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Python Career Opportunities

Python Career Opportunities

November 16th, 2018

Python Career Opportunities –

In this dynamic world, nothing is constant and everything is changing rapidly but the popularity of Python is never going to cease. Do you ever wonder if it is really worth learning Python? If yes, where Python can take you in your career?
There are a plenty of similar questions boggling your mind daily. Here, in this article, we will answer a few of the questions regarding Python career opportunities and how is it advancing your career.

A Definite Career Guide to Python Programming

Python is an easy programming and scripting language that can be learned quickly. It reduces the overall development time and the syntax of Python is always easy to read and compile. At the same time, Python has a set of different libraries and APIs to support the data analysis, data visualization, and data manipulation.
This is the reason why Python is considered as one of the most popular programming languages or the “Next Big Thing” to look upon for professionals. Also, we will focus on career opportunities and salaries for Python programmers and developers.

What are the Career Opportunities with Python?

In a survey, it was found that Python is a most popular programming framework for data scientists across worldwide. It is also ranked on the top in terms of popularity and the adaptability. According to expert research, Python was ranked number in 2018 for the list of top programming languages. Besides this, Python is also finding its applications in multiple domains as given below –
python career opertunities 1
There is a huge skills gap between demand and supply of Python professionals across countries including India, USA and more. According to a recent article published in Times of India, one of the popular software development Companies faced a tough situation where they win a contract of 1200 crores to develop an application but don’t have enough number of programmer or developers to code in Python. So, they paid almost thrice to a group of Python developers in the USA and taught an important lesson about the popularity of Python programming language too.
Thankfully, the situation is not the same today and developers are taking it seriously adding Python skills to their resume. This is not only faster but a lucrative career option too. Here is a list of different job profiles in Python as given below –
python career oppertunities

Python Job Salaries

By the end of 2017, there was given some impressive numbers by Python in terms of salaries. According to indeed.com, there are posted more than 55,000 jobs in the USA with attractive salary figures in 2018. Here, are the average salaries of Python developers in India and the USA based on the payscale.com research findings.
python career opportunities

How much money do Python programmers make?

Average salaries for different Python roles in the USA

The popularity of Python is increasing steadily and career opportunities too.  It is taken equally important like Java, C, C++, .NET etc. This is quite impressive knowing that more than 41 organization have recently adopted Python for their IT projects in a small span of time. The list includes the name of popular Companies like Facebook, Quora, Amazon, YouTube, SlideShare, and more. Most of their offerings or products are written in the Python. Even Google has adopted Python as their second coding language and they had started using it for the new offerings.

What is the future scope with Python?

Companies in India and USA are looking for Python professionals that are skilled and trained. Only an expert Python programmer can give optimum solutions based on client needs and requirements. Python is popular language and gaining a competitive edge over other during the last few years.

Big data, networking, and data science are three popular domains where applications of Python are supposed to grow in the near future. Even as a freelancer your future is bright with Python. This is the USA where most of the Python opportunities come from. This is the reason why Python salaries are also attractive when compared to other similar languages.

However, the amount of salaries is not fixed for freelancers. More you invest your time, there are chances to earn fat income based on your skills set and knowledge. For this purpose, you are advised to add one Python certification too in your resume so that recruiters can hire you quickly as compared to other candidates. If you also seeking a career in Python then start Python Training online right away and get your dream jobs with big MNCs.