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About Informatica MDM Online Training Course

GangBoard’s Informatica MDM Course will make you expert in handling the Data integration, Security and Business Process Solutions with efficient Manner.  Learn how to handle multiple data copy in a consistent and Productive manner using Informatica MDM. Get Overview on Power center and SQL Concepts to Become a Good certified Informatica Master Data Management (MDM) Developer. Enroll for Online Informatica MDM Courses with GangBoard and Boost your Career.

Practical Job Oriented Informatica MDM Training Courses by Certified Experts. Gangboard Offers Best Informatica MDM Online Training with Certified Experts. Become Master in Informatica MDM Concepts like Informatica MDM Hub, Data Model, Configuring stage and load process, Merge process, Batch Processes, Data Management Tools, Hierarchy Management, Security Access Manager, IDD Configuration and advanced Informatica MDM topics with our Practical Classes.

Informatica MDM Online Training Course is designed by experienced IT intellects as a comprehensive training program that covers all important concepts of Informatica MDM. Under this online training program, students will learn the fundamentals of InformaticaMDM, installation of Informatica MDM, the architecture of Informatica Ver 10.1, data models, load configuration, tools in data management, stage/match/merge operations, batch processing, data access configuration, tools involved in data management, hierarchy and security management, Data director of Informatica and many more. Our expert trainers provide real-time training to all participants by interacting with them and let them explore real-world projects for a deep understanding of industry requirements. Our online training guarantees your high-level proficiency in Informatica MDM. Our placement oriented training ensures your placements as well. At the end of this Informatica MDM online certification training course, students will be able to excel in Informatica MDM and develop applications independently by gaining knowledge from the live examples, practical scenarios, and enhanced practice.

We Guarantee for your Informatica MDM Online Training Success with Certification. We focused on 100% Practical and Certification Oriented Informatica MDM Course with Placements for our Students. Most Of Our Trainers are currently working as senior Informatica MDM Developer/Admin with 10+ Years industry Experienced. Our Informatica MDM Online Course Syllabus will help you to know basic to advanced level techniques in Informatica MDM. Enroll for Informatica MDM Online Course with Gangboard and get extensive knowledge on Informatica MDM Tool. Learn Informatica Master Data Management Training from the Certified Experts. The Scope of Informatica MDM involves Business Process management (BPM) and data integration. This Master Data Management gives a clear picture to solve exceeding data problems for small to big projects.

MDM stands for Master data management. MDM is basically a method where all data pertaining to an organization which is saved and maintained in one or more databases are moved to one master database. Master Data Management is one of the best development made in software fields which has numerous advantages where avoiding duplication of data, customer intelligence, and high-quality product information is its best. Opting for an Informatica MDM online course and getting certified will definitely help a student or a professional to boost their career.

In this online training course, our live instructor will impart you all associated concepts concerned with the Informatica MDM course package quite perfectly. Our industry experts enable you to learn deep knowledge and high proficiency in data quality, security, integration, and concepts of business process management. This Informatica MDM Certification training guided by technology experts will support you to prepare for Informatica MDM Certification Exam and their exhaustive training will teach you the best possibilities to clear the exam very easily. We provide the best quality trainers from various leading IT MNCs to furnish high-quality training to our students. After completingInformatica MDM certification course, professionals could earn an average annual compensation of INR 4,66,660 in India. Take advantage of this opportunity to undergo the best Informatica MDM online training with us and get started your IT career in a top industry with higher salary packages.

  • Live Instructor-Led Online Informatica MDM Class
  • Start Your Informatica MDM Training Now at Low Cost
  • 5+ Live Projects on Master Data Management
  • Master in Data Integration, Data Quality, Data Warehousing, Security and Business Process Solutions with Informatica MDM 10.4.
  • Resume Preparation and Mock interviews
  • Complete Self-paced Videos on Informatica MDM Course
  • World Class Trainers and Unique Course Syllabus
  • Learn Basic to Advance level Techniques with Live Project work
  • Software Access for Practical Classes
  • Demo Classes available on Weekends with Experts.
What is this course about?

This course gives you a clear understanding of how to use Informatica MDM. Explain any live project with different requirements. Create, monitor and schedule ETL Process. Even a non-programming and IT background can learn this MDM training.

What are the course objectives?

