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Why we are using Perl?

Why we are using Perl?

August 17th, 2016

Introduction to Perl

Perl is a high level programming language which is initially designed for text manipulation but now it is used for wide-ranging range of task including web development, system administration, GUI development, network programming, etc. Commonly used for extracting information from text file also Perl is used to convert the text file into another form. Perl supports for object oriented programming (OOPS) and functional programming (FP). If you learnt completely about Perl means you can easily pick up the courses like .net, java script. Nowadays most of the companies demands for Perl developers. If you learn Perl means definitely you will have good future. Perl is also useful stepping stone for ANSI and C++.

Necessity to learn Perl

  • Easy to understand
  • Useful language
  • Open source

Easy to understand

Perl code is very easy to understand. If you are using Perl means you can avoid idiosyncrasies like memory allocation and freeing, etc.……. Perl code is brief and effective. With your small amount of effort you can write a code for whole unix.

Useful Language

Perl has been successfully used for many diverse tasks such as text processing, system admin, number crunching, quality assurance, house software, open source software. And it can also be used in vlsi automation tool

Perl is open source

Perl is completely open source and it has been used for open source or non-open source commercial software.

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