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9 Things about R Programming, You’ll Kick Yourself for Not Knowing

9 Things about R Programming, You’ll Kick Yourself for Not Knowing

February 21st, 2017

Many people are not getting the best out of R Programming today because they are not informed. Information is indeed knowledge. How informed are you about trends in Programming? A whole lot is happening through R Programming Training; they are always very insightful and great benefits can be derived from them.
There are a lot in R Programming which you never thought existed before. In fact, some of these things that can readily be exposed through R Programming Online Training will make you kick yourself because had it been you know you won’t have passed through the hassles you faced in your programming experience. These are some of the things R Programming brings to the table:

  • R Studio Addins- Do you belief in your wildest imaginations that you can build your own studio with R Studio programming? Only very few people know this and the process is very easy. The implements needed are just two functions- shiny and miniUI packages.
  • Data Visualization with ggplots2- It is one of the most elementary things that anyone can do irrespective of educational standing. Through this you can learn the grammar of graphics implemented in ggplot2.
  • Cluster kmeans- Do you know that you can implement kmeans cluster using R Programming? It is one of the benefits that many do not know about.
  • Shiny and HTML- When you want to create your interface and you use ui.R files; it can be likened to an elementary photocopying step. If you want to go professional, to put you ahead of your competitors, then the use of index. Html file is the answer. You get the benefits of this through R Programming.
  • Visual Analysis of Cyber Threat-There are genuine threats to Cyber. You will be privileged to see this and plan ahead before any catastrophe happens. You will be able to visualize latest trends to Cyber threat. This is provided by the Antivirus Company.
  • Natural Language Processing- How about been able to process any language using a text classifier that has the ability to classify your text messages into relevant categories by the use of naïve bayes algorithm.
  • Analysis of Human Resource Data with ML- This is also one of the things that R Programming will do for you and many do not know about it. You can use Ml to analyze all your human resource data.
  • Send large files to others- Many have been limited by the amount of files they can send to other users at a time. With R Programming, you can send quite a large number of files at a go.
  • Revision History-You will for sure make edits on your files; if you want to revert back to your program that you have earlier edited, you have nothing to worry about because R Programming will make it possible for you to go back to such files if the need arises.

There are a whole lot that you can do using the R Programming system. These benefits are available through R Programming Training as well as R Programming Online Training.