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Selenium Web Driver Training
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About Course

Selenium Web Driver online training program gives the participant a working knowledge of WebDriver, the open source project for testing web applications and automating web-based administrative tasks. WebDriver simulates the habits of the average user who interacts with a web application. It generates a series of events and fires them at the browser on two levels: user level- the way a user would and OS level - bypassing security restrictions and individual browser idiosyncrasies.

It offers support for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Opera, as well as the iPhone and Android browsers. WebDriver is written mainly in Javascript and includes APIs in multiple languages to allow for greater control. It supports language bindings in Java, C#, Python, and Ruby. You can easily master WebDriver by signing up for Selenium WebDriver online training program today.

To Know more details about selenium web driver refer this blog.

Selenium WebDriver online training covers all the knowledge necessary for putting this useful tool to work in real time. It starts with an introduction to Core Java and a quick review of the fundamentals of the Java programming language pertinent to WebDriver. It covers Java methods used for WebDriver as well as loops.

The course then introduces the participant to WebDriver fundamentals, discussing installation and configuration, as well as WebDriver's basic features, commands, and drop-down lists, providing examples for clarity. It shows the participant how to create and run WebDriver scripts in Chrome, Firefox, and IE. It covers the Selenium grid, element locations, and JUnit usage for creating running tests.

The developers of WebDriver wanted it to be easy to understand so that anyone could master it in a short span of time. Although knowledge of Javascript is recommended for the course, Selenium WebDriver online training program is open to everyone who is interested in the tool.

Selenium has worked with Opera, Chrome, and Mozilla to develop OperaDriver, ChromeDriver, and FirefoxDriver. This makes WebDriver an indispensable tool in the tool bag of anyone whose work involves browsers. It is used for testing browser compatibility with applications by running automated regression tests. It is also used for carrying out administrative tasks like distributing scripts.

Therefore, WebDriver is a must for web application developers. Manual testing is time-consuming and extremely expensive; automated testing is almost free and very effective. Expand your portfolio with Selenium WebDriver online training program and make yourself indispensable to companies.

Selenium Web Driver

Session 1

  • Overview of WebDriver
  • Introduction to browser specific drivers
  • Setup WebDriver package on system for eclipse
  • Set up firebug for Firefox
  • Exporting pre-recorded test scenario in IDE to WebDriver, and executing it.
  • Webdriver class files, and their methods

Session 2

  • Automating different HTML Elements text fields, buttons, links, check box, drop-down etc
  • Verifications and Assertions
  • Parameterization
  • Synchronization
  • Desired Capabilities and IE

Session 3

  • Handling Web Table
  • Handling Drop Down elements
  • SwtichTo Command -Handling Frames, Popup Windows, Alerts
  • Brief about Ajax and how to handle Ajax with WebDriver

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Selenium Web Driver Certification

At end of our course, you will be assigned to work a real-time project. Once you completed assigned project with expected results we (Experts Team from GangBoard) will verify and issue Selenium Web Driver Certificate. If you are not able to deliver expected results in project we will support you by clarifying doubts and help you to re-attempt the project.

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Basic Hard ware requirement is useful to install the Selenium WebDriver

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