At the end of this MDM training by GangBoard, you will be able to,

  • Understand DBMS Concept
  • Understand Master Data Management’s business requirements.
  • Learn to create MDM mappings.
  • Explain Stage and Load
  • Explain Services and Integration framework
  • Write custom cleanse functions for different needs.
  • Build one basic live project by yourself.

Why should you go for Informatica MDM Online Training?

Firstly MDM is provided by many platforms like IBM InfoSphere, SAP MDM, Oracle MDM, etc., but there are certain special characters that make Informatica MDM stand out. Informatica MDM is the only platform that offers Data security and Data integration along with MDM as one complete set.
Informatica MDM online training provides extensive practical knowledge, live demonstration, certification training, and real-time training.

Who should go for Informatica MDM Certification Online Training?

Becoming an expert in the latest technology and upgrading oneself will always help to boost the career. In that sense, any student who wants to have a successful career and any software professional who is interested in boosting their career can opt for Informatica MDM online training.
This training will be suitable for,

  • Working IT professionals
  • Job Seekers
  • Who wants to change their work area.

Prerequisite: Knowledge in computers and understanding about DBMS.

How will Informatica MDM Certification Online Training help your career?

In this world of technology and social media, where a mobile phone has nearly become a basic necessity for a human being, people look for accurate, timely and efficient solutions to their problems.

Hence any application or a software product that is developed must be focused on customer expectations. So signing up for Informatica MDM online course, getting trained, and becoming an expert in this field will help you enhance your career and reach top leadership levels as well. So researching and understanding the logic and data behind will always help you achieve your biggest dreams. In this way, Informatica MDM online training and Informatica MDM certification will help you achieve your career goals.

What are the prerequisites for learning Informatica MDM?

To learn and get certified in Informatica MDM certification online training one should be aware of SQL, RDBMS like Oracle. Having knowledge in JAVA would be an added advantage. Once after the basics are done one can take Informatica MDM online training and get certified.

Features of MDM online training:

  • Informatica MDM online course is equipped with skills to be learned by a professional which boosts their career
  • Improves logical and analytical thinking of the individuals
  • Informatica MDM online course is a complete package for one to learn about databases, data integration, data governance, master data management.
  • Placement training is done along with MDM online training

Course Duration Information

This MDM training will happen for 25 hours. If you opt for weekend classes both Saturday and Sunday you will be having approximately 2 hours 30 mins in the scheduled time of the batch you chose. If you opt for weekdays classes all Monday to Friday you need to spend at least 90mins.

Introduction to Informatica MDM

Informatica is a software development company headquartered in California, founded in 1993. Informatica MDM is the World’s No.1 leader in providing data integration software. The core products of Informatica are data integration, data quality, MDM and cloud. Informatica announced its acquisition of Master Data Management from Siperian on January 28, 2010.

What is Informatica MDM used for?

Let us first breakdown Informatica Master Data Management. Data is nothing but information. Master data is the core data used by any business, organization. It is the sole important information regarding customer information, server details, stakeholders, vendor details, license agreements, revenue details, etc., maintaining master data without any duplication, with high accuracy and storing it is of high importance to any organization. Master data management is a method used to collect data from several databases of an organization, integrate them, arrange them, store and protect them. So on the whole, Informatica MDM is used to build one single master data, to integrate it, perform a quality check, maintain it and distribute it across the organization.

Difference between Informatica MDM and Powercenter:

Informatica MDM Informatica Powercenter
Informatica Powercenter is the basis for all the data integration initiatives, data warehousing, and data governance activities. Master Data Management is the solution that merges systems and information together.
Business and IT collaboration
Reusability, scalability.
Automation, Zero downtime.
One point of contact for all data of an organization.
360-degree view of all interactions.
A complete view of all interactions in the organization.

Difference between Informatica MDM and Talend MDM:

Talend MDM Informatica MDM
Talend MDM was the first open-source Master Data management tool created in 2005.  Informatica MDM acquired MDM from Siperian in 2010.
In Talend, MDM memory is a challenge where while working on a laptop it is hard to navigate to another high memory task. Informatica MDM, in that case, is the best to opt for because it has proven customer satisfaction reviews as it has multi-domain Master Data management.
The mapping of data is good in Talend MDM. Informatica MDM is extraordinarily helpful in mapping data, hence it saves time and stress-free to use it.

What you'll learn from this course?

