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Get Oracle Fusion Financials Certification Training Course by 10+ Years Experienced Oracle Fusion Financials Trainer with Oracle Fusion Financials real-time projects and approaches. Anyone can learn Oracle Fusion Financials Certification Course without any prior experience and Prerequisites. Join Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training from the leading Best Oracle Fusion Financials training institute GangBoard. Our Oracle Fusion Financials Online Certification Course helps to know more practical knowledge about Oracle Fusion Financials Course Certification, after completion of this Oracle Fusion Financials Online Course you can definitely get placed in good companies.Learn Oracle Fusion Financials Training Course with Oracle Fusion Financials Certification from Experts.In this Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training, you will learn in-depth syllabus of Oracle Fusion Financials Course which has All Advanced modules. Our Oracle Fusion Financials Online Course syllabus is designed to learn Oracle Fusion Financials Course with practicals.

Best Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training

Learn Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training in GangBoard with World's top-ranked faculties hands-on project training. Get ready for the Industry from day 1 itself. Oracle Fusion Financials online Training is conducted and trained by industry experts. Our Oracle Fusion Financials online Training will provide you hands-on exposure. Oracle Fusion Financials experts will provide you the valuable career support. Join in Oracle Fusion Financials online training and became a Oracle Fusion Financials certified expert.
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About Course

The Oracle Fusion Financials Online Course offered by GangBoard is one of the best versions of the online course available anywhere on the web. The Oracle Fusion Financials Online Course is designed by experts who have gained a tremendous amount of experience in the Financial Management department. The Oracle Fusion Financials Certification Online Training is on par with the official syllabus of Oracle certification format. With our Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training, you are sure to pass this exam without any trouble.

The most important objective of our Oracle Fusion Financials Online Course is the Oracle certificate. We understand the value of this certificate and the effect it makes on an interviewer if he or she sees it in a resume. Leading to the certification exam preparation we will make sure that you are through with all of the important concepts of this Oracle Fusion Financials Certification Online Training. Managing revenues, streamlining accounts and automation processes in expenses all of these concepts that add agility to your financial career will be taught during the Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training.

Certificates go a long way in making a corporate employee’s life much better. And when it comes from a recognized brand the advantages are even more. The Oracle Fusion Financials Certificate guarantees that you are a person who knows how to handle the tricky numbers and situations of the finance department in a much more efficient manner. You could end up getting that promotion you always wanted after you successfully pass the certification test. You should just get on board with the Oracle Fusion Financials Online Course as you will certainly learn a lot more than you ever could have at a college.

The Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training will benefit all those who want to take up the Oracle Fusion Financials certification exam. That said, all professionals working in the finance department and related work environment can take up our Oracle Fusion Financials Online Course. The Oracle Fusion Financials Online Course is sketched so that students, non-financial professionals as well as EBS employees would understand the concepts and further teach them their implementation techniques.

  • Financial Managers
  • Business Experts
  • Finance Management Freshers
  • Revenue Managers

And others should take up our Oracle Fusion Financials Online Course.

The Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training at GangBoard certainly will help you pass the certification exam but that’s not all. Having just the certificate would not help you perform well in a real-world scenario. Hence, our Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training also focuses on the implementation of the concepts learned during the Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training. Job support along with exam support is available at our Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training Institute. Our instructors make sure that you receive Job oriented training along with the certification training.

There are fewer prerequisites for the Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training, and certain job profiles will have a better opportunity of making most of the certificate than others. You will have to know basic programming languages such as Java. The employees coming from financial backgrounds are already familiar with the areas where the knowledge gained from the Oracle Fusion Financials Online Course can be applied, hence companies tend to look for these types of candidates more frequently.

After you complete our Oracle Fusion Financials Online Course you will inculcate a number of key skills that are required in a good financial manager. These skills will help you to make your mark with the company and stay as a valuable asset to them. Some of the key skills you recieve after you complete the Oracle Fusion Financials Online Course are as follows.

  • Better Analytic approach to financial matters with Oracle Fusion Financials Online Course
  • Improved negotiation skills instilled due to several real time training projects
  • Better control over numerical entities and sound technical knowledge
  • Investigative approach for the want of attention to detail

No, you do not need to have any programming knowledge to follow a career with Oracle Fusion Financials. However, you must have basic understandings of the subject and technicalities!.

  • Full-year access to GangBoard Learning Management system
  • All time support regarding doubts and queries regarding the Oracle Fusion Financials Certification Online Courses
  • Self-paced tutorials and assignments with Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training
  • No deadline on projects
  • Resume and certification support
  • Placement support after completing the Oracle Fusion Financials Certification Online Courses

Are some of the many features of our Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training.

