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Data science is the outcome of the open data and digitalized data which is being generated from the devices, IOT, media, website, data bases from companies and through cloud. The value of Data Science Certification Course are accelerating as data and flow of data are showing different patterns for understating the strength, weakness, threats and opportunities dealt with every business. Gang Board offers you the courses with real-time environment to enhance the customer lifetime value, critical insight in to the data and 360 degree angle towards the business. Data Science Certification Training is meant for the fresher and experience who want to pursue Data Scientist job.
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Python Certification Course

Python Certification Training will give you the knowledge to master the coding for the developer job which requires knowledge from multitude of languages. Python is the dynamic and simple language which is used for the web development, testing, networking, web scraping and data analysis which has wide scope in the IT field. Python is especially good in data handling techniques. After the Python Certification Training the Job Support and the eventual Placement Training are suitable for the fresher profile and professionals looking for a transition in to the Python or Data science industry. Python is suitable for enhancing the security with the applications as it is simple, clean, dynamic which supplies the rapid code and supports for the different strategies for the implementation of security. Python can penetrate a web browser and even a small router for the security. As Python is highly used for the data analysis Data Science Certification Training includes the Python in the syllabus coverage.

Machine learning Certification Training

Machine Learning Certification Training is a part of the Data Science Certification Training as it is widely used in Data Science. Every machine has its own algorithm which is used to collect the data and use the data. The data handling capacity and the automation interface made Python as a popular language for the machine learning. Other programming languages cannot handle the huge data as big volume of data only can teach the patterns or algorithms to the machines. Thus Machine learning with Python is part of the Data Science certification Training to analyze the data technically and statistically. The Live Instructor will create the skills through the projects, assignments, hand out materials and customization in to the course with clear interpretation about the subjects.

R Certification Training

R is the data cleaning technique created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman in the year 1990 with an inter-relation in to statistical platform. R Certification Training will educate the learners to analyze the data with R programming which is the ideal choice for the Data scientists. Face book and twitter use R programming language to monitor the users. Bank of America use R programming for visualization with banking data. New York Times use R programming for the data journalism. R has its wide reach in social media, banking, and journalism which boast the learners to learn Data analytics with R. The Real Time Training with the industry experts is definitely a wise investment of time and money in the R Certification Training. The trainers will shed light on the topics with incremental syllabus which makes the learners to participate in the class and the learners will not miss even a single class. The participation and the dedication come in a natural manner with the best Training Institute which is the reason for the massive success of our students.

Data Analytics with R programming Certification Training

In the data era the Data scientist job is the fascinating one for which Data Analytics with R Programming certification Training is the knowledge on demand. Data scientists are placed to handle the mundane data to maintain the quality in the business, promote the business and predict the business. Promoting the business requires the statistical strategies and machine learning techniques which is handled by the R programming as it is the advanced level statistical language. The Data Science Certification Training is conducted with an industrial exposure as all the advance level courses are tagged as for Placement Training. Professionals can use the Real Time Training for building the portfolio with diversified exposure with the best Training Institute.

Learn Data Analytics with R Programming Certification Training as R programming language collaborates with the other languages like C, C++ to communicate with the devices and other tools like SAS and SPSS to integrate the data analysis. Ggplot2 and plotly are the robust libraries to add more insight with clean visualization techniques for detailed analysis in to the data. Data structure of R is simple with double dimensional as vectors which made the language popular over Python and C language.

Data Science Certification Training with statistics

Statistics is used in the enterprises to handle the risk factor with real time data which gives the detailed predictions with accuracy. Join for the Data Science Certification Training with statistics to become the Data Scientist with expertise knowledge in statistics. The confusion of the difference between the statistics and Data science occurs till date. “Jim Gray” one of the popular scientist said that Data Science is the fourth paradigm of the science as it has the nature of the science. Bayesian statistics, dimensionality reduction, regression, bootstrapping, Sampling, and probability are the concepts applied over the data patterns to analyze the data. Live Instructor will make the concepts memorable with the Project support which is given only after the completion of Data Science Certification Course. Assignments are small projects given for every concept and real time projects are given as a multi dimensional project which covers all the concepts of Data Science.

R Certification Training course with Decision Tree modeling

Data Science Certification Training will cover the Decision Tree modeling to know about the common terms like splitting, parent and child node, root node, decision node, terminal node, pruning, and sub tree in data science. Decision tree model will teach the algorithms to take the inputs with value towards quantity which aids for the optimum decision making. Formatting the data is very helpful in getting the decisions with accuracy.

Retail Banks and Analytics

Predictive models from the Data analytics will aid for the structuring of the huge problems faced by the private sector banks and public sector banks. Data Analytics Certification Training is given importance in the banking sector where the process related to the customer acquisition, portfolio management, product management, and risk management are the crucial subjects. The service of the banks and the schemes of the banks are the reasons for the success of the banks where the analytics makes it competitive to dominate the industry. The impractical things become practical with the linear regression in predictive models. Live Online Training is designed with online examples and online tasks which gives insight in to different types of financial analysis with Data Analytics.

R Certification Training used for advanced predictive modeling

Advanced predictive model in Data Science Certification Course will be suitable for learners with statistical and mathematical background. Predictive model is applied in multiple industries where the human centered decisions are surpassed by the data analysis. Even financial advisors will look in to the data science tools before predicting the market as it is one step forward to the traditional analysis with formulas. The information regarding the patients in the health care domain is helpful for the research about the diseases and also improves the administration quality. Defect tracking is changing the traditional manufacturing models and bringing in more quality. By learning the predictive model analysis the eminent sectors of the economy such as the health care, finance and manufacturing will ramp up to the high level growth. Join for the Data Science Certification Course by which one can utilize the big opportunities waiting in the global job market.

SAS Certification Training

SAS Certification Training gives insight in to the functionalities of business though graphics and coding. Startup companies and big enterprises use SAS as it is the cost effective tool with effective data handling techniques. SAS is used for the processing of data with RAM, do parallel computation and distribute the data for the data driven analysis. As artificial intelligence and machine learning are taking away the monotonous human jobs Data analytics are creating new jobs for the human intelligence. With the SAS Certification Training one can learn about SAS libraries, SAS data types, formatting, ODS, handle the raw data, format the input, handle the in stream data, variables used in the data set, SAS functions, mathematical functions, date functions, string functions, descriptive statistics, combining the data, and different types of array. Learn SAS as it comes as one of the stream in Data Science Certification Course to handle the data with different models. Professionals with experience in cloud, data warehousing and infrastructure design have horizontal and vertical growth with data science. Learning Data Science Certification Course is the best choice for the fresher’s and experienced. GangBoard offers wide range of courses with data analysis and data science which caters to the recent trends in the job industry.

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