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Qliksense Interview Questions and Answers

Qliksense Interview Questions and Answers

November 27th, 2018

In case you’re searching for Qlik sense  Interview Questions and answers for Experienced or Freshers, you are at the correct place. There is parcel of chances from many presumed organizations on the planet. The Qlik sense advertise is relied upon to develop to more than $5 billion by 2021, from just $180 million, as per Qlik sense industry gauges. In this way, despite everything you have the chance to push forward in your vocation in Qlik sense Development. Gangboard offers Advanced Qlik sense  Interview Questions and answers that assist you in splitting your Qlik sense interview and procure dream vocation as Qlik sense Developer.

Best Qlik sense Interview Questions and Answers

Do you believe that you have the right stuff to be a section in the advancement of future Qlik sense, the GangBoard is here to control you to sustain your vocation. Various fortune 1000 organizations around the world are utilizing the innovation of Qlik sense to meet the necessities of their customers. Qlik Sense is being utilized as a part of numerous businesses. To have a great development in Qlik sense work, our page furnishes you with nitty-gritty data as Qlik sense prospective employee meeting questions and answers. Qlik sense  Interview Questions and answers are prepared by 10+ years experienced industry experts. Qlik sense Interview Questions and answers are very useful to the Fresher or Experienced person who is looking for the new challenging job from the reputed company. Our Qlik sense Questions and answers are very simple and have more examples for your better understanding.
By this Qlik sense Interview Questions and answers, many students are got placed in many reputed companies with high package salary. So utilize our Qlik sense Interview Questions and answers to grow in your career.

Q1) The service which is used to migrate your Qliksense application when you are importing to Enterprise hub from desktop hub.

Qliksense Dispatcher service.

Q2)Below are my data, how to get 2nd max employee salary. EMPID, Salary

Ans :
using resident load order the salary data in ascending order.
Use peek(‘Salary’,1,’Tablename’)

Q3) What is synthetic key and how to eliminate it.

If more than one column name is similar between any two tables, synthetic key will form. Synthetic key can be eliminated using 3 ways
1. Qualify and un Qualify
2. Alias name
3. Link table

Q4) What the different types of operators in set analysis.

union(+),Intersection(*),Negation(-),Symmetric difference(/)

Q5) What are different identifiers in set analysis

$ – current selection
1 – Full set
$1- Previous selection
$_1 Next selection

Q6) What is information density % for the below scenario Id Name

102,B 103,-104,D 105,E
Version 1.0 Date: 25-Nov-2018
Ans: 90%

Q7) Which of the following statement is true about master items?

a) Master items are only available in published apps
b) A master items is an aggregate function that can be used throughout an app
c) A Master items is an visualization object that can be used through out an app
d) Master items are reusable assets that can be used through out the app
Ans : D

Q8) As a selection sate in Qliksense what does the light gray color represent.

a) Excluded values
b) Alternative Values
c) Select Excluded values
d) Possible Values
Ans: C

Q9) You want to show results in multiple currencies. Select the approach to achieve it.

a) Download the table rate from a trusted site.
b) Use currency exchange format data that is automatically embedded in Qlik data model
c) Load currency exchange rates table using Qlik data Market.
d) Use inline load to load the data
Ans : C

Q10) Which of the following is correct ?

a) A gauge display value of one or two measure but no dimension
b) A scatter plot allows maximum of one dimension and multiple measures.
c) A pivot table is used to analyse the data interactively by one dimension and multi measure.
d) Text object can be used for navigation of sheet
Ans : B

Q11) Qlik Geo Analytics allow users to

a) Create map visualizations and apply location based information
b) Extract statistical and geographical information such as world population and weather
c) Create geo data and geo points based on your own data.
d) Create custom visulaization and share them in Qlik cloud
Ans : A

Q12) I want to display a bar chart which always displays the sum of sales in France for 2013. Which is the correct set analysis expression

a) Sum({$<year=2013,Country=’France’>}Sales)
b) Sum({$<year=2013,Country=’France’>Sales})
c) Sum({$<year={‘2013’},Country={‘France’}>}Sales)
Version 1.0 Date: 25-Nov-2018
d) Sum({$<year={‘2013’}Country={‘France’}>}Sales)
Ans :C

Q13) Which of the following statement is correct for the story telling feature in Qliksense

a) your build your story on a special data story sheet in your app
b) After you embedded a snapshot you cannot go to source data
c) Qlik cloud does not support apps with data stories
d) In a Data story, you can create two type of slides. Blank and Embedded sheet.
Ans D

Q14) Section access output for the below request Section Access;

Load * inline
A developer misspells “NORTH” in the section access table.What happens when ADMIN user B tries to open an app?
a) User B is unable to open an app
b) User B does not see any values for Region field
c) User B sees the value North,South,East,West for the region field
d) User B sees the value North for Region field
Ans: C
Version 1.0 Date: 25-Nov-2018

Q15) The data from a Qliksense app which contains multiple tables must be used in another Qliksense app.

a) Optimized QVD load
b) Binary Load
c) Preceding Load
d) Generic Load
Ans : B

Q16) What is the output of below query

Left(‘Hyundai Creta’,index(‘Hyundai Creta’,’ ‘))
a) Hyundai
b) Creta
c) None
d) Expression Invalid
Ans :A

Q17) The Datatype varies along a range and is a measurement data type

a) Discrete
b) Qualitative
c) Continuous
d) Categorical
Ans: C

Q18) Understanding data is key for both back-end and front-end users.

a) True
b) False
Ans : True

Q19) Within the script for loading a table from a database source, where would you place a calculated expression to ensure the processing occurs in qliksense server.

a) Inside the preceding Load block
b) Within the SQL Command text
c) In a stored procedure on the database
d) On a view in the database
Ans : A