  • Introduction of Master Data Management
  • Introduction to Informatica MDM Hub
  • Define the Data model
  • Configuring stage and load process
  • Configure the Stage process
  • Configure the Load process
  • Configuring merge process and data access
  • Configure the Match & Merge process
  • Configure data access views
  • Batch processes and data management tools
  • Batch Processes
  • Data Management Tools
  • User exits and log files
  • User Exit Procedures
  • Log files
  • Hierarchy Management and security access manager
  • Hierarchy Management
  • Security Access Manager(SAM)
  • Informatica data director
  • IDD Configuration

Upcoming Batches for Informatica MDM Training

Our Informatica MDM Online Course gives students the opportunity to take classes on your flexible timings. Choose from a number of batches as per your convenience. If you got something urgent to do, reschedule your batch for a later time. The classes can be attended to at any place and at any time as per your choice. 

23-09-2023 Saturday (Saturday - Sunday)Weekend Regular 11:00 AM (IST) (Class 3Hrs) / Per Session 18-09-2023 Monday (Monday - Friday)Weekdays Regular 08:00 AM (IST)(Class 1Hr - 1:30Hrs) / Per Session 21-09-2023 Thursday (Monday - Friday)Weekdays Regular 08:00 AM (IST)(Class 1Hr - 1:30Hrs) / Per Session

Course Price at

Discount Price:₹ 30,000

You Save: ₹ 10,000 (25% OFF)

Can’t find a batch you were looking for?

Enroll Now Pay Later Request a Batch

Informatica MDM Training Syllabus

Introduction of Master Data Management

  • What is MDM?
  • Why choose Informatica MDM
  • Installation overview
  • Explain DBMS Concept

Introduction to Informatica MDM Hub

  • Master Data
  • Master Data Management
  • A Reliable Foundation Of Master Reference Data
  • Components of MDM Hub
  • Application Server Tier
  • Database Server Tier
  • Batch Data Process Flow
  • Trust Framework
  • Consolidation Flag

Define the Data model

  • Data Mode Elements
  • Data Model
  • Relationships
  • Relationship Types
  • Lookups
  • Global Business Identifier (GB I D) Flag

Configuring stage and load process

Configure the Stage process

  • Basic Mappings
  • Complex Mappings
  • Cleansing and Transforming Data
  • Execution Component
  • Testing Mappings
  • Reusable Cleanse Components
  • External Data Cleansing
  • Delta Detection & Audit Trail
  • Rejects
  • Cleanse Match Servers
  • High-Level Stage Process Flow
  • Detailed Stage Process Flow

Configure the Load process

  • Trust
  • Validation Rule
  • Trust & Validation Rules: Things to note
  • Cell Level Update
  • Allow NULL Update
  • Allow NULL Foreign Key
  • How the Load work

Configuring merge process and data access

Configure the Match & Merge process

  • Match & Merge Overview
  • Key Activities for Configuring Rules
  • Match/Search Strategy for Base Objec
  • Population
  • Match Path, Columns and Match Key
  • Match Rules and Rule Sets
  • Primary Key Match Rules
  • Match Rules using Primary Key Match
  • Match Keys Distribution
  • Merge Settings
  • Match/ Merge Properties: Merge Style Base Object
  • External Match
  • Match Server Architecture

Configure data access views

  • Queries & Packages Overview
  • Query
  • Package

Batch processes and data management tools

Batch Processes

  • Batch Viewer
  • Batch Group
  • Executing Stored Procedures
  • Scheduling Considerations
  • Job Status & Job Statistics

Data Management Tools

  • Data Stewardship
  • Recap: Consolidation Flags
  • Merge Manager
  • Data Manager
  • Unmerge and Tree Unmerge

User exits and log files

User Exit Procedures

  • User Objects
  • User Object Registry Tool
  • User Exit & User Exit Procedure
  • Demo User exit procedure (using TOAD)
  • User Exits in the STAGE Process
  • User Exits in the LOAD Process
  • User Exits in the MATCH Process
  • User Exits in the MERGE Process
  • User Exits in the UNMERGE Process
  • Other logs Exit Procedures

Log files

  • Enterprise Manager
  • Hub Server Tab
  • Cleanse Servers Tab
  • Environment Report Tab
  • ORS Databases Tab
  • Database Log File
  • Application Server Log
  • Cleanse/ Match Server Logs
  • Console Log

