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Python Certification Training in Mumbai India

Python is one of the most used programming languages in the IT industry. The Python programming language is very easy to master and implement procedure is also very simple in any software development for all this features it is the most preferred programming language for the developers. Mumbai is a famous city and also the business hub of India. It is very tough to get a proper job in Mumbai without some extra capabilities, and without technical knowledge you cant be able to make your carrier in IT industry not only in Mumbai but also in India. So if you wish to be an IT professional then Python Online Training Course is one of the best courses you can train yourself to get a job in IT industry in India. GangBoard provided Python Online Training Course suitable for both fresher and experience candidate in Mumbai. If you are from non-IT sector and wish to get a placed in IT sector then Python Online Training Course is an ideal course for you in Mumbai, because there is no prerequisite for the Python Online Training Course.The Python Online Training Course designed by GangBoard is very unique from other provider thats why a simple graduate candidate can easily enrol name in the course and after completion became a Python Developer. In GangBoard in Mumbai we provide individual trainer for every single candidate. The provided trainers are master in both theoretical and practical knowledge and have working experience in the field for 8-10 years. You will get detailed theoretical and in job practical knowledge from them to become the best in the Python developer field. The trainers will help you in completing real-time projects in your practical workshop and guide you to pass the certification exam with qualification marks. You also get assistance from the trainer to build a perfect resume for the IT companies.In India a trained fresh Python Developer professional can easily get 2.5L-3L INR salary per year at the starting of his carrier and an experience Python Developer can get from 6L-15L INR per year. The salary will increase as you gain more experience in the field.

Python Training in Mumbai

Join Python training in Mumbai to give your career a strong boost in trending Technology by transforming it into a Data Scientist role or Python Developer. Python is a simple interpreter based, high level object oriented generic programming language containing various frameworks and libraries and can be used to design and build an application and prototype with ease. Today, Python is used mainly for web development applications. We provide Best Python Training in Mumbai. Learn Python Training in Mumbai from Python Experts. With a large and ever growing library of reusable components and nuggets, Python is continuously gaining grounds as a simple and easy to work with Web programming language. It has surpassed Java as the top language used to introduce American students to programming and computer science. As it plays a significant role in working with Data Science its been mandatory for the data scientists to Learn Python courses. This Python course in Mumbai will help you to work on Machine Learning with Python, Data Analytics with Python and Web Scraping using Python and give you hands on development experience and prepare you to become a professional Python programmer. Python Course of GangBoard is an all inclusive program that will introduce you to the Python development language and expose you to the essentials of object oriented programming, game development, and web development.

Best Python Training in Mumbai

GangBoard is the pioneer in rendering the best Python training in Mumbai. If you are looking for Best Python Training in Mumbai, then Join GangBoard. Our trainers are industry leading experts. Who got high experience working with multinational companies. The trainers are the backbone of python training. The course curriculum that is prepared is always kept in mind that any student who learn python courses should be in a position to crack the interviews and also be confident and innovative in solving the real time challenges that are faced by companies using python technologies.The top IT training Institute, GangBoard is offering Python online certification training in Mumbai. The online course led by a top class instructor can help you understand the basics of the programming language, its architecture and syntax, development of applications in object-oriented mode. As Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are spreading their branches, Python is emerging as the main instrument in the development sector.
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About Course

Python is that popularly used programming language in the world that is compatible with high-end frameworks like Big data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and so on. Python is witnessing huge popularity among software developers since it can easily be integrated with all other technologies and offer higher productivity. Python online certification training in Mumbai by Gangboard helps you utilize fully the very concepts of the programming language and create a simple code that is robust and functional. If you opt for this python training course designed by Gangboard you will be able to gain knowledge about the design philosophy, architecture, the basics of scripts through online practice sessions. Python online certification training in Mumbai by Gangboard offers registered candidates access to materials, webinars and presentation guidance. Highly qualified and professional instructor-led online course to provide the coaching to the online registered candidates.

Python Online Training in Mumbai

DO you live in Mumbai and want to enrol your name in the Python Online Training? There are many training center provides training and certification but want to be trained from the expert professional then Besant Technologies is the ultimate option in Mumbai. We provide the all world class facilities for our students like Live classroom training, Live online training, 24/7 live assistance for every student, flexible class timing for every candidate, and many more. In Mumbai the Python Online Training fees is lowest in Besant Technologies than any other training provider institutes.

