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Salesforce Vs Servicenow

Salesforce Vs Servicenow

May 14th, 2019

Salesforce Vs ServiceNow

Salesforce is a CRM platform that is also cloud-based. CRM means Customer Relationship Management. It is used to supercharge every part of the company especially the parts that interact with the customer directly. It includes commerce, marketing, service, sales etc. For different services different clouds are provided. For example sales cloud for sales team, marketing cloud for marketing team etc. It offers a variety of SaaS and PaaS. It provides various software solutions and mostly a platform for users and developers to develop and distribute custom software.

Features of Salesforce

Interaction Management:

Action of client, contact specifics plus their history to be observed and account deliberations etc. are handled in this feature. Overall, it involves data management related to customer.


Marketing team has been intended for a client in numerous campaigns to be fixated on making adapted contactSales alarms based on the grade of appointment with a client in a actuality.

Collaboration in Sales:

It involves closing a contract based on client queries and response for finding authorities. In a nutshell, it deals with a supportive effort to include an entire squad in the deal and make it work.

Occasion’s Management:

It provides the particulars of the products from occasion to occasion and citation involved in the agreement. While in short, it accomplishes all the statistics that helps in recognizing, progressing and concluding a transaction.

Performance Management:

This aids in improving the presentation of the sales crew. This delivers a metric-based aim setting, and its response and prizes.

Lead Management:

Following the leads in progress is a tedious task but is necessary for enhancing movements across all channels. It helps in that too.

Partner Management:

To structuring a community with associates for serving the connectivity in a straight line with channel associates for sharing aims and events, it plays an important part.


Later to mechanize the business procedures, visual scheming is used here. For drag-drop choices, interface will offer the conniving the approval course with deal reductions and expenditure management etc.

What is Servicenow?

Servicenow is ITSM i.e. IT service management platform that delivers service organization software as a facility. It concentrates on IT services administration which also includes IT operations supervision along with business management. It has a wider range of functions. Typically, it is useful for mid-sized and big companies however it could be to other business requirements of every specific enterprise separately. Furthermore, it is also cloud-based, and that makes it accessible.

Features of Servicenow

Programmed Testing:

The Programmed Testing structure makes use of computerized authentication trials to allow users fast-tracking requests into invention and refute risks for novel apps while concentrating on functionality. Programmed testing eliminates the necessity for distinct test files or the requirement to execute rollbacks for maximum time.


It makes use of tests that reflect user activities devoid of any scripting by initializing a form, authenticating field values, submitting a form etc. Though, extra server-side scripting could also achieve complex operations using JavaScript.

No Integration:

It’s solitary, integral tool and not just a collection of a several platforms consequently, there’s no requirement of maintaining integrations. It has mobile as well as browser version.

Difference Between Salesforce And Servicenow

Following table displays some of the dissimilarities of these two platforms:





Cloud based CRM that helps in tracking activity of customers etc.

Platform to democratize expansion and empower building apps to systematize processes in an organization.


Organizations with multiple departments to handle.

For event management with ordering queue.

Platform supported

Web, iPhone, Android.

Windows phone


Begins at $75 per month.

Begins at $100 per month.


More preferred because of platform range.

Less preferred.

Ease of using

Easy data input and data access.

Easy customization and app building.


Permits hundreds of integrations.

Only a few integrations are allowed.

Type of customers

Small business, freelancers, mid-size business and enterprise.

Mid-size business and enterprise.

Asset Tracking

Is supported.

Is not supported.

Accessibility Management

Is provided.

Is not provided.

Release management

Is provided.

Is not provided.

Deployment management

Is supported.

Is not supported.


Live online training is provided.

There is no provision for live online training.

Main clients

Sprouts, Aldo, Coca-Cola, Spotify etc.

Al Jazeera, Informa PLC, Flextronics.

Audit Trail

Is supported.

Is not supported.

Chat and conferencing

Is supported.

No provision of chat.

Collaboration tools

Are supported.

Are not supported.

Workflow configuration

Cannot be done.

Can be done easily.

Custom landing page

Is provided.

Is not provided.

Customizable templates

Are provided.

Are not provided.