Q20) When loading data from most sources, how many rows does a preceding load block work on at a time?

a) It depends how many fields are in dataset
b) All rows in the dataset at once
c) 2
Version 1.0 Date: 25-Nov-2018
d) 1
Ans D

Q21) What is the symbol which represents “all fields” in a preceding load block?

a) *
b) !
c) #
d) &
Ans A

Q22) What is the keyword which causes a fieldname to change in the datamodel?

a) Alter
b) AKA
c) As
Ans C

Q23) What is the limit on the number of preceding load blocks that can be used when loading data in to a single table?

a) No Limit
b) 9
c) 4
d) 1
Ans A

Q24) During the data load script execution, how many simultaneously open database connections does Qliksense support

a) 1
b) As many as resource allow
c) 5
d) 64
Ans 1

Q25) What is the Qliksense script for attaching to a precreated database connector?

Ans 2
Version 1.0 Date: 25-Nov-2018

Q26) Which of the following actions would not be completed with a read-only database connection in Qliksense?

a) Extraction of data from database view
b) Extraction of Data from a raw table
c) Update of database source data in the database
d) Acquisition of data via a database stored procedure.
Ans C

Q27) After using Qliksense select data function to create the required script for extracting data from a DB source, What are possible reasons that field name may become automatically delimited?

a) Data in the field values contain reserved characters.
b) The Field name contains space
c) The Field name uses a reserved word in the source database language
d) There are NULL values in the data for the field
Ans: B&C

Q28) In the Qliksense Enterprise, where are the data connections physically stored?

a) In a XML file with in the Qliksense server installation folder
b) In the Qliksense Enterprise Server Repository
c) Inside the .qvf file itself
d) In a password –Protected zip file which sits behind Qliksense hub.
Ans : C

Q29 How to load variables from excel in to Qliksense Data load editor?

Load the Excel using for Loop

Q30) Difference between Match and wildmatch function

Match is used load the exact match values
Wild match is used to load the relative values with *

Q31) What is the use of Single configurator in Qliksense

Single configurator helps users to find the ObjectId, SheetID and URL for integration with webpage

Q32) What is the responsive layout matrix in Qliksense hub

Version 1.0 Date: 25-Nov-2018

Q33) What is the difference between master-items expression and variable expression in Qliksense

Master items and Variable expressions are reusable thing.
User can define color code in master items for value but not in the variables
Variable expression value can be used inside conditional statement or set analsysis modifier, but not the master item expression.

Q34) How many ways an user can define the color codes for the dimension grouping.

Two ways
1. Under presentation color and legends option
2. using master items value color option.

Q35)What is difference between legacy and standard mode of data loading.

Legacy mode: Adding physical path (D:\test\1.xls) Qliksense in from statement while loading data.
Standard mode: using lib statement in from statement while loading data.

Q36) What does the below value will return?

Set NullInterpret=’ ‘;
It will return the null values for CSV file if null is defined.

Q37) How do you convert Null in to Value?

Null As value <required field>
Set NullValue=’0’ (Required value)

Q38) Whether partial load supports in Qliksense.

No partial load will not support in Qliksense.

Q39) What is the output of below scenario.


Q40) What is the output of below scenario.


Q41) User A is the owner of a Qliksense app that uses section access.

User A is not included in section access table of the app.
Version 1.0 Date: 25-Nov-2018
The app is published in the sales stream . A security rule granted user A access to the stream. User A access the sales stream in the hub to open the app. What is the error user A will get?
User A sees the app in the sales stream ,but is unable to open it and sees an access denied error.

Q42) What is the output for RMkey for the below input LOAD *, AutoNumberhash(Region&Year&Month) as RYMkey;

(Region,Year,Month,Sales,North,2014,May,245,North,2014,May,347,North,2014,June, 127,South,2014,June,645,South,2013,May,367,South,2013,May,221)
Region, Year, Month, Sales, RMkey
North, 2014, May, 245 ,1
North, 2014, May, 347 ,1
North, 2014, June, 127 ,2
South, 2014, June, 645 ,3
South, 2013, May, 367 ,4
South, 2013, May, 221 ,4

Q43) How to create drill down and cyclic dimension group in Qliksense.

Drill down: click on the Maser items and select dimension and then click on the drilldown radio option. Add the required dimension then click on add dimension.
Cyclic: There is no direct way to create cyclic group ,use alternative dimension method to create it.

Q44) How do you use having clause (SQL Equivalent) along with group by in Qlikview?

Load *
Where Salary <= 632173 Load
AVG (Salary) AS Salary, Occupation
Group By Occupation;
Version 1.0 Date: 25-Nov-2018
From Employee.dbo.person;

Q45) Will macros support in Qliksense?


Q46) How to load images using bundle load in Qliksense?

Qliksense will not support the bundle load.
If you want to load any dynamic images upload the images in contents folder of Enterprise edition and use widgets to create a dynamic images.

Q47) What is the use of Qlik converter in dev-hub?

Qlik converter is used to convert the Qlikview application in to Qliksense application.
Steps to convert
Open the dev-hub and click on the Qlik converter
Drag and drop or click on the required QVW application to convert Click on the convert button.
In the status will get converted and unconverted objects.

Q48) Which version of Nprinting will support for Qliksense reports?

Nprinting 17 or later

Q49) How will you limit data in Qliksense for the dimension ? (eg top 10)

Add the required dimension and measure. Under Dimension click on the limitation option and select the required limits option. Exact value, relative value and Fixed number.

Q50) What is the bar chart maximum and minimum number of dimension and Measure in Qliksense?

If you use 1 dimension multi measure up to 28 If you use 2 dimension then only 1 Measure