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PhoneGap Interview Questions and Answers

PhoneGap Interview Questions and Answers

September 20th, 2019

PhoneGap Interview Questions and Answers

In case you’re searching for  PhoneGap Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced or Freshers, you are at the correct place. Additonally our PhoneGap Online Training is very crucial for mobile developers to produce a high-end mobile app. The biggest advantage of using Phone gap is it enhances the user experience and make use of the properties wisely. In this PhoneGap Online Real-time Training the learners will learn about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Plugins, API, and Remote server. PhoneGap Online Course will be the gateway to the jobs with leading industries like Software, Information and technology, HR management, internet, Advertising and marketing, hospitals, Education, Consultancy, telecommunications and financial services. We have framed the Interview Question and Answers to gain continuity and practicality after completing the Phone Gap Online Certification Training.
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Best  PhoneGap Interview Questions and Answers

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Q1) What are the economics involved in buying Phonegap?

Answer: One does not have to pay to buy Phonegap. It is completely free.

Q2) Who all can acquire Phonegap?

Answer: Phonegap can be obtained by any organization or individual who has the facility of an available open-source.

Q3) Which are the scripts that are compatible with Phonegap?

Answer: The scripts which are compatible with Phonegap are the codebase CSS, HTML and Java.

Q4) How is the platform of Phonegap utilized these days?

Answer: As Phonegap is an open-source platform, it provides the facility to the developers to design and establish the application for mobile devices.

Q5) For both IOS and Android state the Phonegap user interface.

Answer: The Phonegap user interface for iOS is an Objective C UIWeb View class. For Android users it is android.webkit.WebView

Q6) State the main component of the Phonegap plugin?

Answer: There are two types of files which encompass the main constituent of the Phonegap plugin. They are as follows… the implementation file and the Javascript file.

Q7) State the function of the implementation file in Phonegap.

Answer: The primary function of the implementation file in Phonegap is to establish and maintain coordination with the phone’s original features.

Q8) State which platforms can be supported by Phonegap.

Answer: Some of the platforms which are supported by Phonegap are as follows…BlackBerry OS, Symbian, Windows, Bada, Tizen, Android.

Q9) Did previous versions of Phonegap support other platforms also?

Answer: Yes, the previous versions of Phonegap did support other platforms as well. However this facility was then revoked.

Q10) What do you understand by Native applications?

Answer: Applications that are installed locally on a mobile device are known as Native applications.

Q11) What do you understand by the term Hybrid Application?

Answer: A Hybrid application is that application that combines the features and attributes of both native applications and web applications also.

Q12) What is the full form of CDNs?

Answer: The full form of CDNs is Content Delivery Networks.

Q13) What are the advantages of having CDNs in the JQuery?

A13. When CDNs are hosted with JQuery the performance of the network is enhanced across the globe. It significantly reduces the time for the websites to be loaded and increases the bandwidth & resolution of the files simultaneously. Thus a win-win situation for all.

Q14) State the various types of content delivery networks.

Answer: Some of the various types of content delivery networks are as follows… Microsoft AXJ CDN, Google AXJ API CDN, and JQuery CDN.

Q15) State the function of the Javascript file in Phonegap.

Answer: The primary function of the Javascript file in Phonegap is to identify and define the function which can be utilized to acquire the native hook.

Q16) Phonegap could potentially access which storage options?

Answer: The storage options which could be potentially utilized by Phonegap are as follows… the web SQL store, the local storage stores, and the memory store.

Q17) State the function of the media.seekto

Answer: The primary function is updating the position of the audio file.

Q18) State some of the APIs of the Phonegap.

Answer: Some of the APIs of the Phonegap are as follows… vibration, network information, media capture, status bar, screen splash, whitelist, geo-location, file transfer, globalization, contact, camera, battery status, and device motion & orientation.

Q19) What are some of the disadvantages or limitations of utilizing Phonegap?

Answer: Some of the disadvantages or limitations of utilizing Phonegap are as follows… the applications running in the background have no support, data processing speed is very slow, any complicated business logic will give rise to unwanted complexity, advanced graphics cannot be accessed and several native APIs are not supported on the platform itself.

Q20) What is the basic difference between Phonegap and Phonegap build?

Answer: The framework built for developers is termed Phonegap as it is utilized in building applications for mobile devices. Phonegap build is a cloud-based service. That is the essential difference between them.

Q21) How can one recreate a Phonegap plugin by themselves?

Answer: The following steps need to be completed to recreate a Phonegap plugin by oneself… a new directory needs to be developed in the original plugin directory, a Javascript file needs to be designed in the new directory and finally an object C class needs to be made which can carry out the Phonegap command which is made available in the new directory.

Q22) Why would developers opt for utilizing Phonegap?

Answer: One of the main reasons why developers are opting to utilize Phonegap is due to the fact that all the primary searches, browsing options, and updated content is controlled by an inbuilt browser.

Q23) What are the financial advantages of using Phonegap?