Hierarchy management and security access manager

Hierarchy Management

  • Entities & Entity Type
  • H M Relation ships
  • H M Hierarchies
  • Hierarchy Management
  • H M Profiles
  • H M Packages

Security Access Manager(SAM)

  • Users, Resources, Privileges & Roles
  • Resources
  • Resource Groups
  • Privileges
  • Roles

Informatica data director

IDD Configuration

  • Business Data Director – User Interface
  • Create, Manage, Consume And Monitor
  • Data Model Elements
  • Configuration File
  • Subject Area
  • Subject Area Groups
  • B D D Data Display
  • Relationships
  • Application Validation
  • Importing an Application
  • Match Paths
  • Lookup
  • Cleansing
  • Resources and Privileges

Are you Looking for Customized Syllabus

We are also providing customized syllabus to the students according to their needs and projects requirements for the cons

Request a Call

Trainer Profile of Informatica MDM Training

To be a good trainer the below requirements are necessary:

  • A trainer must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science technology or information technology.
  • He or she should have completed the Informatica MDM online course and be certified in it.
  • Must have done any real-time project
  • Must have training experience
  • Must have working experience in Master Data management and data integration
  • Must have good command over English
  • Must be up-to-date in the recent upgrades in the software
  • Must be good in analytical and logical reasoning skills which are very important to handle the students’ doubts.
  • A trainer must prepare regular questionnaires and assignments for providing online Informatica MDM training to the students to keep them on track

Program Features

IT Professionals as Trainers

Learning a technology with a professional who is well expertise in that solve 60% of your needs.

Fully Hands-on Training

We support any training should be more practical apart from theoretical classes. So, we always gives you hands-on training.

Affordable Fees

We are dead cheap in fees. We are having options to make the payment in instalments as well if needed.

10000+ old students to believe

We satisfied 10000+ students from the day we started GangBoard. Take a look of our old student’s video reviews and it says all.

Counselling by Experts

If you are in dilemma to choose a course, we are having experts in counselling team to help you with perfect projection of your career.

Own Course Materials

We have every course material to understand which is prepared by our trainers and we will share with you after session completes.


How I can practise?
Detailed installation of required software will be displayed in your LMS. Our support team will help you to setup software if you need assistance. Hardware requirements need to be fulfilled by participants.
No worries. It might happen. We will reschedule the classes as per your convenience within the stipulated course duration with all such possibilities. And if required you can even attend that topic if any other live batches.
Top-notch professionals in that field who understands how to convey things in technical as well as subject matter experts.
We offer this course in “Live Instructor-Led Online Training” mode. Through this way you won’t mess anything in your real-life schedule. You will be shared with live meeting access while your session starts.
You can get a sample class recording to ensure you are in right place. We ensure you will be getting complete worth of your money by assigning a best instructor in that technology.
We are absolutely loved to talk in-person about group training (or) corporate training. So, please get in touch with our team through “Quick Enquiry”, “Live Chat” or “Request Call-back” channels.
Payments can be made using any of the following options and a receipt of the same will be issued to you automatically via email. Debit Card / Credit Card, American Express, Master Card, or PayPal.
You can reach us through +91-9707240250. Or you can share your queries through enq@gangboard.com. Estimated turnaround time will be 24 hours for emails.

Informatica MDM Exams & Certification

GangBoard Certification is Accredited by all major Global Companies around the world. We provide after completion of the theoretical and practical sessions to fresher’s as well as corporate trainees.

Our certification at GangBoard is accredited worldwide. It increases the value of your resume and you can attain leading job posts with the help of this certification in leading MNC’s of the world. The certification is only provided after successful completion of our training and practical based projects.


Total Number of Reviews


Aggregate Review Score


Course Completion Rate

GangBoard’s Informatica MDM Certification online Course will guide you to clear Master Data Management 10 Administrator, Professional Certification and Master Data Management 10.3 Developer, Professional Certification Path with 100% Assurance. Earn a Valid Certificate from Informatica and get more Opportunities in this field. Also GangBoard’s Course Completion Certification available for Students to validate your Skills in Latest Version.

At the end of our course, you will be assigned to work on a real-time project. Once you completed the assigned project with expected results we (Experts Team from GangBoard) will verify and issue Informatica MDM Certificate. If you are not able to deliver expected results in the project we will support you by clarifying doubts and help you to re-attempt the project. Once done with Informatica MDM online course a student can have 2 levels of Informatica MDM certification online course examinations.

