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Top 10 Examples of Artificial Intelligence being used in our daily life

Top 10 Examples of Artificial Intelligence being used in our daily life

February 22nd, 2019

In today’s day-to-day life artificial intelligence has evolved as a popular subject in both the technology and business space. Many experts are of the opinion that AI or machine learning is the new future. The entire world is debating on the growing impact of AI in shaping the future but in reality, if we look around it is not only the future- it is rather the present. The artificial intelligence is affecting the decisions and lifestyle in our everyday life. With the advancement in technology we are already connected to AI in some way or the other and Siri, Watson, Alexa are the burning examples of our growing dependencies in our daily life.

These are advanced machine learning software’s with their behavioral algorithms can easily adapt to likes and dislikes. In a larger picture, AI is not only getting smarter, but it is also rather improving the skills and usefulness in our daily life. Let’s have a look at some of the popular examples of artificial intelligence that are being used today.


It has become a popular personal assistant offered by Apple. The familiar female voice-activated computer interacts with the user on a daily basis. She assists you in giving direction, helps you send messages, adds events to your calendar, makes voice calls, open apps and many more. This automated digital personal assistant makes use of.


Not only smartphones, even the automobiles are also impacted by this growing influence of artificial intelligence. If you are car fanatic, then Tesla is one of the best cars available with its unique features, predictive capabilities, and self-driving.


Co-founded by Dr. Sandy and Joshua, Cognito is the best example of a behavioral adaptation and machine learning to improve customer interaction for the customer support professionals. It provides real-time guidance in improving their behavior.


It is definitely a popular and remarkable technology solution that exists in the present scenario. Based on an exhaustive list of 400 songs, each song is manually analyzed by the team and based on the analysis, the songs are recommended that would have gone unnoticed despite people’s liking.


It is a popular streaming service that needs no introduction. This popular service provider makes use predictive technology based on peoples interest, recommendations, choices, and behavior.

Nest (Google)

It is one of the famous and popular artificial intelligence startups acquired by Google. It makes use of machine learning technology and learns your heating and cooling needs and accordingly adjusts the temperature of your house.


This Company is heavily dependent on machine learning practices to improve customer experience in the travel industry. Through the application of A.I., the company has come a long way in engaging with their clients in a new way.

Flying Drones

The drones are a very powerful machine learning system that translated video images into 3D models. The cameras and sensors can identify the position of the drones by attaching them on top of the ceiling. You can easily control drones by using Wi-Fi and are used for several purposes such as video recording, product making, news reporting etc.


Launched by Amazon, echo is quite similar to ‘Alexa’ this intelligent voice-controlled personal assistant is a revolutionary product that comes with a series of additional features such as searching on the web, schedule appointments, control lights, switches, reads audio books, local business, scores.


The transactional A.I. in Amazon is definitely one of the finest examples that are being used today. Amazon’s refined algorithms with a smart capability of predicting exactly what you are looking at. It analyses the customer purchase behavior and suggests options based on our previous purchases. Amazon is planning to even ship the products before you click the purchase button.

The above-mentioned examples give a fine idea of how artificial intelligence is gradually creating an impact in our lives. Whether you are seeking the assistance of Siri, Echo, Alexa or any other popular devices in our daily life, it is pretty evident that A.I. is gradually impacting our choices in a big way.