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Python History

Python History

May 17th, 2019

Python History

  • Python is a beginner’s language.
  • Python is an Open source an Object-oriented program.
  • Python is readable programming language unlike other languages(Person without coding knowledge will be able to read python code)
  • Python is used to build websites, analyze data and to develop a lot of software.
  • 2 types of the version available (2x and 3x)
  • Python is an interpreted language (Compilation of code will be done automatically)

Execution status:

  • Python scripts are nothing but a text file with .py extension.
  • Ipython(Interactive Python) shell – will return the result for the code in the python scripts or you can directly add code in the python shell.
  • Download Python: www.python.org
  • Select “Downloads” and download the latest version of python.
  • After downloading python, Open the command prompt(Run à ‘cmd’) and type python
  • The above action will open the python interpreter in which python codes can be executed.
  • Statements begin with # will be considered as comments and will be ignored by the python interpreter while execution.

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