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Overview of R Programming Language

Overview of R Programming Language

December 15th, 2016

R is a programming language mainly used for graphics and statistical computing supported by the R Foundation. Statistical Computing is commonly used between data miners and statisticians for developing statistical software and data analysis. It’s an important tool in data scientist’s toolbox.

Popularity of R Programming among Data Scientists

  • Free open source language – Run anywhere and anytime, anyone can download and modify the code and include their own innovations. No license restrictions issued under GNU (General Public License)
  • Cross platform compatible – Run on several OS, varied software/hardware, used on Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, GNU/Linux, UNIX.
  • Most advanced statistical programming language – Used as worldwide by several statisticians work on large complex objects, exchange data in MS-excel, ensure the accuracy of the code, work on advanced statistical analysis and so on.
  • Outstanding graphical output – Splendid Hi-Tech graphical abilities that is unparalleled with any other statistical language.
  • Flexible ‘n’ fun – Easy and fun to writes our own functions and distribute our own software as on add-on package.
  • Extremely comprehensive – work on objects of infinite size and intricacy with ease, offering over 4,800 packages from various repositories relating to Data mining, Bio-informatics, Econometrics, and Spatial analysis.
  • Support extensions – very extensible in its structure, supports matrix arithmetic, procedural programming and facility to extract data from Google.
  • Has vast community – companies adopting R as the statistical Language created a vast community where 2million people are started with R.
  • Easily relates to other programming languages – Quite friendly while importing data from Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, and can also be easily associated to several databases using ODBC (Open Database Connectivity Protocol) and the ROracle package.

Features of R Programming

  • Well developed, simple and effective programming language which includes loops conditionals, I/O facilities and user defined recursive functions.
  • Effective data handling and storage facility.
  • Provides suite of operators for calculations on arrays, lists, vectors and matrices.
  • Provides integrated collection and large coherent of tools for data analysis.
  • Provides graphical facilities for data analysis and show either directly on the computer or printing at the papers.

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Job Opportunities of R Programming

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