Answer: The financial advantages of utilizing Phonegap are that it increases productivity and reduces cost at the same time.

Q24) State the functionality of Cordova.

Answer: An engine that supports the entire Phonegap platform is known as Cordova.

Q25) How has Phonegap simplified the work of developers?

Answer: Due to the fact that Phonegap already has built-in technology which is user friendly and free, as a framework, it becomes compatible to almost every kind of mobile application.

Q26) What do you understand by child browser?

Answer: Along with the regular Phonegap applications, a plugin which can be easily assimilated into the platform is known as a child browser.

Q27) What are the advantages of having a child browser?

Answer: A child browser in place is more of a preventive measure. It helps protect impressionable users by not allowing access to inappropriate websites or even allow them to be searched on the browser.

Q28) Who originally developed Phonegap?

Answer: A Vancouver based company in Canada originally developed Phonegap. The company was called Nitobi.

Q29) In which year was Nitobi acquired by Adobe Corporation?

Answer: The acquisition of Nitobi by Adobe Corporation was in 2011.

Q30) State some of the Phonegap events

Answer: Some of the events of Phonegap are as follows… volumeupbutton, volumedown button, endcall button, startcall button, search button, menu button, battery status, battery low, battery critical, back button, offline, online, resume, pause and device ready.

Q31) Define PhoneGap?

Answer: PhoneGap is for creating the mobile application to work on OS platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows. It is used for standard-based web- development languages such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript. It is known as the open-source solution and used to wrap the packing of mobile web applications.

Q32) Mention the limitation of PhoneGap?


  • Data processing – It is faster than JavaScript native language
  • Advanced graphics – Third patty accessed explicit the app use the advanced graphics.
  • Complex business logic – A native code access a numerous complex business.
  • Access advanced native functionality – PhoneGap API does not support the number of native API’s
  • Background processing – with the help of JavaScript the PhoneGap API is created and it is not supportive for multi-threaded and background processing. On the background thread, a huge number of applications depend.

Q33) How to boost performance across the globe?

Answer: With the help of Content Delivery Networks, we can boost the performance globally by hosting with JQuery. To decrease the loading time of the page CDNs give a high bandwidth file.

Q34) How to design a PhoneGap application?

Answer: It is built as other mobile web services. The initial HTML assets are accessible locally in the place of a remote server. Initial HTML is loaded by the PhoneGap application. It can invite the resources from a server or the local environment.

Q35) Name the PhoneGap Plugins?

Answer: PhoneGap Plugins have two files.

  • JavaScript file – To describe the function for gaining the native books.
  • Implementation file – To correlate with the features of the native phone. And these files are written in native languages.

For building the PhoneGap plugin

  • Create a new directory in the $(PROJECT_DIR}/plugin directory
  • Construct a JavaScript file in the new directory
  • Build a new Objective –C to enlarge the PhoneGap command class

Q36) What is the role of PhoneGap in Mobile applications?

Answer: When a mobile application is built by PhoneGap, then various tools for various platforms are not needed by a programmer. He should know the basic web- development languages such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML. They are helpful for the mobile application’s appearance, functions and touch.

Q37) Mention the difference between AIR and PhoneGap?


  • AIR – This application is created by the use of tools rooted in the flash platform. It uses AIR runtime with a base of a single code.
  • PhoneGap – Uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript. To support every platform PhoneGap application is in the web browser components. It can act as varied for the separate platforms.

Q38) Explain the Hybrid App?

Answer: It is a mix element of native apps and web applications. It is in the native app shell. After downloading and installation, the shell automatically gets connected with the abilities of the mobile platform. The user cannot see the browser and plugins as it is running on the backend.

Q39) What is meant by Debug?

Answer: It is known as the fake part of the development. JavaScript exception can’t be connected always at the time of testing a physical device. To debug PhoneGap application there are strategies.

Q40) Describe Cordova and PhoneGap?

Answer: An engine named Cordova is supported by PhoneGap. It gives the capacity to PhoneGap as the WebKit engine supports Safari and Chrome. It is known as the result of Adobe. But now it is an open-source of the codebase.

Q41) Name the plugin combine with PhoneGap applications?

Answer: A child browser, It secures the selected user from gaining the unsuitable content on the browser. It is also a prototype and helps Android and iOS, Blackberry, etc.

Q42) Name the application used by PhoneGap?

Answer: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the only application used by PhoneGap. To interact with backend services network protocols like XmlHttpRequest, Web Sockets are used. It permits you to schedule the business operations at the time when your device is connected with the internet.

Q43) How PhoneGap developers handle device needs?

Answer: Feature set to play a very important role, It is not necessary that every mobile application need device-specific features. First, decide the best feature you need. Most of the applications contain permits (turned on) do not need it.
Ex- A connection of your phone state, GPS or contact is not necessary for ebook.

Q44) How to clarify mobile development by the PhoneGap?