  • Master Data Management: Administrator, Specialist – Tests skills on installation, upgrade, performance tuning, mapping of data, troubleshooting, batch processing, security. On clearing, this examination can become a part of the MDM administration team.
  • MDM multi-domain 10: Developer, Specialist certification – Tests the ability to explain the architecture of MDM, configure it, and handle data governance tools and workflows. On clearing, this exam can become a part of a project implementation team.
What is Informatica MDM certification?

The Informatica MDM certification online courses help a software professional to identify the important data of an organization, integrate it under one database from many databases and create one master database and manage it to avoid major duplication, ambiguity, and redundancies of the organization’s data. Informatica MDM online course definitely helps one to upgrade his career and move to the next level of his career.

Is Gangboard an authorized Informatica MDM certification provider?

Gangboard is an authorized, live and interactive platform for software training that does offer Informatica MDM certification online courses. They provide real-time training, placement oriented training, job oriented training and live instructor facilities. Gangboard is a division of GangBoard, the experts in software training and placement currently located in Chennai and Bangalore and various centers across the cities.

How many types of Informatica MDM certifications are there?

There are 3 types of Informatica MDM certification online courses.

  • Administrator, specialist certification
  • Developer, specialist certification
  • Data governance, specialist certification

Depending upon the expertise of oneself, a person can opt for which Informatica MDM online training to get trained in.

Which Informatica MDM certification is the best?

The Informatica MDM certification online courses are designed to be in 3 levels are arranged according to the skills, specialty, and expertise of a person. So each level of Informatica MDM certification online courses can be best used by a person according to his tenure and area of expertise in the organization. But the most preferred Informatica MDM online course is the Data integration certification provided by Informatica. As data integration is the biggest challenge for any organization, an expert in it will always be welcomed to work and get paid.

How many questions are on Informatica exams?

The Informatica MDM certification online course exams usually are of multiple-choice questions and true or false types. The question paper estimably has around 70 questions with 90 minute exam time. The passing percentage is 70. Once done with Informatica MDM online training a person can opt for these exams.

How much does Informatica MDM certification cost?

Each Informatica MDM certification online training certification test has 3 units. Each unit costs around 5600 rupees. If failed a second attempt can be done without having to pay anything extra for it, but other than that there are no more discounts offered.

What is the passing score of an Informatica MDM examination?

The passing score of an Informatica MDM online course examination is 70 percent. If failed you can also take up a second attempt.

How long is the Informatica MDM certification valid?

Actually there is no necessity to recertify every year, but, it is good to upgrade as per the latest product release and the advancements. So having a certification in software that is not up-to-date will be meaningless. Getting certified in the latest version and gradually keeping us up-to-date according to the recent add-ons will help you keep yourself always on the track.

Does Informatica MDM certification expire?

Actually there is no necessity to recertify every year, but, it is good to upgrade as per the latest product release and the advancements. So having a certification in software that is not up-to-date will be meaningless. Getting certified in the latest version and gradually keeping us up-to-date according to the recent add-ons will help you keep yourself always on the track.

What is the salary of a certified Informatica professional?

A certified Informatica developer gets a starting salary of around 5 lacs/annum. Learning value-added software fetches him more salary as the tenure rises.

This graph shows the growing trend of the Informatica job profile. So to start a successful career sign up for an Informatica MDM online course, and become a professional. Source: Google Trends

How do I study for Informatica MDM certification?

If you are preparing for the Informatica MDM online course to get certified, you should have basic knowledge of SQL and UNIX. Software professionals, Analytics professionals, Mainframe architects can go for Informatica MDM certification online training.

If I fail the Informatica MDM certification exam, how soon can I retake it?

You can retake a new attempt to the exam after 2 weeks of the first examination. If it is a second attempt you don’t have to pay for it, else you have to pay at the time of purchase of the test.

How do I apply for MDM certification exams?

Applying for Informatica MDM certification online training and MDM certification exams is very simple. Complete your Informatica MDM online course, visit the website and register in it for the exams. Also from March 2018 examinations were made very simple were, Informatica MDM certification online training will be available on-demand anytime, anywhere and also it can be accessed across the internet.

