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Salesforce Lightning Tutorial

Salesforce Lightning Tutorial

July 20th, 2019

Salesforce Lightning Tutorial

Before we start about the technical term Salesforce lightning. I would be glad to introduce the readers about the Salesforce.com. it is a cloud computing and customer relationship management system that provides software as a service for companies all over the world. It was designed in March 1999and works from San Francisco California.

Introduction to Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce lightning is the upgraded version of the Salesforce classic. The salesforce lightning can improve a company’s way of dealing with the clients or customers. And can boost the efficiency higher, the apps of a company can be built faster and companies can work swiftly and smartly than ever. With the help of salesforce lightning, anybody can design customizable apps and work on it for better components without any effort. You can first overview the concept or features of the app then let’s understand it deeply. If you have to build an app then it is best to visit the sales force tutorial guides.

Key features of the Salesforce Lightning

  • the user does not need any codes or complexity to design apps the lightning frameworks can complete the customization process in just a few clicks.
  • The Salesforce lightning makes CRM more essential and simple with a newer and user-friendly experience. One can offer an application for every department on a few clicks.
  • the feature allows the user to reuse the used codes without any transgression on the customization made previously and hence it makes the process cost-efficient.


the salesforce lightning has a new and developed Graphical User Interface that can enhance the speed which comprises of the lightning feature, template-based communities, and sales force mobile applications.

The lightning app builder:

The lightning app building can facilitate with his/her needs and can make a customized app with drag and drop options.

The lightning framework and components:

the lighting framework is a javascript that allows the users to reuse the components of the customized apps and can build stand-alone apps by making changes in the sales force 1 mobile app.

The app exchange components:

The app exchange components make the 50 partner components available for the in-app builder.

Salesforce lighting design system:

The lighting design system facilitates the user with guides for app development and user experience (UX).

The salesforce lightning connects integration:

The salesforce lightning connect system allows the user to build and integrate the data in the sales force.com which is later confirmed by the O data specification.

Other key features of the salesforce lightning

Being one of the most trusted and liked app builder the salesforce lightning offers app-building in simple steps. The navigation system of building apps is very simple one can build the app by watching the sales force tutorial guides. If any queries arise the designers get a help email right from the sales force. The product record can be updated and saved so that the app can remind about the product that has to be added. The app builder has new calling features. It becomes easy for the sales representative to manage the track records of the sales of a company. Skype services are also available here.
The salesforce lighting developer regularly releases the videos and articles for the help of the users to enhance then with the new technologies and hence make their work easier. The salesforce lightning is compatible with desktop and mobile which simplifies the work of a sales team of a business. The data of a customer can be stored and made available whenever needed. Each and every single component designed by the sales force lighting makes is mobile friendly and can work on any type of device like android, windows, or Mac.

Project work on Salesforce Lightning

Every company can create its own business logic

Salesforce lighting allows users to personalize their business logic. The process of making the whole app only requires clicks and tools which include app builder and community builder which one can view in the salesforce tutorial. The huge problems that arise during app development can be easily solved using the framework tools like apex which is a similar coding language like Java. The software comprises of cloud and API’s that create compile and decode the codes.

Salesforce users can customize their user interface

The component frameworks in the Salesforce lighting uses modern structures like apex on the server sides and fetch clients with java scripts. The designer of the app can use drag and drop facilities in the sales force lightning app builder to design and construct the apps that are both mobile and desktop friendly.

Easy integration for the third party applicants

Salesforce lightning offers different clues to build and design an app.  The no-code integration from sales forces connect can help you to create an app without any coding language. Other external services like wizards can help one connect a variety of systems to their app.  If the user has some special integration demands then API’s like REST and SOAP are also available in the lighting feature.

Build your app with combining salesforce lightning Designing tools DX”

The complicated work of building your app is simplified by combing the sales force DX tools to your designing.  There is no compulsion that you have to only use the sales force DX you can also use Intellij or sublime if you have the knowledge about it.

The reason behind the success of lightning

The main reason behind the huge traffic on salesforce lightning is the productivity offered by the company. The contextualized information about the various features user like in Salesforce lightning is discussed below. The salesforce lightning tutorial makes the tough process of a visitor into small steps.

Salesforce interactive tabs

The salesforce interactive tabs can be one among the other reasons from which the sales force.com drives the traffic to its site.

What are the interactive tabs?

Before the update of lightning interactive tabs in the sales force, the classic was in use. Then click on the relevant information that can drive the user to the relevant page. But the new update of lighting a drop-down feature is visible. Jut by clicking it one can get the information or extra features.

Activity timeline

If you are a previous user of the salesforce site. Then you might be familiar with the icon like “activities” timeline.   This component is useful because it stores all the information from past to future.  By the help of this one can view all the past activities like mails, and special events in a characterized order. This is useful for the sales representatives of the company to carry out the task that is due. The “log a call” feature can save the activities that are yet to come in feature and remind the representatives with notifications.

Salesforce Home page components

The working procedures for the home page components are changed when compared to the past in salesforce. The company also supplies some of the components prior to the customers to help them to arrange the data on the home page.
I would like to explain you with an example. The salesforce offers components like news widgets, performance view on tables and charts, recent records and the top deals offered by the user’s company. The user can customize such details from the app exchange which is developed by the ISV’s.

Path to obtain high sales

I would recommend this feature as the best one because it showcases the project work of a company’s sales team and offers new tips and tricks to improve sales. The path feature helps the sales representatives and works as an extra helping hand. The key fields can be entered here and which the path reviews and gives notifications. This feature is helpful for all the companies unmindful whether they are experienced or are new to the market. The path notifies with the key fields for changes.

Salesforce lightning assistant feature

The assistant feature summarizes every detail about the to-do list which takes the base from changing parameters of a company’s record.
The assistant helps the sales departments by fetching valuable insights and tips to progress deals smoothly.

Find data in the related to your search in list view search

When you are in record time use the list view search to find all the data related to it. The list view search icon is available next to the list view controls icon. The keyboard short cut for the list view search is g + f. you can also customize the list view search option and add it to the place where you need it by making changes in the lightning app builder.


The most liked thing in the sales force lightning is that it is flexible. The salesforce lightning comes with a diversity of features including accounts, contacts, contracts, orders and much more. The lightning feature makes the process of addition of new components for a business case. The new features of salesforce include marketing cloud, analytics, and other specified module s that help to build an enterprise infrastructure.  The user can add workflow tasks to the lightning process builder without any knowledge of coding. The addition of triggers from the apex is also easy because it does not require any competent coding language which simplifies the task of app developers. The new addition of the salesforce tutorial ppt helps the person in divided slides to build an app.

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