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How will be AWS in Next Few Years

How will be AWS in Next Few Years

April 17th, 2017

There is hardly any company out there who plans to have its own public clouds and is not following the AWS or Amazon Web Services closely. Amazon Web Services is a secured cloud services platform that offers database storage and computing power to the clients. In addition to that it provides content delivery and other beneficial services to the business to help them grow. With the help of Amazon Web Services millions of companies in the world are creating sophisticated applications with heightened flexibility, reliability, and scalability.

AWS is growing powerful!

In a recent report by Amazon the cloud computing section of Amazon has reported to have collected a total of $3.2 billion in revenue, which is up by 55% from the earlier years. This puts AWS at somewhat closer to the $13 billion annual revenue mark by the year 2017. Today Amazon Web Services work closely with organizations like GE, Pinterest, and AWS Cloud that allows the customers to have a different experience on the Internet. Some of the positive features of AWS are sophisticated server configurations, powerful tools for big data creation and analysis, and a wide range of database engines. All these are also making AWS Online Training popular and companies like Gangboard are providing such training to the employees and future jobseekers.

What does the crew of AWS have to say?

According to what Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wrote to the shareholders recently, AWS is a business that is growing at a faster pace than Amazon itself. After 10 years of operation of both the company’s online retail presence and the cloud computing services, the CEO claims that AWS is on its way to become a $10 billion annual business by the end of this year. With AWS Online Training for its employees, ever company is going to benefit in the cloud computing sector. GangBoard and companies like this are providing the best of training to the professionals. He added, “AWS is bigger than Amazon.com was at 10 years old, growing at a faster rate, and – most noteworthy in my view – the pace of innovation continuous to accelerate.” Back in the year 2015, Amazon Web Services added around 722 new features and that amounted to an increase in its revenue by almost 40 percent. Talking of the success of Amazon Web Services, Bezos further added, “Many characterized AWS as a bold – and unusual – bet when we started…We could have stuck to the knitting. I’m glad we didn’t.”

Competition faced by Amazon Web Services

It is definitely true that with Microsoft and Google giving a tough competition in the sector of cloud computing to Amazon, the time has come when Amazon takes some steps to keep out the competitors. A few years down the line, the margins in the cloud will lessen between different players. Amazon might have to keep its margins low to be able to fight the competitors well. The trust factor and the reliability that the company has established over the years are surely going to be helpful. The market of cloud computing understand it by the name Amazon just like “searching” on the Internet has come to be commonly termed as “Googling”.
Whatever be the situation of It infrastructure, cloud computing is going to be the main focal point of interest for almost all information technology tasks. And, so Amazon Web Services is here to stay!