Informatica MDM Training Reviews

Average Ratings

Activity from April 2018

4.8 GangBoard Star Rating

Course Reviews

Activity from Last Year

1596 Reviews

Average Ratings

GangBoard Total Reviews in all Medium

21,596 Reviews
Additional Info. of Informatica MDM Training

Gangboard, a division of Besant technologies was founded in the year 2009. In a span of 10 years, for now, Gangboard hosts training for more than 200 courses. The reasons why they are the pioneer in providing online Informatica MDM training are because of the quality training, live online training, live classroom training and most importantly because of the 100% placement assistance that we provide. Informatica MDM online course tutorials are designed for helping students in placement as to how to attend interviews, how to solve the technical problems. Gangboard also gives them live projects to work on for them to get in-depth knowledge about actual Master data Management. Taking Informatica MDM online training from Gangboard is one of the best decisions for a learner to make.

Informatica MDM job opportunities

Master data management is one of the biggest requirements for any growing business now and also for top giant organizations. Sources inform us that there are around 900,000 servers for google. As the number of internet users peaks daily the need for managing user information and its optimization grows. This creates a need for experts in managing databases and their maintenance. There are around 2300 companies listed in Naukri for Informatica master data management related jobs. Top IT companies like Infosys, TCS, Oracle, and Deloitte are in the need for master data management experts. These numbers show us how important MDM experts are for organizations. Any Software professional or a fresher who wants to shape their career or feels this is something that they want to do can sign up for Informatica MDM certification online training and kick start their career.

Is it easy to get a job after learning Informatica MDM Training?

Any interview can be cracked if you have the relevant skillset and confidence. With an Informatica MDM certification online training in Master Data Management, in-depth technical knowledge, good analytical skills, logical skills and good command over communication can help you achieve a decent job with a good salary.

Which language is better for career Informatica MDM or Talend MDM?

Talend MDM is definitely a decent software provider of Master Data Management, but choosing Informatica MDM Certification online training for career development is a wise decision because Informatica provides Data Integration, Data Quality, and Master data management in a single package. Hence a professional can learn more skills in parallel and can also learn to multi-task.

What are the top companies hiring Informatica MDM professionals?

Below is the list of top companies that recruit MDM professionals.

Google, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, HP, Capgemini, Oracle, Accenture, SAP, Corning, iLabz, Nokia, Placewell, CIENA, West Pharmaceuticals, Genpact, Honeywell, Amazon, Shell, Travelex, Duff and Phelps, Dell, Swiss Re and so on.

One can take up Informatica MDM online training and get certified, learn the relevant skills and get hired by one of the above top-performing companies.

How do I shift my career to Informatica MDM from any other domain?

To switch to Informatica MDM from any other domain you need to have the following skillset:

  • Undergraduate degree
  • Strong knowledge in SQL, JAVA
  • Basics about programming, database management, IT solution provider tools
  • Take up Informatica MDM online training, finish the course syllabus of the Informatica MDM online course, take up the test and become a certified MD expert.

What jobs do you get after completion of Informatica MDM online Training?

Informatica MDM is a new revolution in the field of data integration. Due to the high demand for MDM in the IT industry and very few existing resources, it is high time to learn the MDM tool to get better job opportunities and better Package.

Once you finish an Informatica MDM online course, the market opens n number of job roles for the professionals. Which are:

  • Informatica MDM consultant
  • Informatica MDM developer
  • MDM consultant
  • Informatica MDM architect
  • MDM technical lead

Live Informatica MDM projects

At Gangboard students who do Informatica MDM online courses are equipped with tutorials and project support. The purpose of using live projects in Informatica MDM online training is to help the students to get practical knowledge about Master Data Management and to equip them to handle critical situations. Students are given projects in batches or as a single man project depending upon their level of understanding in the subject. The Informatica MDM online course provided by Gangboard is equipped with talented tutors, full coverage syllabus of Master Data Management and numerous practice sessions.

How will I execute practicals during MDM Online Training?

You will be given practicals after the basics are taught in the Informatica MDM online course. Whenever there is a need for hands-on training to understand the concept in-depth, trainers give practical training and simple mini projects for them to solve. At the end of the Informatica MDM, online training students will be given live projects from the syllabus completed to test their understanding and train them in the field to make them job-ready.

What projects will I complete as a part of the course?

As a part of Informatica MDM online training course, students will get projects based on DBMS, Master Data Management mapping, Trust framework, Data modeling, Stage process, Load process, Data access, Data integration, Data stewardship, User files, Log files, Security access and so on.