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The online Apache Kafka Training will offer you an insight into Kafka architecture, configuration and interfaces. You will also get a hang of the basic big data concepts. So, by learning this course, you give a major boost to your IT career.
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About Course

This course introduces the participant to Apache Kafka, the open-source data-streaming system. Apache Kafka is designed to efficiently manage and process messaging systems. The messages are produced and checked at the rate of milliseconds. Thus, Kafka has also found a place in operational monitoring, website activity tracking, and log aggregation.

Kafka evolved out of the effort to reduce the complexity of pipelines involved in multiple data destinations and sources. The result is a system wherein multiple message producers post to topics, and multiple consumers read messages from the topics, while clusters of servers, called brokers, manage the message data. Messages are replicated within the cluster to prevent data loss. Kafka achieves efficiency by requiring fewer hard disk seeks and letting the user keep track of message consumption.

Apache Kafka online training program begins with a how-to on installation and configuration of Kafka. It then moves on to an overview of the architecture of messaging systems and how Kafka meets the requirements. It explains the Kafka consumer group and pub-sub workflows and notes the most important concepts involved: Topics, Partitions, Brokers, Producers, Consumers, Kafka Clusters, Leader, Follower, and ZooKeeper. It looks at each of these concepts in more detail, creating example applications to demonstrate how they operate in real time.

Apache Kafka online training program then reviews for the participant, Kafka's integration with other apps and APIs for faster and more efficient performance. The training ends with a look at how Kafka is implemented in the services provided by major companies.

Kafka is written in Scala and Java, and it is recommended that participants be familiar with these languages as well as the Linux environment. However, the course has no formal prerequisites and everyone is welcome.

Kafka plays an important role in the services provided by some of the most recognized companies in the world, such as Twitter, Netflix, and Mozilla. WalMart, Cisco Systems, Paypal, and Uber also use Kafka in their operations. Kafka's real-time data makes it possible for companies to react to events quickly and its predictive mode makes it easier to detect fraud.

Big data analysis and stream processing projects, as well as engineers working with data streams, have integrated Kafka into their suite of important tools. This has naturally driven up the demand for Kafka professionals and increased salaries beyond six figures by some estimates. Participate in this explosion of resources by signing up for Apache Kafka online training program.

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Apache Kafka Syllabus

Kafka introduction

  • What is Apache Kafka
  • Kafka Features and terminologies
  • High level kafka architecture
  • Real life Kafka Case Studies

Integrating Flume and Kafka

  • Overview
  • Use Cases
  • Configuration
  • Tips for Deployment

Kafka Operations and Performance Tuning

  • Offset
  • Design
  • Hardware
  • Kafka Monitoring and Issues
  • Kafka Performance Tuning
  • Reading data from Kafka
  • Demo-Twitter Kafka Producer
  • Introduction to Scala
  • Mixed Paradigm-Functional Programming
  • Scala Installation & Configuration
  • Scala REPL
  • Scala Project Using Eclipse

Understanding Broker

Understanding Producer

Understanding Consumer

Mirroring Kafka

Introduction to Zookeeper

  • What is Zookeeper
  • Leader Election by Zookeeper
  • Applications using Zookeeper
  • Zookeeper Architecture
  • Zookeeper configuration and installation
  • Zookeeper Troubleshooting

Kafka Advanced Operations

Introduction to Apache Storm

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Apache Kafka Certification

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