How Social Media Helps to Increase Your Website Traffic?

by GangBoard Admin, December 27, 2016

Social Media: What it is about?

Social media is the combination of online communication that allow community based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration. Popularly used Social Medias are Facebook, Google+, twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Today everyone are connected with social media, every valuable information’s are shared in social media with in a second. Let us discuss how various social media help to increase website traffic.


  • Sharing content – We can share a content regarding our website which would reach multiple people which in turn increase traffic to our web site. It is advised to share unique and crisp content which would lead to high traffic
  • Sharing Facebook post – We can share good images with a valuable content containing link which would help to increase the traffic to our website. If our image and contents are cache it would be shared by many people and our image would reach many place which in turn stimulates traffic to websites


  • Updating your profile – Since Google+ is the part of Google it would be better if we complete our profile. It is advised to add profile picture and cover photo that is related to our business and web sites, Adding tag line related to business and web sites and finally writing short description with more keyword will help to increase the traffic
  • Creating own circles – It would be good if we create a group of people related to our business and taking lots of effort to make them fallow
  • Sharing updates frequently – It would be better if we share the updates frequently which in turn help to increase traffic to websites


Twitter is one of the most Popular social media .Twitter is used by many people it easy to use and becoming more popular let see how twitter help to drive traffic

  • Creating profile and make it interesting – The users of twitter see the profile and user name first, so we should make our profile interesting hence many people would visit our page
  • Updating URL in our profile – Updating URL address in profile will help to increase the traffic
  • Sharing profile – Sharing profile with friends and co-workers would help to increase the traffic
  • Making Tweets regularly – Tweeting useful information with unique and cache information will make many people to see them which would help to increase the traffic


LinkedIn is the business and employment oriented social networking site which operates through internet. LinkedIn is mainly used by many professional so let’s see how LinkedIn help to increase traffic.

  • Creating cache profile – Making profile more cache would make lots people to see our profile so making profile cache will help to increase the traffic
  • Updating status regularly – Sharing more content will help to increase the traffic to websites
  • Joining targeted groups – Joining with people who related to your business and sharing will help to increase the traffic

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