Learn Python Online Training in Mumbai

You are a fresh graduate and not getting any proper job then the Python Online Training in Mumbai is perfect training for you. Python Online Training will give your carrier a fine start in IT industry and you can fulfil all your dreams. Python online training is not only for fresher but also for experience candidates willing to shift their carrier from other sector. In Mumbai Besant Technology is the excellent provider for the Python Online Training with huge facilities, less course fees. We assure you that you will not be hopeless after visiting our center.

Best Python Online Certification Training in Mumbai

In Mumbai many Training Institutes provide Python Online Training and Certification but if you want to be trained from the best then visit Besant Technology. Because no one can provide all the facilities during training period and after training period within that much cost what Besant Technology can. Besant Technologies provided Python Online Training is a Job oriented training in Mumbai. We train every candidate to be an expert in his job field. We also provide the Certification after candidate pass the exam with qualification marks. The Certification provided by us valid for lifetime. Besant Technology also provides life-time assistance facilities after completion of the Python Online Training from our training centre in Mumbai. In this life-time assistance facility candidate trained from our Mumbai center will get assistance from our trainer at any time in their working field. We will also keep every candidate updated about the course from time to time. If there will be any new inclusion in the syllabus candidates will be informed in no time. Python Online Certification Training in Mumbai provided by Besant Technology is fully professional certification training.

The Python Online Certification Training designed by Besant Technology is a placement oriented Certification Training Course. We also train every candidate the technique to crack the interview and get placed in reputed IT companies. We have a special Placement Assistance cell which provides interview calls to every candidate as per their capabilities and make sure to get placed in MNC’s. An aspiring candidate needs a job with a handsome salary and job security. In Besant Technology in Mumbai we train every candidate to fulfil those needs. After you complete the Python Online Certification Training and certified as a Python Developer, there will be many job opportunities at your door step. But don’t get confused with all the offers chose the best one suitable for you to establish in your life. You can also contact with your Training Instructor in that situation and will surely get help for choosing the right job for your carrier.

Python Training Classes in Mumbai

If you want to get Python Training in Mumbai then Besant Technology is the best training institute. We provide every candidate with the facility with Live classroom training, Live online training, Hands on practical training, Real-time practical classes, in our class. The Python Online Training is fully certification training. In Mumbai Besant Technology provides Live instructor, On-job Project support, 24/7 live assistance for every candidate to train them as a professional Python developer. All the available facilities you will get in a low cost than other institutes.

Python Online Training Courses in Mumbai

In Mumbai Besant Technologies is the best Python Online Training Courses provider. We provide two training types for Python Online Training Courses, self-paced online training and instructor-led online training. Self- paced is suitable for experience candidates with basic programming knowledge, but if you are fresher we strictly recommend you for Instructor-led training. In both training types the course materials and modules are same, but the facilities are different. Python online training is a job oriented training provided by Besant Technologies in Mumbai. We give placement assistance to every candidate and after you get the job whenever you need any on-job project support we always there for you. There will be many job opportunities after you complete the Python Online Training from Besant Technologies in Mumbai. You will be assisted by the instructor to choose the right job as per you capabilities. Besant Technology is the best Python Online Training Institute in Mumbai and the candidates trained from our institute is placed in top MNC’s in Mumbai and also all over India. So it’s your turn to give your dreams a wing to fly high with Besant Technology the best Python Online Training provider institute in Mumbai.

This Python Training course offers you to understand the core knowledge of Python language, how to use it in real world applications and scenario, which helps you to do more research and upgrade or develop an application. This course is customized in a way; the participant could get current industrial standards knowledge. Even if you are new to programming or a crusty programming veteran, at the end of this training you will be able to build an application on your own. 

Python has been one of the flexible, premier and powerful open-source languages that is easy to use, easy to learn and has powerful libraries for data manipulation and analysis. It was first released in 1991 and created by Guido Van Rossum. As a generic programming language, Python give flexibility to the developer to design applications of differing complexities like chip level application to building gaming application. For over a decade, Python has been used in scientific computing and highly quantitative domains such as physics, finance, signal processing, oil, and gas. 

