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Types of Web Development Stack

Types of Web Development Stack

December 24th, 2019

What Web Development Stack?

Web Development Stack is a fast-moving field, with frameworks and libraries seemingly popping up each different day. It can be difficult to maintain the tune of the trends and recognize how they all in shape together. Unlike frameworks and libraries, net stacks are much less fleeting. There are many brand new stacks created by startups, but few have proven themselves to be constantly valuable across the industry.

Do you know what Full Stack is?

Full Stack development is one of the major and most widely used technology for developing client and server software. Full Stack is not only meant for developing CSS and HTML, it greatly helps to create a browser, database, and server. Full Stack development is highly recommended for front end development using various platforms like JSON, ES5, HTML, Bootstrap, React, Angular, Redux, Grunt, jQuery, Backbone.js, Express.js, Meteor.js and back end (Server Software) using Ruby, SQL, Python, MongoDB, Node.js, Java, C#, PHP, C++, ASP, SASS, PaaS, GO, Firebase.com, REST API, Less and many more. A Full Stack is completely tied to various development including front end, back end, database, DevOps and mobile application development. A Full Stack developer is someone who could possess different kinds of skill sets and master in developing complete software with high efficiency. The types of full stacks are LAMP, MEAN, METEOR, DJANGO, RUBY on Rails and Lightweight stack.

Advantages of Full Stack

  • Full Stack framework development is widely used for media query tasks and one-page applications.
  • Innovative feature creation for a web-based application
  • Most user-friendly web-based projects for end-users
  • Full Stack developers bag the highest salary package in the IT industry compared to other technologies.
  • They furnish the long-term solutions for web/application issues encountered
  • It takes the complete privilege of developing frond end and back end components of web application
  • If the project has a shorter budget and the need is to create a higher-end website or application with all effective features that fall onto the innovative bucket, full-stack is the only option to consider. It greatly reduces the number of developers to the project. The minimal effort and few developers would be in need along with this full-stack framework.
  • Full Stack also helps the users to deliver the project in a timely manner with its efficient framework.

Types of Web Development Stacks

Types of Web Development Stack

    Let’s have a look into the types of stacks available in the industry.

LAMP Stack

Linux web servers are made up of four software parts. These components, arranged in layers supporting one another, make up the software stack. Web Applications works on the higher level of this stack.

Lamp Stack

The software parts that are grouped up to make LAMP stack are listed below:


Linux OS is the initial/first layer for the LAMP stack. Rest of the other layers listed gets placed on top-level to the OS.


The web server sits on to the second layer which is an Apache server. This is the layer that resides on top of the Linux layer. Apache Web Server is solely responsible for the transmission between the desired website and web browsers.


MYSQL is the third layer where all the databases are available. They are responsible for storing the required information which is supposed to be used for querying and in turn for whole website construction. The database system usually takes a position on the top layer of Linux. MYSQL can also be tied up to a different server.


PHP is the highest layer, and this is considered to be a final layer of all other layers listed. Web Applications and Websites usually resides inside this layer. PHP is called the scripting layer which has PHP and other programming languages.

MEAN Stack

Mean Stack
Mean stack is a bundle of JavaScript programming language that is widely applicable for developing web-based applications. MEAN is nothing but MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. MEAN stack is extended from client-side to the server-side database and it is the only full-stack JavaScript for the development.
MEAN stack is majorly used for creating applications. NodeJS falls onto the server-based execution environment that runs on a Java scripting language. They are used in creating a scalable application in a steady mode. MEAN stack platform is built on Google Chrome. Next, Express framework is one of the lightest build frameworks which is called for creating a web application.
It furnishes many numbers of efficient features for multiple web-based applications. On the other hand, MongoDB is a NoSQL storage system. They save data in the form of binary digits. For passing the data successfully between the server and client, JSON format makes the job an easier way. AngularJS makes the user have a two-way binding of data with ease. The front-end development process is made possible with the use of AngularJS.


Meteor Stack
Meteor runs on a JavaScript programming platform for creating web-based and mobile applications. This Full Stack has a set of high technologies to build applications that are reactive and a building tool.

  • Meteor makes the user create or develop web-based applications in one single scripting language which is JavaScript in all available environments like browsers, mobile equipment, and application-based servers.
  • They are applicable for using the data set. Here the web server transfers the data and not the HTML. After the data is transferred, the client would render it.
  • Meteor brings the user an extremely super-fast JavaScript programming kit in a highly effective way.
  • Meteor gives the privilege of using the reactivity concept in full-stack so that the user can define the web application with a very limited developing effort.

Django Stack

Django framework is combinedly used with python related stacks. There are a variety of creative features that can be inbuilt to the web application for wider usability. Django is used to deploy creative features for developing web applications. Here python is used within for great scalability and developers can highly concentrate on creative innovations with the help of Django. Python being a famous programming language, it gels with the Django full-stack framework for finished web-based application development.

Ruby on Rails Stack

Ruby On rails
Ruby on Rails is one of the most used and popular web application frameworks and it is available on the web as an open-source full-stack. The ruby on rails is entirely built with a programming language, Ruby. It is used for building applications that are complex and also for very simple applications. There is no boundary with ruby on rails for creative web-based application development.
Any number of interactive features can be developed in a user-friendly manner. Some of the popular sites that used ruby on rails are Scribd, Github, ask.fm, twitch, Shopify, Soundcloud, zendesk, Kickstarter. All of these popular companies have taken the usage of ruby on rails to help their customers in a better way.

The Lightweight Stack- Java&Spring:

Again, Spring is a full-stack framework process runs on  Java scripting language. This Framework is considered to be the most light-weight framework structure because in no way its harmful to the web application creation. It weighs around 2 MB(Megabyte) and it is one of the tiny framework elements.
The tiny framework eliminates most of the developer tasks like interface implementation and makes the developers concentrate on innovative feature development for a web-based application. Injection of dependency is the concept used to combine components altogether.
The spring is set in such a way that the users can concentrate on the important factors in the development perspective. Spring dependency injection allows the user to separate the classes without losing the dependency access.
I hope you are aware of the full stack types and their advantages by now. Always go for the best tool to increase your business success and also get into a fine career with good pay.

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