I did my AWS Training in New York City which was conducted by Mr.Karthik, the combination of his real-time expand knowledge towards the concepts have been delivered nicely to me. The good thing is we work on many examples which help us to understand easily. Doubts have been cleared then and there. And the best part is he didn't rush to finish the topics. Thank u Karthik we had a great time hopes it continue further & thank u GangBoard for giving this opportunity.

AWS Developer

I have completed the AWS Training in New York, under the guidance of Mr. Karthik N. It was a very great experience to get trained by him. My trainer taught me every detail of AWS and helped me to improve my programming skills. The study materials provided by the trainer were very helpful. Thanks to GangBoard.

AWS Developer

In have completed AWS Training in New York City, the training was more flexible and in a convenient manner, he was very good in Training. I had flexible timing for classes. Thanks so much for your valuable time. and Thanks again to GangBoard & Personally my Trainer.


I've completed AWS Training in New York City. The session has trained by Mr.Prince Prabhu. My trainer handled that really well and very friendly manner. He is very patience to clear my doubts. I had flexible timings for the classes. Thank you so much for your valuable time.

AWS Developer

I attended AWS Training in New York City. My trainer's name is Kishan. He is an excellent trainer with very good teaching skills. He focused on both theory and practical with real-time scenarios. I was a novice in AWS, I am now thoroughly acquainted with all the concepts and can handle the practical scenarios on my own. I am very much grateful to Kishan for being the perfect guide for helping us learn AWS.

scala developer

 I have Completed scala training from Gangboard. Thank you for providing the indepth knowledge and insights about the scala platform.Our trainer Miss Prema has a great knowledge of the subject and trained us really well as per the current industry standards. Thank you for enlightening us with your knowledge it was a great experience learning from you. Thank you.

scala developer

 It’s a very good experience for learning scala training in Gangboard. My Trainer is very humble .The tutor was extremely dedicated enough to make sure of my understandings of the subjects taught. I am very happy with the outcome of this scala training.

scala developer

 I have completed scala course from Gangboard, the scala trainer Mr. Praveen is really good in putting all the pieces of scala concepts in place,his knowledge and command over language really helped me to enhance my scala skills.

scala developer

I have Completed my scala training at gangboard. I would like to thank Shoba my trainer for scala. She was very friendly and her training was full of practical explanation, which helped to understand the topics in detail. Hope his training will be beneficial for my Career growth.Thanks to Gangboard.


scala developer

I have Completed Scala Course here. Gangboard was a great experience for me because I had the opportunity to improve my teaching skills.This experience also supported my personal development as I have learned to deal with challenges in a more positive manner.Additionally, the tutors were extremely helpful throughout the course because they gave useful feedback, which had a major impact on the improvement of my teaching skills.

ReactJS developer

 Hi, recently I completed my ReactJS course at Gangboard which I got from Chandan kumar. he taught me very well with good examples and different scenarios,

 he covered all the topics which is useful to the know the functionality and features of the application.

ReactJS Developer

 I have attended ReactJS course at Gangboard. Our instructor was Anupam Sir. The teaching was very good and informative with real time examples.It was a nice experience. Instructor was very knowledgeable & ready to help all the time.  I got good practical knowledge of AWS. I will definitely recommend this institute to my friends.

ReactJS Developer

I completed my ReactJS course at Gangboard. He gave me all the practical and also the theoretical knowledge required for the course. I m very much grateful to him for his support. overall the experience was good.

ReactJS developer

 I have completed ReactJS course at Gangboard taught by Santosh. My trainer explained all the concepts well and cleared all my doubts. He also gave small projects every now and then to practice hands on all topics. I am completely Satisfied on the Course. Thanks to gangboard.


sarmila banu
ReactJS developer

I have completed my ReactJS course at Gangboard. My trainer was Santhosh.he teaches very well and real-time scenario from that I have improved my skills very much.

 He guided and helped me a lot to words clearing my doubts. Thank you, Santhosh and Gangboard.

angular developer

I have completed my Angular 7 online training at gangboard. The training was more flexible and was in a convenient manner, My trainer having more knowledge in Angular7, he was very good in Training. He also guided me to learn the latest things in Angular 7 to get knowledge up to date. The trainer was very good and too friendly. Thanks once again to Gangboard.

angular developer

I have completed my Angular 7 online training at gangboard under sunadrmohan sir. He is very helpful to solve any kind of droughts. I will recommend to those who want to become an angular7 developer. Thank you, Sundar sir and gangboard.

angular developer

I have completed Angular 7 online training at gangboard.. My instructor Hari is very good at teaching all concepts. Hands on experience on Blue prism which I got from him really helped me to explore more in Angular 7.


Angular Developer

I have completed Angular 7  training at gangboard. They are giving great training and the Trainer Mr. Praveen Kumar is very humble with us. Cleared my doubts on time,even we can ask our doubts through call or message give me an immediate reply. recommended 10/10.

Angular 7 Developer

I have completed the Angular 7 online training at gangboard. Overall course coverage was excellent, thanks to Santhosh for his excellent teaching. I will recommend this course to every student. thank you Gangboard, glad to be a part of this institute.