After completing this Python programming Certification training in Mumbai, you will be able to

  • Learn how to code python.
  • Internalize the concepts & constructs of Python
  • Programmatically download and analyze data
  • Understand the third party tools and built-in libraries.
  • Learn techniques to deal with different types of data – categorical, ordinal, encoding
  • Working with strings, flow controls and operators
  • Exploring Functions Handling and Exception Modules.
  • Learn data visualization
  • Learn tools and techniques for predictive modeling
  • Learn Machine Learning algorithms and their implementation
  • Master PyGame & game development in Python
  • Expertise in Python Django & advanced web development in Python
  • Object-Oriented Python programming
  • Working on Database access and Multi-Threads
  • Real-time example applications with Python.
  • Learn to create your own Python programs
  • Understand OOPS concept.
  • Automate your daily stuffs in work.
  • Understand the built-in libraries and third party tools.
  • Build your own applications if required.

Python training is not restricted to people of some group. This Python online training is a good fit for the below professionals,

Prerequisite: Anyone with a basic understanding of programming concepts can easily take up Python Programming. Even people with no prior programming background can learn Python and begin their programming career with Python. If you know to read English, and knowledge on mathematics with some understanding of software’s programs.

  • Graduates and Freshers who want to build their career in Python
  • A tech savy, who wish to learn new language
  • Developers aiming to be a ‘Machine Learning Engineer'
  • Business Analysts who desire to understand Machine Learning (ML) Techniques
  • Analytics Managers who are leading a team of analysts
  • Information Architects who want to get expertise in Predictive Analytics
  • JAVA programmers
  • Big Data Professionals
  • Testing Engineers
  • Network Professionals who are already working on Python Programming
  • Any aspiring game developer or web developer can take up this python course online to meet their training requirements.
  • Students or fresh graduates
  • Testing job profile
  • A tech savy, who wants to learn new language
  • At last if you are too lazy and want to automate all stuffs and your daily task, give it a shot.

Our ultimate goal is to learn this program to shape us and find a suitable place where you can upgrade more. Beat it any technologies, python could be applied over there. And it has been widely used in all technologies and almost all startups and Tier-I companies use python. So don’t worry about getting job if you know python. Even get more by doing freelancing. Python has evolved as the most preferred Language for Data Analytics and the rising search trends on Python also evinces that it is the " Next Big Thing " and a must for individuals who are in the Data Analytics field. Most of the MNC’s are now looking for Python developers. Because of its flexibility, python offers a wide range of opportunities in industries offering web development, IT consulting services, business application development, data analytics, etc.

Apart from web development, Python programming is making inroad into other generic application development space making it a very go-to programming language. Python can be used in almost all technologies. The average salaries for Python professionals are about $103,492 PA. There has been a 20 percent growth every year for Python-based jobs across industries. Python training online by GangBoard focuses on providing the learners with the latest concepts and industry relevant topics. Our expert trainers and well planned course materials guarantees for 100% success in interviews. 

Is there any placement assistance after completion of Python course?

We have a large client base and we constantly get requirements for providing good resources. On successful completion of the Python course in Mumbai and real-time project, students are requested to submit the updated profile with GangBoard. We have a separate job portal, you can apply when suitable opportunities are available.

    Generally the course will be there for 30 hours. But if you are smart enough to grab it early, then 25 hours is much more sufficient to get trained in python. Weekdays : 1 hour per day. Weekend : 3 hours on Saturday/Sunday.

    Syllabus Python Training in Mumbai India

    An Introduction to Python

    • Introductory Remarks about Python
    • Strengths and Weaknesses
    • A Brief History of Python
    • Python Versions
    • Installing Python
    • Environment Variables
    • Executing Python from the Command Line
    • IDLE
    • Editing Python Files
    • Getting Help
    • Dynamic Types
    • Python Reserved Words
    • Naming Conventions

    Basic Python Syntax

    • Introduction
    • Basic Syntax
    • Comments
    • String Values
    • String Operations
    • The format Method
    • String Slices
    • String Operators
    • Numeric Data Types
    • Conversions
    • Simple Input and Output
    • The print Function

    Language Components

    • Introduction
    • Control Flow and Syntax
    • Indenting
    • The if Statement
    • Relational Operators
    • Logical Operators
    • True or False
    • Bit Wise Operators
    • The while Loop
    • break and continue
    • The for Loop