Answer: Mobile development is like a jumble. We need various frameworks and languages to create applications for every device such as iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile. For bridging web applications and mobile device PhoneGap uses standards-based web technologies.

Q45) Tell the iOS quirks for a compass heading item?


  • At the time of location service performs by geolocation, watch location() the true healing comes back.
  • The app helps the location when the mobile device revolves, it is for Ios>4 devices. The headline value is described again with the current location.

Q46) Mention the features of PhoneGap?


  • To give the web application to the application store.
  • For connecting the device hardware from the web application
  • The web application code and resources are packed in the binary app, for giving to Apple, Palm, Blackberry, etc.

Q47) Describe The PhoneGap Cordova?


  • Today the mobile market is very wide with lots of opportunities. But it is very difficult for the developer for creating the application for the audience.
  • Numerous platforms such as android, iPhone, Blackberry and windows having many various abilities. Various kinds of programming languages are used for each platform.
  • There is a need for separate development platforms for each application because the programming platform is various.

Q48) Name the things to develop in PhoneGap?

Answer: We need

  • For ISO – Xcode, ios, SDK
  • For Symbian – SDK
  • BlackBerry – BlackBerry Webworks SDK, Sun SDK, and Apache

Q49) Name the features of PhoneGap Cameraoptions?


  • Quality – Defines the quality of the stored image from 0, 100.
  • Media type – For setting the media type
  • TargetHeight – The way how to set image height
  • Encoding type – To decide the encoding type for the returned image.
  • allowed – For editing the image before the selection of the image.
  • Source type – Describes in navigator.camera and for setting the source of the picture.
  • Destination type – It is described in navigator.camera.DestinationType. And the formate of the returned value is selected.

Q50) Name the events and API of PhoneGap?


  • Device ready
  • Pause
  • Volume up, down
  • End call button
  • Start to call button
  • Search
  • Battery


  • Geo- location
  • Compass
  • Accelerometer
  • Device
  • Capture

Q51) Steps to build a plugin for iOS?


  • In the directory of the original plugin make a new directory
  • Build a new JavaScript in the new develop directory
  • Then build a new Objective-c class to enlarge the Phonegap command.
  • It is found in the new directory

Q52) Name the architecture of PhoneGap?

Answer: Plugin-based architecture and every device-specific feature is a plugin contains the JavaScript and native sides.

  • JavaScript is cross-platform
  • The native sides are one time for one device.

For all difficult programs, the built-in plugin is developed. Developer fixes the errors with the help of open source code and to create a plugin and hold the platform of his wish.

Q53) Tell the function of media.getduration and media.seekTo in one-gap media API?


  • get duration – API goes back at the time of the audio file in seconds. In case you do not know the time of the audio files then 1 will return.
  • seekTo- For updating the latest post of the underlined files of the audio of the media item.

Q54) Differentiate PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build?


  • PhoneGap – It develops a mobile application to build the open-source Apache Cordova project. It allows writing an app in CSS, HTML, JavaScript.To use in a wide range of mobile devices and does not lose the features of a native app.
  • PhoneGap Build – It is built at the top of the PhoneGap framework. It works with HTML5 apps as a Zip file for building multiple platforms.

Q55) Name the command for Upgrading PhoneGap to which? And tell the storage options.

Upgrading PhoneGap

  • For Mac and Linux – $sudo npm install – g PhoneGap
  • For windows – C:> npm install – g PhoneGap

Storage option

  • Memory-store.js
  • Web SQL-store.js
  • Is-store.js

Q56) Mention the reason for using PhoneGap?


  • For developing multiple devices – This standard technologies work with numerous devices. But it is not available for third-party plugins.
  • Saves a lot of time- Developers can use the latest version of the native SKD, helps to target the performance of the application.
  • Strong collaboration – We can interact with our team member and achieve the results quicker and in a decent manner
  • Easy sharing – You can share the app immediately by sending a link to anybody. Or download the app on your mobile without any accessing a laptop.

Q57) How to use Phonegap in PHP?

PhoneGap is called hybrid mobile app development. Php is known as a server-side scripting language.

  • First on the server use PHP
  • Then connect with the PhoneGap by using axaj call in the js file

Q58) Tell the differences between PhoneGap and Cordova?


  • Perform on all iOS and Android smartphones.
  • It is an HTML5app platform


  • Perform on all Android smartphones. For iOS, a Mac and Cordova are needed to wrap.
  • It is used to build a native mobile application by the use of JavaScript, CSS, HTML

Q59) How to store Data Locally in a PhoneGap?


  • First the app is to be online while processing the data.
  • Then use the SQLite database for storing local data previously set on the mobile platforms.
  • The Cordova helps to connect the SQLite database in the app.

Q60) How to change a Cordova project into PhoneGap Project?


  • Please create a new Cordova project by using visual studio
  • Then create the structure of the PhoneGap project
  • Now update Config.xml
  • Then splash screens
  • Upload your project to PhoneGap
  • Now codesign and provision the app