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Python Variables

Python Variables

May 17th, 2019

Python Variables

1. Variables are named location to store a data in a memory location

Name = “Dhoni”
Note:  “Dhoni” is the data stored in the memory location called “Name”
2. Python is type inferred, so by default it identifies the type of the data stored.
Example :

Name = “Kohli”

Name = “Dhoni”


Ouput will be “Dhoni” because python creates a new object while we storing a new data into the existing variable.
3. We can assign more than one variable in a single line statement with corresponding data

Name,age,team = “Dhoni”,37,”CSK”

Each variables is separated by commas so to the values as well.
4. If we want to create a constant values, do follow the below coding standard

Import constant



Rules to be followed:

  • Give capital letters for all the constant variable declaration
  • Use meaningful name for the variable declaration.
  • Never use special characters or numbers