    • Introduction
    • Lists
    • Tuples
    • Sets
    • Dictionaries
    • Sorting Dictionaries
    • Copying Collections
    • Summary


    • Introduction
    • Defining Your Own Functions
    • Parameters
    • Function Documentation
    • Keyword and Optional Parameters
    • Passing Collections to a Function
    • Variable Number of Arguments
    • Scope
    • Functions- "First Class Citizens"
    • Passing Functions to a Function
    • Mapping Functions in a Dictionary
    • Lambda
    • Closures


    • Modules
    • Standard Modules - sys
    • Standard Modules - math
    • Standard Modules - time
    • The dir Function


    • Errors
    • Run Time Errors
    • The Exception Model
    • Exception Hierarchy
    • Handling Multiple Exceptions
    • raise
    • assert
    • Writing Your Own Exception Classes

    Input and Output

    • Introduction
    • Data Streams
    • Creating Your Own Data Streams
    • Access Modes
    • Writing Data to a File
    • Reading Data From a File
    • Additional File Methods
    • Using Pipes as Data Streams
    • Handling IO Exceptions
    • Working with Directories
    • Metadata
    • The pickle Module

    Classes in Python

    • Classes in Python
    • Principles of Object Orientation
    • Creating Classes
    • Instance Methods
    • File Organization
    • Special Methods
    • Class Variables
    • Inheritance
    • Polymorphism
    • Type Identification
    • Custom Exception Classes
    • Class Documentation - pydoc

    Regular Expressions

    • Introduction
    • Simple Character Matches
    • Special Characters
    • Character Classes
    • Quantifiers
    • The Dot Character
    • Greedy Matches
    • Grouping
    • Matching at Beginning or End
    • Match Objects
    • Substituting
    • Splitting a String
    • Compiling Regular Expressions
    • Flags

    advanced concepts

    • Generators
    • Decorators
    • Iterator

    Third party modules

    • Based on students req. In general dB module, and built-in modules

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      Python Exams and Certification

      Python Training

      At end of our Python Online course, you will be assigned to work a real-time project. Once you completed assigned project with expected results we (Experts Team from GangBoard) will verify and issue Python Certificate. If you are not able to deliver expected results in the project we will support you by clarifying doubts and help you to re-attempt the project.

      GangBoard offers the python course along with the Real-Time case studies that are emphasized by the expert trainers to ensure participants both theoretical and practical knowledge. This python training consists of basic concepts of Python for Beginners, Python for Machine Learning,  deep understanding of Python Programming, Data Visualization in Python, Python in Data Mining, usage of Python in Data Analytics, Python for Artificial Intelligence and Python in Data Science. Module based assignments are conducted to ensure consistent understanding amongst the students. Python Certification is imparted by the execution of Real-Time Python Projects submitted by every student. Trainees are encouraged to practice on their technical plans and qualified guidance is assured by our certified Data Science Professional. Certificates get issued on successful completion of the course and the assessment examination.

      Python job opportunities in Mumbai

      This dynamic world is witnessing constant changes at a rapid pace. However, the popularity of the programming language never seems to stop at least for several decades. Today, Python certification is one of the most popular skills among programming languages. According to an independent 3rd party survey, it has been revealed that Python programming language is the most popular language for a person willing to pursue his or her career in data science. This claim is supported by IEEE, whose work is to track programming languages by popularity.

      Developers nowadays are realizing the need to add Python to their resumes due to its extreme popularity. Certification course in Python language has lucrative career opportunities. According to TIOBE, more than 41 large organizations worldwide have adopted Python as the primary programming language within a very short period of time. Big companies like Facebook, Reddit, Netflix, and others write most of their codes in Python. Also, it is said that Google is using Python as its second language.

      Python online certification training in Mumbai has been designed by Gangboard keeping in mind the software developers. It aims to help developers master the language. In this age of computers and programming, mastering this language can be the key to unlock numerous job opportunities especially in the field of data science and analysis. In order to extract hidden patterns from the data pool this language is used. Also, it is a preferred in Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. This certification course is sure to bag you a good job opportunity.

      Python Certification Training in Mumbai India Reviews


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