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Natural Language Processing in Python

Natural Language Processing in Python

May 22nd, 2019

Natural Language Processing in Python (NLP)

NLP In Python: Recognition of Human Languages In Terms Of Internet Search Operations

NLP in computer programming

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is construed as developing applications and services that can interpret human languages. In other words, NLP caters to speech recognition. An ideal NLP Python example is Google voice search, which easily understands the voice content and analyses the same effectively. You may refer to NLP: Python and NLTK PDF.

Merits of NLP

Presently, we are living in the internet age and consuming a huge quantity of data in a day in and day out. The millions of gigabytes are generated every day by using/visiting blogs, social websites and web pages.
Many related business entities watch these activities keenly and gather the information with a view to comprehending the users’ way of thinking and transfer the information to the related agency to strategize a further plan of action.
To quote an NLP Python example, if a web visitor is searching for comfortable hotels around a specific tourist destination, the searches will result in an influx of related advertisements of online hotels and flight booking apps.

Uses of NLP

You may presume that search engines are the only criterion as regards NLP. But it is not so. There is more scope of NLP to spread its wings around.

  • If you are tech savvy and visit web pages frequently, search engines like Google easily take note of your activities and subsequently, similar results are produced for you to peruse.
  • It is common to visit social websites like the news feed (Facebook, Twitter etc ). The news feed algorithm identifies with your interests and subsequently demonstrates connected advertisements and posts more than any other information.
  • NLP also leverages neutral network techniques to deliver a human-like, engaging and personalized user experience e.g., Apple Siri.
  • NLP also functions as Email filter and interprets the content of the email body and subsequently prevents spam emails from entering primary inbox.

What is a Python?

Python is basically a high-level general purpose programming language. It has gained popularity because of its clear syntax and readability. Python caters to dynamic data type and interfaces to many programming languages like NLP.

How NLP functions in unison with Python

NLP is documented in Python and has immense popularity behind the transcript. The NLP in Python tutorial is simple and can be easily understood by the beginners.

  • If you are using Windows, Linux or Mac, you can install NLP, applying pip.
  • NLP can be used on Python7, 3.4 and 3.5 during the operation.
  • To verify if NLP has been installed successfully, the Python terminal will divulge the same post opening.
  • If everything is in order, it signifies that you are on the right track.
  • Once the NLP is in view, you are required to install the corresponding packages too.
  • Since all NLP packages are in small sizes, you will probably not face any issue whatsoever.
  • Identify the web page, using NLP in Python.
  • Beautiful Soup (a Python library) will be used to pull data out of HTML and XML files. It works with your favourite parser to provide precise ways of navigating and searching. The webpage texts of HTML tags are cleaned, using Beautiful Soup.
  • Once you perform with the Python library, the crawled webpage will display a clean text which will subsequently be converted into tokens.
  • NLP accommodates a function viz., FreqDistO that denotes how to crawl a webpage and get to the text. This action will suffice your needs.
  • It is imperative to eliminate the stop words such as a, at, the, for etcfrom the resultant web page as they might obstruct the word, frequency count.
  • The assured graph will be plotted for most frequently happening words in the webpage in order to get clarity of the context of the webpage.

It is suggested to go through any of natural language processing with python course.

NLP attributes (Data science: NLP in Python free download)

  • NLP in Python tutorial NLP is a huge domain to work on aimed at helping you with entire methodology. It will decipher everything from splitting sentences, splitting of words, recognizing the parts of speech, highlighting the main subjects and helping the computer understand what the text is all about.
  • Important elements of NLP in Python
  • Tokenizing – Splitting sentences and words from the body of text
  • Tagging of parts of speech
  • NLP Machine Learning Python with the Naive Bayes Classifier
  • How to tie in Scikit-learn with NLTK
  • Training classifiers with datasets
  • Performing live, streaming, sentiment analysis, Python (Twitter).

Why NLP is used with Python?

Python is an open source and high-level programming language developed for use with a broad range of operating systems. It is a powerful language due to its dynamic and diversified nature. Python is easily compatible with NLP for webpage language interpretation.
Initially, NLP relied on basic rules where NLP, using algorithms, were instructed what words or phrases to look for in text and then gave way to specific responses when the phrases appeared. But with the advent of Python, everything seems to have ironed out.
Nowadays, NLP Machine Learning Python is exhaustively used and subsequently, more instinctive methods are promulgated for deep learning with a flexible and more instinctive acumen with a series of examples.

Synopsis (applications)

  • The crux of the matter is NLP can be alternatively called as artificial intelligence. Hence, NLP in Python leads to versatile application  in all walks of life. A detailed study of Natural Language Processing with Python, Udemy will be quite useful.


  • Clinical data and administrative assistance
  • Data mining and extraction
  • Market analysis
  • Real-Time translation services

Customer service

The use of NLP in Python can help determine customer attitudes for future sales. There will be no need for customer surveys. Instead, it will cater to deeper insights into the customer’s sentiments (sentiment analysis Python).


NLP IN Python will also enable precise and accurate scrutiny and sifting as regards candidates’ resumes basis their qualifications and experience. NLP in Python will perform spam detection and clean up unwanted emails from the HR executive’s inbox.

Social service

NLP in Python uses its artificial intelligence in interpreting social tweets and make the masses in general aware of the events and developments going around across the globe.

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