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GangBoard offers distinctive online classes to learn and excel in French language. Our well-structured French language online training program offers you a step by step insight into the language, thus enhancing your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.
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About Course

About French Language

French, the second most widely spoken language across the globe, is the official language of 41 countries and hence, a crucial vernacular from both business and travel point of view.

Our tested and approved French E learning method has gained prominence in no time. We offer elementary French learning courses for people who are keen to get a basic understanding of the language. The course includes reading, writing, listening and speaking skills with special emphasis on basic grammar, vocabulary, pronounciation and sentence formation.

Course Objectives

Now that learning a foreign language is mandatory in almost all the top-notch graduate schools, French is the most widely picked one. French online classes at GangBoard offer a multitude of exercises and activities. The idea is to help our students learn French and simultaneously measure their progress.

The curriculum strictly adheres to the guidelines of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Some of the course contents are basic grammar and vocabulary, everyday phrases, alphabets and pronunciations, cultural background, telephonic conversations- so on and so forth.

We endeavor to feature all the aspects of French Grammar and vocabulary, so you don’t miss anything. We aim to perfect your spoken language by making you familiar with the sounds of French native dialect, so your pronunciation sounds colloquial.

Who is eligible for this Course?

Our French language online course is perfectly suitable for people who have no knowledge of this language and wish to learn the basics. French is required for students and teachers alike.

Whether you are a businessman or hotelier, a scientist or world traveller- learning French will help you make your work day activities way too easier and fun filled.

So the eligibility mainly lies in your keenness to learn this vernacular. French can be learned like a breeze if done with dedication and interest.

Job Opportunities

Career avenues in French are expansive. The demand for French teachers has risen exponentially, whether in graduate schools or online tutorials. French translators are a must for international corporations who maintain cultural amelioration.

BPO and Call Center business in India is ever-expanding. So the need for multilingual speakers, especially French, is always advertised in print and social media.

Upcoming Batches

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