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Python Exception Handling

Python Exception Handling

May 17th, 2019

Python Exception Handling

  • Python has many built-in exceptions which handles a program and throw error on console if program is not properly working
  • When these exception error occurs, python should handle this exception properly to avoid program crash
  • It is used to handle errors in python.
  • Raise an exception in your program by using the raise exception statement.

Exception Errors:

Exception Name


Exception It is a  class for all exceptions
Stop iteration It rises when next() method of an iterator does not point to any yield object
SystemExit Raised by  sys.exit() function.
StandardError Base class for all built-in exceptions except StopIteration and SystemExit.
ArithmeticError Base class for all errors that occur for arithmetic calculation.
ImportError Raised when an import statement fails.
IndexError Raised when an index is not found in a sequence of list or tuple.


Raised when an input/ output operation fails, such as the print statement etc….
SyntaxError Raised when there is an syntax error in script
IndentationError Raised when indentation is not specified correctly.
TypeError Raised when an operation or function is attempted that is invalid for the specified data type.
ValueError Raised when the built-in function for a data type has the valid type of arguments, but the arguments have invalid values specified.
RuntimeError Raised when a generated error does not  comes into any category

 Examples for Exception Error:

Exception Handling Errors

How to Handle an Exception Error:

try-except exception:

‘try’ and ‘except’ are Python identifiers which is used to handle this  exceptions.·

Syntax:Try Except Exception
Example:Try Except Exception Example

try-finally Exception:

It is intended to define actions that should be execute under all circumstances·       A finally clause is always executes before leaving the try statement, whether an exception has occurred previously or not.

Syntax:Try Finally Exception
Example:Try Finally Exception Example