What is Python?

by GangBoard Admin, November 16, 2018

What is Python?

General Application Programming with Python- Released in 1991, since the time Python is taken as the gap-filler and one of the most amazing solutions for writing scripts and automating the boring stuff with rapid prototype development that can be implemented in multiple languages later. During the last few years, Python emerged as the first-class development solution in the modern IT marketplace. This is no more a traditional utility language only but taken as the major force for web development and systems management. The language is a key driver in big data analytics and machine intelligence.

Why Python? What are the key advantages?

Till the time we have learned what is Python but the discussion is incomplete without focusing on the key advantages of the programming language.

key advantages of python

Python can be learned quickly

Most of the features of the Python programming language can be learned with little investment of time and efforts. It takes only a few minutes in writing your first Python program. Also, the syntax of the programming language is relatively easy to read and understand. The simplicity of the language is the major reason why it is so popular among tech-savvy and newcomers as well. So, developers could spend their valuable time solving the tough problems instead of thinking about the language complexities.

Python can be adopted broadly

Python is not only popular but it is used broadly based on surveys conducted by the GitHub. Python could run on almost all operating systems either it is major or minor. Even a plenty of libraries and APIs have Python wrappers or bindings, letting Python interface to integrate freely with those APIs and libraries. The only disadvantage of the programming language is its speed. Python is not the fastest programming language still it is versatile and adopted broadly.

Python can be used professionally

Python is a powerful scripting language that can be used to build professional software programs with utmost quality. These software apps can be used as a standalone application or web service too. The basic use case for Python language is scripting or automation. This is not just a replacement for batch files or shell scripts but it can be used to enable automated interactions with GUIs or web browsers etc. Hence, scripting and automation are the tip of the iceberg with Python.

Once you are sure on Python advantages and why it is broadly accepted by organizations and developers, let us learn the general application programming with Python.

Learn General application programming with Python

This is possible creating both cross-platform or command-line apps with Python.  Python does not have the native ability to develop a standalone binary app from a script but the third-party packages in python can be used to accomplish the same. Here are the general application programming areas where Python can be used successfully.

application programming with Python

Data science, AI, Or machine learning with Python

Data analysis, AI or machine learning are the most growing areas in IT and important use cases of Python as well. A plenty of libraries that are utilized in AI or data science have Python interfaces. Today, Python has become one of the popular languages for numeric algorithms and tools designing.

Restful APIs or Web services in Python

The native libraries and third-party web frameworks in Python are most convenient and faster ways to generate everything from web services to REST APIs or data-driven sites. The latest versions of Python are more supportable for asynchronous operations where thousands of requests can be managed together within second with the help of a robust set of libraries.

Code generation or metaprogramming in Python

When we are talking about the Python then everything is an object including libraries, modules etc. In the technical marketplace, Python is taken as the most efficient code generator where writing apps are easy with multiple functionalities and extensibility that is difficult to pull off with other languages.

What is Glue code in Python?

The other name for Python is Glue Language that can let disparate code interoperate. With the same reason, it is used with data science or machine learning frequently. This is just one area of application but it can be used for many other domains too.

This is clear from the discussion that Python is more suitable for application programming but it is not a good option for system-level programming. Further, it could be taken ideal for the standalone binaries or cross-platform apps. The app development with Python is always elegant and simple.

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