IOS Online Training

Shocking Facts About The iOS

We all are great fans of Apple Inc. products and probably this is the reason we all get fascinated when we listen about any new product of Apple. Apple iPhones and iPads have an operating system called iOS a there are many fascinating things about this Operating System which you … Continue reading

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SAS Online Training

Want to Step Up Your Career in SAS Programming?

The internet is ruling world, and almost everybody is trying to do as much work as possible on the Internet. Hence, a lot of data is generated and this data is a waste if not used correctly and a great asset if someone utilizes it in an efficient way. Data … Continue reading

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Apache Tomcat Online Training

Where Will be Apache Tomcat 1 Year from Now?

Apache Tomcat is also known among the techies a Java Server and it is popular because it implements quite a few Java EE specifications like Java EL, JavaServer Pages, Java Servlet, and Websocket. It also provides an exclusive Java HTTP web server environment that can run codes written in Java. … Continue reading

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Apache Spark Online Training

A Step-by-Step Guide to Apache Spark

Apache is a general engine which is fast and can be used for large-scale data processing. It is a general engine which is used by the industry because of its speed, generality, ease of use, and the feature to run everywhere. There are so many reasons which will lure you … Continue reading

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CodedUI Online Training

Biggest Contribution Of CodedUI To IT Industry

CodedUI Test is actually an automation tool that is supported by certain high-level programming languages like Visual Basic, .NET, and C#. For every kind of test automation Coded UI is the best choice. Owing to many advantages of CodedUI, many big companies are concentrating on imparting CodedUI Online Training to … Continue reading

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Teradata Online Training

All You Need To Know About Teradata

To manage huge data warehousing operations Teradata Corp. produced a DMS or database management system, which is named Teradata. It is fully relational and scalable. Today, almost all big enterprises are opting for Teradata Online Training for fast and insightful analytics. A few of the benefits of Teradata could be … Continue reading

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Are You Ready for Ab initio Online training at Gangboard?

The meaning of Ab initio is, to start from the beginning. Ab initio is a software which works with the client-server model.  Here, the client is known as GDE or Graphical Development Environment and it resides on the desktop of the user. On the other hand, the back-end or the … Continue reading

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How Will be AWS In Next 5 Years_

How will be AWS in Next Few Years

There is hardly any company out there who plans to have its own public clouds and is not following the AWS or Amazon Web Services closely. Amazon Web Services is a secured cloud services platform that offers database storage and computing power to the clients. In addition to that it … Continue reading

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Will OpenStack Ever Rule the cloud computing?

OpenStack launched by Rackspace, NASA and some other around dozen developers. It is an open source project which was designed to provide a joint approach to cloud computing. This project is setfor a large share of enterprise usage. OpenStack is a platform for the cloud which facilitates the distribution of … Continue reading

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Learn How to Make More Money With MSBI

Microsoft Business Intelligence or popularly known as MSBI is quite popular nowadays. So, let us first understand what is it. Microsoft Business Intelligence is composed of effective tools which help in providing best solutions for all the data mining queries and business intelligence. It is a powerful suite which allows … Continue reading

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