  • The trainers that look after the Oracle Fusion Financials Certification Online Training have excellent communication skills.
  • Trainers with live classroom training and live online training readily explain you concepts that you have doubts in.
  • The instructors are well experienced in the financial management field and have 10+ years of experience in the industry.
  • Trainers work in several top MNCs around the country.
  • They are efficient in handling participants from all backgrounds.
  • Placement assistance and project support are offered by our trainers.

Introduction to Oracle Fusion Financials

Oracle Fusion Financials is a subset of the Oracle Fusion Applications. It is an open source software and a group of applications that are used to capture, study and analyze global financial data. It is a high-value certification course and the merits are lucrative to a finance professional.

Simply put, Oracle Fusion Financials are software that helps you with financial management and hence better your business. Cash management, Asset management, Reporting, Taxation, and General Ledger are some of the notable features of the software. They equip your management skills with better control over the financial data available.

Oracle Fusion Financials software is designed to charter the best practices in business in the most intuitive and efficient way. It is primarily used for productivity gains for any business that chooses to incorporate the software.

The significant difference between Oracle Fusion Financials and Workday are given below in the form of a table for better comprehension.



Oracle Fusion



Customer Experience and Usability


Trial-based usability feel


TrueSaas / Native Cloud




Organic Development




Architecture for Cloud






Limited custom objects used


Functionality vs Marketing




Can run the entire business on the platform




Social Collaboration




Flexible Cloud Deployment



Yes, Oracle Fusion Financials is an open source social platform. This allows a company or industry to configure the software according to their needs. The software is equipped with features that also promote its collaborative behavior.

Upcoming Batches

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25 Feb 2020 24 Mar 2020 (08:30 AM - 11:00 AM) Tue-Sat
24 Feb 2020 23 Mar 2020 (08:30 PM - 11:00 PM) Mon-Fri
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Oracle Fusion Financials Exams & Certification

Oracle Financials Cloud certifications are the certificate programmes conducted by Oracle that validate your skills in Oracle Fusion Application software. The Oracle exam with code 1Z0-507 (Oracle Fusion Financials 11g) is the main exam for the Fusion Financials certification. Another alternative would be Oracle Financials Cloud: General Ledger 2018 Certified Implementation Specialist Certification. With our Oracle Fusion Financials Online Courses, you will have no trouble in passing the exam.

The Oracle Fusion Financials certification helps you train in the best trade practices and make use of the software’s embedded business intelligence. It is proof that you know how to operate the software to meet the demands of the industry.

Absolutely! The Oracle Fusion Financials Online Course at Gangboard is designed keeping in mind the Oracle certification program. The Oracle Fusion Financials Online Courses is built around the topics included in the main Oracle Fusion financials exam. Our live instructors have ample certification training and will guide you in the exam registration after completing the Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training.

When you take into account the whole Oracle Financial Applications software, then there are five separate certifications for each aspect of the software suite. In that sense, Oracle Fusion Financials have just the Oracle Fusion Financials 11g as a valid certification.

The Oracle Fusion Financials 11g certificate that you get after you successfully pass Oracle 1Z0-507 exam is the best Fusion Financials certificate. This is because the certificate is extensively based on best financial practices in a company.

There is a total of 119 Questions that come in the Oracle 1Z0-507 Oracle Fusion Financials 11g certification exam.

Oracle Financials Cloud Essentials 1Z0-1004 certification exam costs ₹ 10265. The exam lasts for 120 minutes with the minimum passing score of 60%.

The passing score for Oracle Financials Cloud Essentials 1Z0-1004 certification exam is, as mentioned earlier, 60%. Our certification online training will ensure that you easily clear this rigorous test.

A great thing about Oracle certifications is that they do not expire. Therefore, if you opt for Oracle Fusion Financials certification, your certification is valid for a lifetime. However, it is important that you be updated with the latest technological change by updating your certification.

No, Oracle Fusion Financials certification does not expire. However, it is important to update the certification to maintain its significance and credibility by appearing for the certification exams in regular intervals.

With our Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training, you would easily pass the certification exam. You are required to practice the concepts taught through our Oracle Fusion Financials Online Courses at home on your desktop. We will provide you with regular tests so that you keep sharp.

A candidate must wait for at least 14 days before he/she can reappear for a proctored exam. However, those who are attempting an online exam, may retake the test anytime. Keep in mind that Oracle online allows 4 appearance for the same examination in the span of 12 months.

You have to register on the Oracle University using your gmail account, after which you may choose the preferred exam and register yourself for the same. You will have 24/7 live support of our trained assistants if you happen to face any difficulty in registering for the exam.

