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NodeJs Vs ReactJS Vs AngularJS

NodeJs Vs ReactJS Vs AngularJS

May 22nd, 2019

NodeJs Vs ReactJS Vs AngularJS

What is Nodejs:

Nodejs is basically an open source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time system. It is generally used to build easy network applications with high scalability and very fast. It is a server-side run- time system which is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It provides the flow of the program decided by events, no blockage in input and output systems for building an application for web server using JavaScript.

Nodejs is used for creating multiple types of applications like a web application, command line application, real-time chat application, REST API server, etc. It is mainly used to create web server just like PHP, Java or ASP.NET do.
Node js first comes in the year 2009 written by Ryan Dahl.

Advantages of Nodejs:

  • It is an open source platform and comes absolutely free of cost because of the MIT license.
  • It uses JavaScript when it comes to building a web server application.
  • It is a lesser weight framework that includes simply minimum modules. When there is any need for an application it is easy to include other modules.
  • Basically, It is a controller of the timing of the operation, so its performance is also faster than another framework.
  • It is various platform supported like Windows, Linux or MAC.

What is Reactjs:

Reactjs is an open source library created by JavaScript. It is used for especially single page application for creating an interaction between user and the computer system. When it comes on a mobile app or a computer app it manages the view layer. Reactjs is also used for creating user interface components which can be used multiple times.

Developers can create large web applications by using Reactjs in which no need to reload the page while changing data. Reactjs is fast, simple, scalable and mainly focuses on the user interface of an application. It can be combined with other JavaScript frameworks or libraries to create an MVC(Model-View-Controller) architecture.

Reactjs was created by a software engineer named Jordon Walke, who was an employee of Facebook. It was first brought into effective action on the year 2011 on Facebook’s news feed and then on 2012 Instagram.com used it.

Advantages of Reactjs:

  • It uses a simple JavaScript called JSX. JSX allows HTML quoting and provide components which are part of large component by using the HTML tag syntax.
  • Facebook on 2015 announced that Reactjs has local libraries and it can provide a new kind of architecture called ‘react architecture’ for local applications like IOS, Android and UPD.
  • Reactjs has Single-Way data flow. This process is called “properties flow down; actions flow up”.
  • Reactjs has Virtual Document Object Model. This feature gives a cope to the program for coding, it looks like the whole page is cause for every change but only react library is responsible.

What is Angularjs:

Angularjs is an open source MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework. It is like a Javascript framework but with extra advantages. Today Angularjs is the most popular available framework. Mostly Angularjs is used for Single Page application development. Developers from Google developed Angularjs so it is well supported by Google and always keep up to date.

Advantages of Angularjs:

  • It has a two-way binding facility which keeps the data layer and presentation layer in sync. User don’t need to write extra JavaScript code for an HTML page, Angularjs will automatically do it.
  • It can control the moving from one view to another. This is called routine.
  • It supports both Unit Testing and Integration Testing.
  • It can use its own elements which are called directives to expand HTML.

Nodejs vs Reactjs vs Angularjs

Nodejs Reactjs Angularjs

It behaves like a server than a framework.

It is an open source JS library. An open source Framework .
It simplifies the development of the complex application. It solves the JS framework issues of large data sets. Used to solve problems creating Single page application.
It can be used as a server-side proxy because it can handle multiple connections in a same time in a non-blocking manner. Reactjs can generate its own DOM and can take care of its all necessities. Mainly focuses on Web app’s user interface.
After installation of Nodejs NPM comes by default and it supports package management. With Reactjs component import becomes easy. Angularjs makes Web apps development by using its directives and filters.
It shares same code with both the server and client. Reactjs can reuse the codes. It injects mock data for testing every individual page of a web application and then checks the output.
Written by Ryan Dahl on the year 2009 and built on the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. Written by Jordon Walky and first used on 2011 by Facebook. Developed By Google on year  2009.

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