joining in future of this software looks promising.

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