Placement Assistance after Oracle Fusion Financials Training

Once you complete the Apache Spark Online Course, you will also get proper training for placement. With the help of the trainers who have the experience and knowledge, you will get proper Placement Training which will be a massive gain for you. That is why these courses are an opportunity that you should not miss.

Oracle Fusion Financials Job Opportunities

A certified Oracle candidate has ample job opportunities in the Financial world. The Oracle Fusion Financial software offers benefits to many industries in financial administration, human capital management, governing risk management, give chain administration and procurement and sourcing. A candidate looking for a job in any of the mentioned aspects of financial administration should get the certificate.

Given below is the list of Oracle Fusion Financials profession that you can look into after you complete our Oracle Fusion Financials Certification Online Courses.

  • Financial Managers
  • Credit Managers
  • Revenue Administrators
  • Treasurers
  • Branch Managers
  • Case Managers
  • Client Relationship Managers

An Oracle certified Oracle Fusions Financials professional makes more than 662 INR every hour. At an average, this certified will make around 12 lakhs INR per annum. This value will vary depending upon the demand and need of Financial employees in a particular geographical location.

The average salary for an Oracle certified Financials Fusions Professionals is 12 lakhs INR per year.

Yes, if you are a fresher just graduating a financial managing course, the Oracle Fusions Financials certificate will add weight to your resume. Candidates are more likely to convert job interviews if they are trained in this software. The competition is low compared to other sectors hence plenty of job opportunities are available for the candidates having the Oracle certification. At Gangboard, once you finish the Online Oracle Fusion Financials Training our placement assistants will help you find job openings.

Python and Java computer programming languages are one of the best programming languages used in Enterprise development careers with Oracle Fusion Financials. These languages are comparatively easy to learn and can be used to modify the software more efficiently for your company. These languages offer more stability along with flexibility.

Some of the top companies that look to hire Oracle Fusion Financials Professionals are as follows.

  • Accenture
  • Collaborate Sixteen
  • Rosendin Electric Inc
  • Ernst and Young Services
  • Pylon Management
  • NIIT
  • Sara Technologies
  • Infosys

Shifting your career into the Financial domain will depend upon certain factors. You have to understand that the Finance department is a vast environment and if you are looking to get into Oracle Fusion Financials career, you will have to have a few skills. The software requires basic knowledge of any computer programming language such as Python. Once you gain this skill, all you have to do is enroll with our Oracle Fusion Financials Certification Online Training and get certified with Oracle.

Live Oracle Fusion Financials Projects

At GangBoard we believe in complete learning. Other institutes may just lead you to the certificate but what sets us apart from these institutes is that we provide hands on training on the Fusion Financial concepts along with certification support. This is done by making the candidate work on real-time projects based on real-life Oracle Fusion Financials problems. This practice keeps the candidate sharp and ready to take on jobs confidently

You will be provided with the software that you need to install on your computer. This software will act as a simulator for the actual Oracle software and you could perform practicals on it.

During the Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training, you will be assigned projects based on all major topics of the Online Oracle Fusion Financials Training. Some of the projects are mentioned below.

  • Generating ledger module flow using base tables
  • Preparing reports with repetitive frames with Oracle Fusion Financials Certification Online Training
  • Project on form and non-form functions
  • Construction of report groups


GangBoard has an array of quality courses and it has helped thousands of candidates in reaching where they wanted to reach. The Oracle Fusion Financials Certification Online Courses at GangBoard is no exception. The course is designed to meet the common need of getting certified by Oracle as well as getting placed. The instructors and trainers at our Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training institute are skilled in the concepts they teach and always have provided support to the candidates unconditionally. Our Oracle Fusion Financials Certification Online Courses is one of the most cost efficient ones available on the web, We aim to create better opportunities for every candidate that joins us.

Detailed installation of required software will be displayed in your LMS. Our support team will help you to setup software if you need assistance. Hardware requirements need to be fulfilled by participants.

No worries. It might happen. We will reschedule the classes as per your convenience within the stipulated course duration with all such possibilities. And if required you can even attend that topic if any other live batches.

Top-notch professionals in that field who understands how to convey things in technical as well as subject matter experts.

We offer this course in “Live Instructor-Led Online Training” mode. Through this way you won’t mess anything in your real-life schedule. You will be shared with live meeting access while your session starts.

You can get a sample class recording to ensure you are in right place. We ensure you will be getting complete worth of your money by assigning a best instructor in that technology.

We are absolutely loved to talk in-person about group training (or) corporate training. So, please get in touch with our team through “Quick Enquiry”, “Live Chat” or “Request Call-back” channels.

Payments can be made using any of the following options and a receipt of the same will be issued to you automatically via email.

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