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Top 10 Reasons to Learn Apache Kafka

Top 10 Reasons to Learn Apache Kafka

March 11th, 2017

When you really have to depend on the real-time data for keeping your business smooth and running, do you have any idea which tools you must use? As a typical big data analytics system, you need to choose smartly on the open-source systems. Well, a high-quality data queuing programme named Apache Kafka handles data and messages for businesses requiring keeping track of large systems.
Now, when the word is out, it appears that the whole world wants to know why we should learn Apache Kafka. What are the exclusive benefits of this open-source framework?
In this blog post, we will provide you with a plethora of benefits of getting Apache Kafka Training. Read on to know top 15 reasons for learning this open-source system:

  • High scalability levels:

    Since Apache Kafka is considered as a distributed system, it gives you the ability to scale it quickly for your specific data requirements without obtaining any downtime. Basically, it spares both time and money and helps you by offering a better analytics platform for your organisation.

  • Highly durable messaging system:

    If you always have any worry regarding your messaging system in terms of having durability, Kafka makes them highly durable. It carries on this by placing messages on disks which offer intra-cluster replication. This creates the highly durable messaging system. Note that there is no other data messaging programme on the market which is similarly strong.

  • Highly reliable messaging system:

    If you can trust in the durability of Kafka, then you will find it the most reliable messaging system. If anyhow you face a disaster, you won’t lose all important info, as it can retrieve immediately.

  • Amazing performance ability:

    Kafka offers performance for both subscribing and publishing, using the disk structures which are able to provide with a consistent level of amazing functionality, even when handling numerous terabytes of already stored messages.

  • Companion to business Hadoop infrastructure:

    Kafka is the key companion to your business Hadoop infrastructure if you require a real-time solution which offers the authentic and super-fast messaging services.

  • Integration:

    Another amazing benefit of Apache Kafka is that it works greatly with Apache HBase and Apache Storm, thus, offering you some integration with Apache programmes without any conflict.

  • Operational metrics:

    One especially interesting example is having Kafka producers and clients occasionally publish their message counts to a particular Kafka topic; a service can be utilised for comparing counts and alert if data loss happens anyway.

  • Website activity tracking:

    The web app sends events like page views and searches Apache Kafka, where they become accessible for the real-time processing, offline analytics, and dashboards in Hadoop.

  • Stream processing:

    A system like Spark Streaming reads data from a specific topic, processes it, and finally writes that processed data to a completely new topic where the users and apps finally avail it.

  • Log aggregation:

    Kafka can be utilised across a company for collecting logs from various services and making them available in a standard format to several clients, with the inclusion of Apache Solr and Hadoop.

So, these are the prime reasons why you must learn this open-source system. Contact Gangboard today if you are interested in having Apache Kafka Online Training.