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How to Solve Issues with Selenium

How to Solve Issues with Selenium

February 15th, 2017

When it comes to test automation tools, Selenium wins the roost. It is the most acknowledged test tool that is used in almost every mid to high level organization. The demand for Selenium experts is huge and wages they taking home are great. Year 2016, saw the rise in demand of these experts and 2017 will be no different rather it will be even better. People looking in to join this elite brigade can avail Selenium Online Training and can kick start their career in this field. In this blog we will understand more about this tool and how it helps solving issues that most other tools fail to pick up.

  • Compatibility: The thing that makes this tool a winner is its usability. It is compatible with almost every major programming language such as: C#, Ruby, Python, PHP etc. Developers working or familiar with such languages can easily use this tool for their benefit. A good developer in any programming language can easily undertake Selenium Training and understand its core components.
  • Heavy Java Influence: This tool is written in Java. Therefore, Java trainees or developers are able to understand and use this tool more efficiently. A developer with a good understanding of Java can easily assess its libraries and tutorials.
  • Selenium IDE: It is one of its major tools, which can be easily integrated on Firefox. This exceptionally efficient tool can help in debugging any errors in the code. This tool also allows recording and editing, which further improves the code. In others words a mighty awesome tool to have and use.
  • Unique Web Driver: Another smashing ability of this tool is its Web driver. It can easily control web browsers from operating system level. This tool adds great support in testing dynamic web pages. Another great addition for the developers who are looking to solve issues using this tool.
  • Grid: This tool allows capturing browser screen shots which in turn help developers to study the codes even when it refreshes itself. Also this feature allows them to cut short the testing time. All in all a handy tool at disposal. A good Selenium Training covers all these elements profoundly well.
  • Open Source: Unlike its competitor frameworks that require special licence this is an Open source framework. This means you can easily download it and use it without any permission or licence. Also, this framework supports multiple browsers, so developers don’t make any major adjustment to their working process. All these additions make this tool extremely powerful to deploy and use.

Selenium is a powerful tool that is being used by most companies all over the world. As mentioned above the demand for Selenium experts is at a time high. Anyone with zest to grow in this field can undergo a good Selenium Online Training and reap benefits. Every few months something or the other is added on to this tool, which further increases its utility. Therefore, if you are looking to learn this tool, it will be a seriously good career decision.